Scenario:Vira - What You Were Searching For

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What You Were Searching For

Vira takes charge of the beach house. When one of the cooks informs her that they have run out of a certain flower needed for seasoning, Vira sets off to collect more.

Vira: Lyria! Could you clear up table three?
Vira: Vyrn, please take this drink over to table five... if it's not too heavy for you.
Vyrn: Sure! I'll take care of it!
Vira: Thank you. I'm going to go and help in the kitchen.
Vira leaves the dining area to Vyrn, Lyria, and the others, and goes to the kitchen to help with the cooking.
As always, it seems that Siero's beach house is bustling with customers.
Vira: Whew... It looks like the rush has died down.
Vyrn: Yeah! It's because of all your hard work!
Vira: I just want to do everything I can to help. Both the dining hall and the kitchen are short-staffed, you see.
Vyrn: Yeah, but... I didn't expect you to get so involved...
Vyrn: I mean, you were the Lord Commander of Albion. I didn't think you'd be into this kinda thing.
Vira: The course of events that led me to become Lord Commander were out of my control. It was never something that I wanted for myself.
Vira: And also, I...
Vira: No... Nevermind. I'm just being fickle.
Vyrn: Oh really? Well, we all appreciate your help.
Vira: But I... All I want is to hear Katalina say those words.
Vira: Anyway, we don't have time to sit around and chat. Not when we could be preparing for our next customer.
Vira takes a look around the dining hall. She spots a cook coming from the kitchen with a troubled look on his face.
Chef: Crud... Okay, first I should tell Sierokarte about this. Or maybe Elmott...
Vira: What seems to be the trouble? Has something gone wrong in the kitchen?
Chef: Uh, the thing is, we've ran into a little stocking issue...
Chef: Our blazing skewers attracted a lot more customers than we anticipated...
Chef: And now we're out of the flowers we use for seasoning.
Vira: We're completely out?
Chef: Yes. The flower does bloom on this island, though.
Vira: On this island? Very well, then. I will go and obtain more of these flowers!
Chef: No, you can't! There are dangerous monsters roaming where the flowers grow!
Vira: Humph. That won't stop me.
Chef: Eh?
Vira: So, could you draw me a map? Though I may not know what sort of monsters are lurking about...
Vira: Nothing on this island could ever hold me back. It's just a simple errand. I'll be finished in no time.
Map in hand, Vira heads off with (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn to where the flowers grow... and where the monsters lurk.

What You Were Searching For: Scene 2

The crew heads for the place where the seasoning flower grows. When the heat and humidity start to get to them, the crew turns to head back. Unwilling to give up, Vira presses onward into the depths of the forest.

Amid the sweltering summer heat, (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, and Vira make their way toward where the special flower grows.
Vira: Well.. I hadn't expected the forest to be this large.
Vira: And it's so hot and humid... I feel as though my body is melting away.
Vira: If I had known it was going to be this arduous, I would have brought some water.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Vira's looking kinda worn out. Maybe we should head back to the beach house and come back later.
Vira: You think we should go back?
The crew turns to go back, but Vira shows some hesitation.
Vira: We can't turn back. Not after we've come this far. If we turn back now, this will all have been a waste of time.
Vira: Let's keep going, (Captain). I will eliminate any monsters that stand in our way!
Vyrn: H-hey! Why does Vira want to do this so badly?

What You Were Searching For: Scene 3

As they approach the place where the flower grows, Vira's condition worsens. Her breathing becomes faint and her skin flares up, causing the crew to worry. Then, all of a sudden, she lets out a strange laugh and charges off into the forest.

Vira: Pant... Pant...
The scent of the seasoning flower fills the air as the crew grows nearer.
But suddenly, Vira's skin flares up and it becomes harder for her to breathe.
Vira: Pant... Just a little... further...
Lyria: Vira, are you all right?
Vira: I'm... fine...
Vira: Pfft! Haha... Hahahaha! Everything is fine!
Vira: Pant... Such weak monsters... Wheeze... I'll take them all down!
Vyrn: H-hey, wait! Oh no! We better go after her, (Captain)!

What You Were Searching For: Scene 4

Vira collapses and is carried back to the beach house. After she awakens, she admits that she may have gotten carried away with her actions. Before returning to her normal self, she reveals that (Captain) may be the one person she can call a true friend.

In a sudden frenzy, Vira begins attacking monsters left and right. But then, just as suddenly, her vision begins to blur.
Vira: Pant... Gasp... Katalina...
Vyrn: W-what is she doing? That's (Captain), not Katalina!
Vira staggers over and cuddles up next to (Captain).
Vira: Ah, Katalina... Pant... My dear Katalina...
Vira: Katalina... There's something I want to show you...
Vira: Hehe... Pant... Katalina, were you worried, too?
Vira: It's okay... Just look...
Vira: Look around me... Wheeze... Look at all these people...
Lyria: Vira!
Vyrn: This is bad! We gotta get her back to the beach house!
Vira: Urmm...
Vira: W-where am I?
Lyria: Vira! You're awake!
Vyrn: Geez. You scared us to death!
Vyrn: Collapsing like that all of a sudden. We didn't even know what was goin' on.
Vira: W-what?
Lyria: Uhh, well, the doctor said you may have sunstroke or something.
Lyria: If you rest in the shade for a while, you should be back to normal in no time.
Lyria: Oh, I almost forgot! I'm gonna go and get Katalina!
Lyria: Right now she's in the kitchen making some food for you!
Vyrn: Hold the phone! Katalina's the one cooking? We better stop her, quick!
The others go, leaving Vira and (Captain) in the room alone. Vira stares out of the window.
Vira: ...
Vira: It seems my work at the beach house is over for today.
Vira: I guess I failed after all...
Vira: I suppose you shouldn't do something if you aren't ready for it. And here I thought I learned that lesson already.
Vira chuckles to herself, and little by little, she begins to tell her story.
Vira: It's my first time, you know. Doing this kind of thing.
Vira: Working together with people of the same age as equals.
Vira: That's why I may have gotten too carried away.
Vira: I wanted to fulfill everyone's expectations, so I kept pushing myself further and further.
Vira: I know that it's not really like me, but I just...
Vira: I wanted to help out somehow, no matter what. Everyone was trying so hard, but I let them down.
Vira: Hehe. I didn't expect to collapse and be carried back, though. The shame is unbearable.
Vira: Sigh... How will I show my face to Katalina now?
After a few deep breaths, Vira's energy seems to change. She turns to (Captain).
Vira: I wonder why...
Vira: I wonder why I'm telling you all this, (Captain).
Vira: Without a doubt, the person I care about the most is Katalina and Katalina alone...
Vira: But still, there's something different about you, (Captain). Something that separates you from everyone else.
Vira: Yes... If there ever was someone I could consider to be a true friend, I guess it would be someone like you.
Vira smiles as she finishes her thought, causing (Captain) to be at a loss for words.
Lyria and Vyrn return with Katalina. From that moment forward, Vira goes back to acting like her normal self.