Scenario:Volenna - What Can I Do for You

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What Can I Do for You?

One day, a small girl comes to make a request to (Captain). For a small sum of money, she asks them to recover a ribbon that is a keepsake of her mother. But Volenna pushes her away, telling her to look for it by herself.

One day, (Captain) and company receive a request from a young girl.
Girl: Um... will you accept a request with this amount?
Katalina: What’s wrong? Tell us what happened.
Girl: Well... During the picnic the other day... Monsters appeared and I lost my ribbon.
Lyria: I get it... So you want us to look for that ribbon?
Girl: Um... My mother gave it to me before she died... So please...!
Volenna: Hmph... I won’t accept that chump change. If it’s that important to you, go look for it yourself.
Katalina: Stop it! She’s only a child. And it’s a keepsake of her mother.
Volenna: That’s stupid. You’re spoiling her.
Girl: Hic... Hic... You won’t...?
Lyria: Oh no! Don't cry. We’ll help you look for it.
Girl: R-Really...? Can I ask you to...?
Katalina: Yes. Leave it to us. We’ll find your ribbon for you. Right, (Captain)?
Volenna: Are you going to accept, (Captain)? You people are a bunch of softies. If you’re going, then make it quick. It’s a waste of time.
Vyrn: Ah! Hey! Wait for us, Volenna! Geez. She’s so unfriendly!

What Can I Do for You?: Scene 2

(Captain) and company accepted the little girl’s request and are now diligently trying to find her ribbon. However, Volenna states that they should not spoil the girl for the sake of her future; that she must learn to be strong.

Katalina: Umm... She must have taken this path when she ran...
Volenna: She was attacked by monsters here a few days ago, right? We don’t even know if the ribbon has been torn to shreds.
Lyria: But... It’s something really important to her...
Volenna: Stop spreading what you assume to be good will like that. You can sometimes cause more trouble that way.
Katalina: What? Why do you always say things like that to push others away?!
Volenna: If you spoil them, they’ll only become more dependent on you. It’s that girl that will suffer the consequences later.
Volenna: Her mother is already dead. That’s all the more reason for her to grow stronger. Helping haphazardly will only become a hindrance to her.
Lyria: Hehe...
Volenna: What are you laughing about?
Lyria: Nothing... I’m just happy that you care about her, even though our opinions differ on how to do it.
Volenna: Hmph! You’re only talking in general terms. And don’t just look for the ribbon. You have to watch your surroundings, too! The monsters are coming.
Katalina: She always pretends to act that way... All right, (Captain). Let’s beat down those monsters and find that ribbon!

What Can I Do for You?: Scene 3

The party hurries to the girl after finding the ribbon. Seeing the ribbon in pieces, the girl felt ashamed at why she didn’t act sooner. But Volenna says that the dirt and frays can all be mended. She shows the girl that being strict is but another way to show that she cares.

Katalina: I found it! This must be the ribbon she talked about!
Volenna: You found it? Then let’s go back. I want to return to town before it gets dark.
Lyria: Yeah! Let’s get the ribbon back to her!
Lyria: Here’s your ribbon. It’s a bit tattered, but we found it!
Girl: Thank you...! Sniff... It’s because I lost it that it’s so dirty and frayed...
Volenna: The dirt and tattered parts are proof of your weakness.
Girl: Sniff... Yes...
Volenna: Become stronger so that you can protect what you love. You should be able to do that.
Volenna: Come on. Don’t cry. Dirt can be washed off and frays can be mended. It’s a simple fix. Mistakes can always be fixed.
Girl: But... My mom is gone... I don’t know who to learn from on how to sew...
Volenna: Hmph. Is that all? I’ll teach you. If you want to learn, that is.
Girl: Huh...? Really?
Volenna: Hurry up. I hate wasting time.
Girl: Thank you! Miss! I’ll do my best to learn how to sew!
Katalina: Haha... You said all those things to us, but you’re a big softie yourself.
Volenna: Hmph. Your softness was contagious.
Volenna: But... it doesn’t feel half-bad.
Lyria: Ah! I want to learn how to sew, too!
Katalina: Wow! That’s admirable of you, Lyria. Maybe I should take lessons from Volenna, too.
Volenna: Hey, Katalina... You don’t even know how to sew? Don’t get in the way!
Girl: Ahaha! You two are such good friends.
Volenna: Why would you think that after seeing this?
Lyria: Yup! That’s true! We’re all good friends!
Volenna is strict on herself and on others. But that is because she cares deeply for others.
There will be more people who will come to like her for her strength and kindness.