Scenario:Walder - The Worried Wood Warrior

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The Worried Wood Warrior

The party has headed to a large port town, but Walder volunteers to keep watch at the ship since he doesn’t like the big towns. The bandit that appeared there stole Walder and his best friend’s memory. To take back the treasure, Walder and the others head out to seek the bandits.

Lyria: Incredible! What a big port town! You can find anything you want here! Katalina!
Katalina: Yeah! I can’t wait! I think I’ll be able to find a wonderful sword. Lyria, tell me if you need anything.
Rackam: Come on, Katalina! We came all the way out here to shop and you’re just looking through weapon shops?! *Sigh*
Vyrn: Aren’t you going shopping, too, Walder? It’s a big town, so you might find a good souvenir for your buddy waiting in the forest.
Walder: I-I’m fine...
Rackam: What do you mean, you’re fine? Look at what a huge town we’re in. You don’t know anything but that forest...
Walder: I said I’m fine! Oh yes! I’ll keep watch at the ship! Just go on ahead without me.
Rackam: Hm. Fine. I don’t need to get anything, I’m just going to take it easy in the airship.
Vyrn: (Captain) wanted to do maintenance on the ship, I think! I’ll stick behind, too!
Walder: In that case, go and check out the stern. See you later, guys! Let’s meet again!
Vyrn: That Walder... He still can’t deal with big towns?
Vyrn: We finally got out of the forest and he can’t even head to town? What a waste.
Walder: Stop it right there!
Bandit: Tch! I didn’t think there'd be anyone here keeping watch. No need to stick around! Run for it!
Walder: Oh, no you don’t! I, Walder, the brash and daring ranger of this forest, shall punish you!
Rackam: What’s going on?! Whoa... There’s thieves coming in. They've got some nerve picking a fight with us.
Bandit: Hehehe... We’ll be taking anything worth anything! Go ahead and take it back if you can. This guy'll fight you!
Vyrn: It’s those guys! He sicced a monster on me and ran!
Walder: Damn it! They took the treasure chest filled with my memories with Jade!
Vyrn: Jade is your best friend! We can’t let them get away! Move it! (Captain)!

The Worried Wood Warrior: Scene 2

Walder enters the town in search of the bandit that sicced the monster on him. He and (Captain) jumped into the ruins filled with monsters where the bandit made his escape.

Vyrn: That monster isn’t enough to even stop us! Right, (Captain)?
Walder: But of course! You bandits... I’ll show you what happens if you make the great Walder mad!
Rackam: I uh... I didn't want to bring this up... but they ran into the middle of town. Aren’t you afraid of big towns?
Walder: How did you know that...?
Walder: Don’t insult me! The great Walder fears nothing!
Rackam: Don’t force yourself, man!
Walder: I-I’m not forcing anything! Just keep moving! Just go!
Vyrn: (Captain)! Considering how Walder's behaving, we need to nab these guys sharpish!
Rackam: There they are! It’s the guys around the corner! We came pretty deep into the city... are you okay, Walder?
Walder: I-I’m fine! I’ll overcome this trial so I can take back my memories with Jade!
Bandit: H-How did you get here?! You defeated that monster? Who are you people?!
Walder: I am the daring warrior of the woods! The Forest Ranger Wal...
Vyrn: Hey! They ran again!
Walder: ...
Rackam: Hey, those guys ran into the ruins... It’s a den of monsters in there!
Bandit: Ahhhhhhhh! M-Monster! Somebody help! Please help me!
Rackam: Tsk... They’re such a handful... Though they’re bandits, we can’t just leave them to die if they’re being attacked by monsters.
Walder: But of course! Besides, I can’t let them damage the memories they stole!
Vyrn: Walder... You're like a totally different guy from earlier!
Vyrn: As expected from the daring warrior of the woods! We better keep up! Right, (Captain)?

The Worried Wood Warrior: Scene 3

(Captain) and the party managed to take back the treasure from the bandit. Elated by his brave actions, Walder forgets that he is in the middle of a big town, and speaks enthusiastically about his past heroic deeds.

Rackam: Walder, you did well. Right, (Captain)?
Walder: Pffft, of course! The forest ranger will never submit to evil!
Walder: Thugs who trample upon precious memories! This... is justice! Repent for your ugly sins!
Walder: Oooh...! Didn’t I just say something totally awesome right now?!
Rackam: Uh, they’re knocked out, so they didn’t hear a word you said.
Walder: Heh heh heh... I’ll show you how precious what you stole was!
Rackam: Uh, didn’t you hear me? They’re knocked out cold...
Vyrn: There goes Walder again with his stories, (Captain)!
Rackam: Making a grandiose speech in the middle of the city. Looks like you got over your fear!
Walder: In the middle... of the city? ...!
Rackam: Ah... He was so focused on talking about his stories that he just didn’t realize where he was. Hey, he froze up.
Vyrn: Geez. What will you do without us? Hey! You okay, Walder?
Walder: I-I... The c-city...
Rackam: Yeah, he’s done. Oh, well! Let’s take him back to the ship!
Born and raised in the forest, Walder must overcome his fear of the big city and the people who live there...
No one knew then, but in due time, his name would be known throughout the world...
Vyrn: What the... hey! You can't just add a narration that makes you seem big and famous!
Vyrn: ...tsk. We’re going to explore the forest next. We’ll need your help!
Walder: Heh... If it’s about the forest, you can count on me!
Walder: Because it is I, Walder, the brash and daring ranger of this forest!