Scenario:Volenna - Taking the Lead at Camp

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Taking the Lead at Camp

Our heroes were setting up camp out near a water source. While Katalina was preparing a meal, Volenna went off to collect some water, when all of a sudden a powerful stench rolled in and sent her running back, pale-faced. The source of the stench was, of course, Katalina’s special soup. Baffled by Katalina’s poor life skills, Volenna decided to join our heroes on their travels in order to teach them how to do basic chores.

During their travels, (Captain) and company met Volenna, who was pursuing a certain primal beast.
(Captain) and company needed Volenna’s help, so they were all traveling together.
Katalina: Whew... We’ve walked for some time now. Let’s camp here for the night. It seems we’ve got a water source nearby, too.
Volenna: Hmph... We haven’t traveled very far, but we do have children with us. I guess we have no choice.
Volenna: I’ll go fetch some water. You light a fire and start setting up camp. But be wary of monsters.
Lyria: Yeah! Yay, food! I love food! Say, Katalina, what will you be making?
Katalina: Let’s see... Something to warm us up... Soup, perhaps? Nevertheless, I’ll give it my very best!
Lyria: Good for you, Katalina! I’ll help, too.
Vyrn: Oh, gimme a break! Just one of you is bad enough, trust me...
Volenna: Hey! What’s this stench?! I could smell it from half the forest away!
Lyria: I’m sorry... We were making soup, but we burned it...
Volenna: You burned it...? That’s all it took to make this unbearable stench?! What the hell was even in that soup?!
Katalina: Nngh... I’m so ashamed. I was really trying to make it perfectly, but I’m just so rubbish...
Volenna: NO excuses! Camping is a basic part of being a soldier. Good grief... Didn’t you learn anything in training?!
Volenna: To think you can’t even manage this... Well, I do believe the ingredients were in this bag... Ah! Here’s the leftover dried meat, as well as some root vegetables...
Vyrn: Th-this is amazing! You made a whole meal, just like that! You’re talented, Volenna!
Volenna: Talented? This is nothing that requires any skill. All I did was chop it up and fry it. Now hurry up and eat it while it’s still hot.
Lyria: Thanks for the food! Munch, munch... Mmm...! The more I chew it, the better it tastes...!
Volenna: ...? Haven’t you ever had dried meat before? Hey, don’t eat nothing but meat! You gotta eat a balanced meal!
Vyrn: Siiigh... If only Volenna would join our Order... Don’t you agree, (Captain)?
  1. She would be a big help, after all
  2. She’s a great cook, after all

Choose: She would be a big help, after all
Volenna: Hmph... Flattery will get you nowhere with me. Would you like seconds?
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Choose: She’s a great cook, after all
Volenna: Huh...? Don’t be silly. You’re a perfectly capable chef yourself, (Captain).
Katalina: H-Hang on... Don’t just gloss over me...! I... I...!
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Volenna: But... I owe you people just as much. I’m more than happy to lend you a hand.
Lyria: YAAAY! After we find the primal beast we’re looking for, let’s just stay together, okay?
Volenna: I hadn’t given any thought to what happens once we achieve our objective, but... Hmph. Sure, that’d be fine...
Volenna: I can’t let you people continue to live like barbarians. I’m coming with you, and I’m gonna drill the basics of chores into you! Cooking, laundry, you name it!
Volenna: You better prepare yourselves!
Volenna proved to be a strict taskmaster, but every now and then, they could catch a glimpse of her inner kindness.
Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of (Captain)’s group, she found her own way of life slowly changing as well.