Scenario:Vira - The Worst Wake-Up Call

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The Worst Wake-Up Call

Vira wakes in a foul mood after dreaming of the Lowain bros. To cheer herself up, she dons a dress gifted to her by Katalina, but is denied the chance to show it off because Katalina has plans with other crew members all day. Dejected, Vira accepts an invitation to a cafe from Korwa and Sutera.

Psycho Vira: Playboooys!
Hatred manifested in the form of motorized cogs and camshafts terrorizes the streets of Amalthea.
This mechanical monstrosity is Psycho Vira, the ultimate in playboy-purging technology.
She's locked onto the source of her revulsion: three ants that are trying to scurry away.
Playboy 1: By the skies! It won't be long till Vira squishes us into paste!
Playboy 2: We can only blame ourselves, bros! We were too busy clownin' around!
Playboy 1: It's divine retribution for tryin' to get close to Katalina without takin' Vira's feelings into account.
Playboy 3: If that's the case, then we deserve to be mushed into pig slop!
Psycho Vira: Die...
Psycho Vira: All playboys must die!
Background Noise: We're sowwy!
Vira: ...
To say that Vira wakes up on the wrong side of the bed would be an understatement.
Vira: Sigh... Why are those guys ruining my dreams too?
Vira lets out a sigh and shakes her head, as if doing so might dissolve any lingering residue.
Grating Voice: We're sowwy!
Vira: Ugh! If someone has to invade my dreams, at least let it be Katalina.
Vira: I need a mood changer...
Vira: ...
Vira: When in doubt, think of my knight in shining armor!
Vira brightens in an instant and bounds over to her closet.
Vira: Hum-hum-hum...
She goes through her wardrobe and pulls out a dress.
Vira: Hehe...
How she came to own this piece is still fresh in her mind.
Vira: Teehee. It's been so long since we had the chance to go shopping together.
Katalina: Yes, it's getting harder to make plans since the crew keeps expanding.
Vira: I'm happy for (Captain) that the crew is making headway, but I've been somewhat lonely.
Vira: That's why I reserved you all to myself today.
Katalina: Hahaha. That suits me just fine, but isn't there more you want to do besides strolling through town?
Vira: I'm perfectly content as long as I can spend time with you. Whatever else we end up doing is icing on the cake.
Vira and Katalina window-shop along the avenues.
They catch up on recent events all the while, delighting in the easy back-and-forth.
Vira: Oh...
Katalina: Hm? Something catch your fancy?
Vira: Yes. I think that dress would look smashing on you.
Katalina: M-me? I agree it's nice, but it's a little too fancy for my taste...
Vira: Not at all. I dare say it was made for you.
Katalina: Hmm... Honestly I think it might look better on you.
Vira: Oh?
Katalina takes the dress and drapes it along Vira's body.
Katalina: See? What did I tell you?
Vira: ...
Katalina: I'll foot the bill for the dress as a small token of appreciation for taking me out today.
Vira: Katalina...
Vira: ...
Vira closes her eyes and gives the garment a loving squeeze.
Vira: ...
Vira ventures into the inn's lobby in search of Katalina.
The knight is nowhere to be found; in her place is a trio of youths.
Tsubasa: ...
Killa Taiga: ...
Yung Rintaro: ...
Vira: What?
Yung Rintaro: Yooo! What's with the threads, Vira?
Vira: Katalina picked this out for me.
Killa Taiga: Aha! Gotcha, gotcha. Can't blame ya for wantin' to put on a show right off the bat.
Yung Rintaro: Man, Katalina's got taste! Those duds're angelic—
Killa Taiga: ...!
Before Rintaro can finish, Taiga smacks him upside the head.
Killa Taiga: Watch yer trap, dummy! What're you flirtin' for with that "angel" stuff?
Yung Rintaro: C'mon, man, you got it wrong! I'm just sayin' angels wear white, and her dress is white too...
Killa Taiga: Why didn't you just say that in the first place? Back me up here, Tsubasa!
Tsubasa: Huh? Uh, sure...
Tsubasa: Yeah, shoulda just said it was white.
Vira: ...?
Tsubasa: Lowain told us not to wear anything that'll get stained 'cause he's making pasta tonight.
Vira: Ah, I see. Thanks for the warning.
Vira: By the way, you haven't seen Katalina, have you?
Tsubasa: Yeah, we saw her. She promised to help us study today. She's fixin' up a lesson plan.
Vira: You're studying with Katalina?
Vira: I see... So that's what she's...
Vira: She hasn't forgotten her duty as a mentor, and you all just happen to be students.
Vira: Heh. Very well. I'll even help out and add supplemental lessons of my own when you're done.
Vira: So study hard, listen to your teacher, and behave.
Mysteria Trio: You got it!
Vira: (Our precious time together has been snatched away.)
Vira: (Still, I don't hold anything against those kids for asking Katalina for help.)
Vira: (It's just unfortunate this piece will have to wait for another opportunity to make its debut.)
Vira's mood drops off a cliff, and she stares blankly at the floor while fidgeting with the hem of her dress.
Korwa: Hey, is that...
Sutera: You look wonderful in that ensemble! Can I ask what you're all dressed up for?
Vira: No reason in particular.
Korwa: I see. We were on our way to check out this cafe people are raving about. Care to join us?
Vira: ...
Vira: Sure. I was about to head out and wander anyway.
Katalina had mentioned the side effects of an expanding crew, and Vira is experiencing it firsthand.
She's lost some face time with Katalina, but gained some unexpected interactions in exchange.
It's these interactions that spur the changes taking place within her heart.