Scenario:Vira - Regrets and Desires

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Regrets and Desires

Ever since their mission in the cave, Vira has been unable to approach Katalina in the same way. Vira's deeper fusion with Luminiera has caused her feelings for Katalina to erupt, but her newfound power draws monsters to the ship.

Vira: Sigh...
Having finished the cave-exploration mission, the crew is heading back to report.
Vira stands all alone on the ship, away from Katalina. She sighs deeply as she gazes up at the sky.
Vira: (Ever since then...)
Vira: (Ever since we went exploring in that cave, something within me has changed.)
Vira: (Watching Katalina's every movement just doesn't satisfy me anymore.)
Vira: (And yet my heart beats harder than ever whenever I see her.)
Vira: (I want to be with her so much, yet I feel compelled to run when she's near. Oh, the agony of it all.)
Vira: (What is it that I seek?)
Luminiera: ...
Vira: Luminiera...
Vira: (Which reminds me... When the appearance of my Luminiera form changed that time...)
Vira: (My heart beat more strongly than ever for Katalina, almost as if Luminiera was resonating with me.)
Vira: Could it be?
Luminiera: ...
Vira: Luminiera, do you actually know how this feels? This emotion...
Luminiera: ...
Vira: Luminiera...
Vira reaches out to the primal beast. Luminiera responds by intertwining around Vira's arms, enveloping her in light.
Vira: Mmm...
Vira: (The pounding in my chest... And as Luminiera resonates with my emotions, my affection for Katalina really does grow.)
Vira: (But that's not all...)
Vira: Ngh!
Vira: (What am I seeing? And it feels like someone else's emotions are rushing into me.)
Vira: Ugh!
Vira: (Is this regret? But whose?)
Vyrn: Hey, get up! What're you doing?
Vira: ...?
Vira looks up and finds herself surrounded by monsters on the deck of the airship.
Monster: Grrr...
Lyria: I can only guess that the monsters are attracted to Luminiera's power.
Katalina: Vira, stay put! I'm coming to help!
Vira: Katalina...
Vira: Hee-hee... That won't be necessary, Katalina.
Vira: Monsters of the sky can amass by the thousands or even the millions, but they'll never reach the stars.
Vira: The denizens of the sky must be taught that even reaching for the stars is a grave sin.
Katalina: Vira?
Vyrn: Um... Does she seem a bit off to anyone else?
Vira: Hee-hee... Ha-ha-ha! Try as you will, it always ends the same!
Vira: I'll teach you lowly sky crawlers the folly of taking up arms against the stars!

Regrets and Desires: Scene 2

Vira's fusion with Luminiera affects her so profoundly that Lyria senses only primal beast energy from her. Vira rampages and prepares to attack the crew, but Katalina stops her, causing her to unleash her emotions on the monsters before her.

Vira: Hee-hee... Ha-ha-ha!
Monster: Uargh...
Vyrn: She's laughing and fighting at the same time...
Katalina: Well actually, Vira always did have that side of her...
Katalina: But something does seem off about her...
Lyria: I can feel the essence of a primal beast within her...
Vyrn: Well, that's only natural considering she's in her Luminiera form right now...
Lyria: Except... I sense nothing but primal beast.
Lyria: It's almost as if... she's turned into a primal beast herself...
Katalina: What!
Vira does not merely drive off the swarm of monsters. She cuts down every last one.
But even after the fight, she keeps her sword raised and surveys her surroundings with eyes devoid of emotion.
Vira: Hee-hee... Ha-ha-ha!
Vira: One flock after another, waiting to be slaughtered.
Vira: ...
Vira: I must finish them all off. That is the true mission of the Astrals. And I have to do it for her as well.
Vira: Oh? More skydwellers, I see.
Vira staggers toward (Captain) and company.
Katalina: Vira! Wake up! What's wrong with you?
Vira: Wake up? That's my line.
Vira: You're just another contingent of the sky forces. Why show such concern for me, an enemy?
Vyrn: An enemy? What are you saying?
Vira: If that's some new way to beg for your life, you'd best come up with something better.
Vira: But then again... I suppose you guys won't get another chance to beg!
Vira raises her sword at the puzzled crew.
Katalina: Vira!
Vira: ...!
Vira: Ugh... Argh!
Lyria: Vira, are you okay?
Vira moans in pain as she crouches down and clutches her head.
Vira: Katalina... What was I doing?
Katalina: Vira! Thank goodness you've recovered!
Vira: Huff... Huff... Forgive me, Katalina. For raising my sword against you.
Katalina: It's all right. More importantly, what happened to you? How did this all come about?
Monsters: Groar!
Vyrn: Oh no, the monsters are swarming again!
Vira: Hee-hee... Just perfect.
Katalina: Vira, don't overdo it! Fall back!
Vira: No... No, Katalina. I feel incredible right now.
Vira: The power surges within my body, growing fuller from limb to limb.
Vira: I must do something about this intense passion building up within me.
Vira: If you refuse to let me take on these monsters...
Vira: Will you offer me the release I crave, Katalina?
Katalina: Um...
Vira: I'm getting so hot that I can't help myself...
Vira: So let me unleash my passion... through this sword!

Regrets and Desires: Scene 3

Vira loses consciousness as a result of fusing with Luminiera and dreams of the War and the beast's former master, who also had romantic feelings for a superior. As Vira relives that person's regrets, she battles monsters sent by the skydwellers.

Vira: Huff... Huff...
Thanks in part to Vira, the crew eliminates another swarm of monsters.
Katalina: Vira... You really don't seem like yourself. I suggest you get some rest at once.
Katalina: Can you walk? Please lean on me if you need to.
Katalina takes Vira by the hand and peers at her face.
Vira: Oh... Katalina...
Katalina: Vira? Vira! Pull yourself together! Vira!
Vira: ...?
Vira: Huff... Huff... Where am I?
Vira looks around and sees soldiers collapsed on a vast expanse of grassland.
Vira: (There are so many... It's as if we're in the middle of a war.)
Shadows loom on the horizon. Vira looks toward the sky to find giant primal beasts.
???: ...
???: ...
Vira: (Are those... primal beasts?)
The primal beasts fly over her and head towards a crowd in the distance.
???: ...
???: ...
A huge burst of flames explodes through the crowd, causing people to fall left and right.
Vira: (The primal beasts are fighting? An entire legion of them waging war with people?)
The battle unfolding before Vira closely resembles a war she once learned about.
Vira: (The War... The conflict between the Astrals controlling the primal beasts and the skydwellers who hoped to take back their world.)
Vira: (Is that what I'm looking at? But the War ended centuries ago.)
Vira: (Impossible... How could I be here?)
Vira glances at her own two hands and sees that she's still in Luminiera form.
Vira: (Is this a dream?)
Vira: (What I'm seeing here seems to be a memory of Luminiera herself.)
Vira: (Or perhaps I'm experiencing the memories of one who once formed a pact with Luminiera.)
Vira: (Maybe strengthening my bond with Luminiera has caused this blending of memories and consciousness...)
Just as she grasps the situation at hand, a familiar voice calls out behind her.
???: My knight...
Vira: ...!
Vira: (Impossible... What's she doing here in the midst of the War?)
???: Huh? Can you hear me, astral knight?
Vira: Yes...
???: I see that you were counting the comrades we've lost.
Vira: Huh?
???: The situation does indeed grow worse with each passing hour.
???: But even so, as your commander, I cannot order you to pull back.
???: Your ability to use Luminiera's power as your own makes you invaluable on the front lines.
???: I know it's tough, but I need you to hold out a bit longer.
Vira: ...
Vira: (This memory must belong to Luminiera's previous master.)
Vira: (But I'm seeing it as my dream, which is why people like Katalina are showing up.)
Vira: (Still, this rush of excitement that fills my chest...)
Vira: (It's the same feeling I get when thinking about Katalina.)
Vira: (Could it be that the keeper of these memories bore similar feelings towards a commanding officer?)
Hydra: Groar!
???: Tch... Looks like they've brought out the big monsters.
???: The other primal beasts can't maneuver well enough for this. Can I count on you, my astral knight?
Vira: ...
Vira: (Two emotions stir within me...)
Vira: (One is pure infatuation. My heart desires to spend every possible second with her.)
Vira: (I can't bear to be away from her, not on this carnage-filled battlefield.)
Vira: (The other is the desire to wield my strength for her.)
Vira: (Nothing else matters. I'm ready to sacrifice everything for you, my dear.)
???: I can count on you, right?
Vira: Of course. My sword exists solely to serve you.
Vira: This child's play the sky rabble throws at us stands no chance against the might of Luminiera!

Regrets and Desires: Scene 4

As the dream continues, Vira strikes down the monsters, but her superior ends up sustaining a fatal blow. Vira awakens in tears and decides that Luminiera showed her that memory to prevent her from ever experiencing the same thing with Katalina.

Hydra: Grargh...
Vira: Huff.. Huff... Is that the end of it?
Catching her breath, Vira looks at her sword.
Vira: (Each time I swing my sword and look death in the eye, my feelings for her grow stronger.)
Vira: (And my fear grows stronger as well. My fear of losing her and never again being by her side...)
Vira: I can't hold it back any longer.
Having made up her mind, Vira runs towards her one and only with a restless heart.
A tragic sight awaits her. She returns to find the main camp destroyed and her beloved collapsed in agony.
Vira: N-no...
???: Ugh...
Vira takes the hand of her suffering beloved.
Vira: Sob... Thank goodness you're still alive...
???: Not for long. You know, I came here hoping to live out the rest of my days in the sky.
???: Huff... Huff... But who could have imagined this war would break out?
???: Forgive me. You've always fulfilled your duties as my knight, but it seems I've failed you as a commander.
???: I... hereby relinquish command of the front lines to you.
Vira: No, wait! This can't be...
???: I'm sure you can handle it. The fate of the skies and stars is in your hands now.
Her strength exhausted, she slowly closes her eyes.
Vira cradles the body, only to find it as heavy and cold as if it had never been alive.
Vira: This isn't happening. I refuse to believe it.
Vira: No... Open your eyes! Please!
Vira: Sob... Please... Be with me just one last time.
Vira: Katalina...
Katalina: Vira! Thank goodness you're okay. Are you feeling better now?
Vira: Where are we?
Katalina: We're on the Grandcypher. You suddenly fainted on the deck.
Katalina wipes away Vira's tears, apparently surprised by them.
Katalina: Were you having a bad dream?
Vira: No... It's nothing, Katalina.
Vira looks around to find the primal beast Luminiera by her side.
Luminiera: ...
Vira: (Luminiera...)
Vira: (You showed me that dream, didn't you? In hopes that I'll never have to experience the same regret.)
Luminiera: ...
Vira steadies her breathing upon seeing Luminiera's slight nod.
Vira: Katalina, there's something I have to tell you.
Katalina: Huh? What's wrong? You're being awfully serious.
Vira: I... Katalina, I...
The girl delves into her own heart, reconfirming her feelings of affection.
She takes a step that everyone must take in their life, and with it grows even stronger.