Scenario:Walder - Breaking the Silence

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Breaking the Silence

(Captain) and company have a snowball fight with some children. The kids are amazed by Walder's ability to dodge snowballs even while dressed as a tree. But the fun comes to an end when a stray snowball hits a monster.

In a certain village, (Captain) and company are challenged to a snowball fight by some children.
Since they have nothing better to do, they accept the challenge.
Walder: Is that the best you got? You can't even hit me!
Boy: Dang it! How can he even move in that thing, let alone dodge us?
Lyria: Amazing, Walder! You're so agile...
Girl: Ha-ha! You should pay attention!
Boy: Oh no you didn't! I'll get you!
Walder: Heh-heh! Your wimpy snowballs will never hit me!
Boy: Ugh... Take that! And that! And this!
Walder nimbly dodges the flurry of snowballs.
Vyrn: Whoa! A stray snowball... They need to watch where they're throwing those things!
The children suddenly freeze after a stray snowball sails through the air, hitting an unwary monster right on the head.
Monster: Grrr!
Boy: Uh-oh! Th-the snowball... It hit a monster!
Walder: What's that thing doing here? The adults told us there aren't any monsters around here!
Walder: Kids! Get behind me! Let's move, (Captain)!

Breaking the Silence: Scene 2

Given how rarely monsters come near the village, Walder suspects something's up and goes to investigate. He learns that some new monster has shown up in the forest, and the crew ends up taking it on.

After defeating the monsters, (Captain) and the others take the children back to the village.
Villager: Thank you! You saved the children... I don't know how we could ever repay you...
Walder: Monsters have never come near the village before, right?
Villager: Yeah... And the monster from earlier should have been hibernating.
Walder: Be that as it may, we'll look into the source of the problem. Besides, we can't finish the snowball fight until this is taken care of!
Villager: Sorry about the trouble... And thank you.
Walder: ...
Vyrn: Hmm... What a quiet forest. Nothing seems out of the ordinary.
Walder: I wouldn't be so sure... All the trees around here have recently been scratched by monsters or animals marking their territory.
Walder: In fact, these marks are all pretty fresh. Maybe a new monster or animal species has come to this forest...
Lyria: Wow! You sure know a lot, Walder!
Walder: Ha-ha! This is nothing for the Ghillie Ranger!
Monster: Groar!
Walder: Wh-whoa! This thing just came out of nowhere... It sure looks angry!
Walder: Judging from its size, it must have made those markings!
Walder: The monsters from this forest must be wandering near the village because this one drove them away!
Vyrn: I see! So if we take this one down...
Walder: Yeah! The monsters should stay away from the village again!
Walder: It's coming, (Captain)! Get ready!

Breaking the Silence: Scene 3

After the crew beats the monster, the children invite them to their snow hut for snacks. Walder regales his audience of bright-eyed children with an enthusiastic tale of the battle.

(Captain)'s crew defeats the trouble-making monster and wins the gratitude of the villagers.
Vyrn: Whew... I'm glad that was taken care of before it got really bad!
Girl: Thank you, mister! You're so strong!
Walder: Ha-ha! Expect nothing less from the Holly Ranger!
Boy: Whoa! How cool!
Girl: Um... We made a snow hut while you were all out in the forest!
Boy: Heh-heh! We wanted to invite you in as thanks for beating the monster!
Walder: Really? I'd love to see it! Let's go!
Boy: All right! That's the spirit. This way!
Lyria: Wow! What a beautiful snow hut!
Vyrn: This is amazing! Wasn't it hard to make?
Boy: Ha-ha! I'm sure it was easier than taking on monsters! Now get on inside!
Walder: Don't mind if I do! Whoa... You even have tables in here!
Girl: Hee-hee... We brought tea and snacks too. Here you go!
Boy: Mister, tell us how you beat the monster!
Walder: You bet! It all started with some strange markings on the trunk of a tree...
The children listen eagerly to Walder's tale.
As he speaks, (Captain)'s crew and the children can't help but smile.