Scenario:Walder - Awaiting Awakening

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Awaiting Awakening

The party found themselves in the Wayward Forest in search of a piece of the Sky Map. There they met Walder, a youth who wanted to make sure his friend's slumber remained undisturbed. Though the world was huge and full of wonders, the forest had been all Walder had ever known. (Captain) and company decided to take him with them on their journey.

Seeking pieces of the Sky Map, (Captain) and company were visiting the Wayward Forest and had stopped at a small shrine.
Inside the shrine slept a primal beast that had reverted into its crystal form.
Lyria: This forest smells really peaceful and gentle. It’s the same smell that the sleeping primal beast has!
Vyrn: Its power stays in the forest even as a crystal!
Lyria: Hey, (Captain). This one doesn’t have a piece of the Sky Map. Why don’t we go ahead and let her sleep?
Vyrn: I think I know what she’s getting at. I bet she’s right in the middle of a nice dream.
Vyrn: ...! Look out! Get down!
Walder: Damn hunters! Destroy the forest, will you?! Now, step away from the shrine and nobody gets hurt!
Vyrn: Are you nuts?! What are you attacking us for?! Who the hell are you, anyway?!
Walder: I am the valiant woodland warrior -- Walder the Forest Ranger! Obviously...
Vyrn: Aw, man! He's got the pose down and everything!
Walder: Finally! Someone who understands! You, my friend, are no normal creature!
Vyrn: I think you and me are gonna get along just?wait a minute! Listen up. We're not trying to ruin the forest or whatever...
Walder: As if I’d believe anything you damn Hunters try to tell me! Now, take your punishment!!!
Lyria: We can’t fight here! There's a primal beast sleeping here and you wanna just wake it up?!
Walder: Ugh...! Nnnrgh...
Walder: You’re right. I don’t want to cause any harm to Jade.
Vyrn: Seems like you got a real thing for this primal beast, Bandana Man. What’s up with that?
Walder: Hmph... fine. I'll spin you a tale! A tale of the passionate friendship of Jade and Walder!
Vyrn: Uh... No, not really...
Walder had been waiting for his chance. He launched into his story with barely a pause for breath.
He'd met Jade as a youngster, and his tales of their heroic deeds stretched beyond count. He droned on and on, to the point that people were falling asleep...
Walder: I thought I was a goner for sure, you know? And then...
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop! Just stop! How long are you gonna talk?! I mean, damn!
Vyrn: So you got caught by some hunters and Jade saved you... Is that about right?
Walder: Exactly... But Jade changed into primal form and fell into a deep sleep, as if to shut out the world.
Walder: ... this might not have happened if I could have talked to Jade like the herbalist can.
Walder: But our bond was the real deal. I refuse to think otherwise.
Lyria: Jade hasn't closed herself off in the least! This forest... it's gentle. It's so gentle. Can't you feel it?
Walder: And how the hell d'you know that?!
Walder: A talking lizard and a mysterious girl... I don’t understand any of this! Who the hell are you guys, exactly?
Vyrn: I am NOT a lizard! You're looking at the best dude in (Captain)’s Order!
Vyrn: And y'know... there's stuff out there that's a lot more interesting than us!
Lyria: Bandana Man... are you just going to wait here until Jade wakes up?
Walder: I’d like to have a close bond with Jade someday... I’d like us to really understand each other... Like how you guys do...
Walder: I wonder if the outside world has the technology to help me talk to Jade...
Vyrn: What's that, (Captain)? What? There's a great big world out there waiting for Bandana Man over here?
Vyrn: Haha! I knew you’d say that! You heard (Captain)! You're on the team!
Walder: Searching for the Sky Map, eh? Doesn't sound too shabby!
Walder: Once Jade wakes up, I’ll come back and tell her all about my adventures in the outside world... I think she’d like that.
Lyria: You just have to make sure you come back with lots of stories to tell!
Vyrn: There you go! And it's about time we got ready to head out!
Just how many tales could Jade expect to hear once she awakened...
And so, the woodland animals bid the Forest Ranger farewell as he stepped foot into a whole new world.