Scenario:Walder - The Worried Wood Warrior

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The Worried Wood Warrior

Walder and the others land at a big port town, but Walder, unaccustomed to big cities, remains on the Grandcypher. Bandits sneak aboard and steal Walder's treasure, causing the remaining crew to give chase.

Lyria: Oh my goodness! What a big port! I bet you could find anything you want here, Katalina!
Katalina: Yes, it looks quite fun! I have a feeling I'll be able to find a wonderful sword here. Please tell me if there's anything you want, Lyria!
Rackam: Come on, Katalina! We finally get a chance to shop, and you zero in on weapons? Yeesh, you're obsessed.
Vyrn: Aren't you gonna shop with us, Walder? You can find a nice souvenir for your forest friend in a big town like this.
Walder: I-I'm fine...
Rackam: You sure? I thought you'd be interested in checking out bustling cities since you've only lived in forests.
Walder: I said I'm fine! Oh, I know! I'll keep watch over the ship! You guys go have some worry-free fun.
Rackam: Hmm... Well, have it your way. I don't need anything, so I'm gonna lounge around here too.
Vyrn: I think (Captain) wanted to do some maintenance. I'll stay on board too!
Walder: Then I'll go check out the stern. See you guys later!
Vyrn: I guess Walder's still not used to big cities.
Vyrn: We finally got him out of the forest, and he won't even head into town. What a waste.
Walder: Stop right there!
Bandit: Tch! They had someone watching the ship. Ain't no reason to stick around! Let's scram!
Walder: You're not going anywhere! Get a taste of the daring Forest Ranger Walder!
Rackam: What's all the racket? Oho... Thieves, eh? You got some nerve pickin' a fight with us.
Bandit: Hehehe... All your valuables belong to us! Take 'em back if you can. See if you can handle this!
Vyrn: They sicced a monster on us and ran off!
Walder: Argh! And to add insult to injury, they stole my lockbox filled with my mementos of Jade!
Vyrn: We won't let them get away with your precious memories! Let's move, (Captain)!

The Worried Wood Warrior: Scene 2

Walder ventures into the city, chasing after the bandits that took his treasure. The bandits escape into a den of monsters, and the crew charges in after them.

Vyrn: Something that weak isn't gonna stop us! Right, (Captain)?
Walder: Naturally! I'm gonna show them what happens when they make Walder angry!
Rackam: Um, I hate to say it, but they ran into the center of town. Aren't you afraid of big cities?
Walder: How did you know—
Walder: Don't insult me! The great Walder knows no fear!
Rackam: You don't have to push yourself!
Walder: I-I'm not pushing myself! Let's charge ahead!
Vyrn: You heard the man, (Captain)! Let's go nab those bandits!
Rackam: There they are, just around that corner! How you holdin' up, Walder? We're pretty deep in the city.
Walder: Mind your own business! I'll definitely overcome this adversity and take back my memories of Jade!
Bandit: How did you get this far? Don't tell me you beat that monster... Who the heck are you people?
Walder: I am a brave warrior of the forest! Forest Ranger Wal—
Vyrn: Ack! They took off again!
Walder: ...
Rackam: Uh-oh... They ran into the ruins. That place is a hotbed of monsters!
Bandit: Aaah! Monsters! Help! Somebody! Anybody!
Rackam: Tch. What an annoying bunch. They may be bandits, but I guess we can't let them suffer.
Walder: Naturally! Besides, I can't let anything happen to my treasures!
Vyrn: Walder's like a totally new guy!
Vyrn: As expected from a brave warrior of the forest! We can't get outshone by him, (Captain)!

The Worried Wood Warrior: Scene 3

Walder and company retrieve the stolen goods. Buoyed by success, Walder momentarily forgets his fears and launches into a triumphant speech.

Rackam: Way to go, Walder! Right, (Captain)?
Walder: Humph. Naturally! Forest rangers will never yield to evil!
Walder: Listen up, those who would trample upon precious memories! This is justice! Atone for your crimes!
Walder: Aw yeah! Was that a cool speech or what?
Rackam: Uh... I don't think they can hear you when they're unconscious.
Walder: Heh heh heh... Allow me to tell you how precious these memories are to me!
Rackam: Hey, are you listening to me? I said they can't hear you.
Vyrn: Oh great, he's about to start another long-winded story again!
Rackam: Look at you giving speeches here in a big city. I guess you've conquered your fears!
Walder: In a... big city? Gasp!
Rackam: Whoops. He was so caught up in the moment he didn't even realize where he was. He's frozen up.
Vyrn: Geez, he's hopeless. Hey! You okay, Walder?
Walder: M-me... c-city...
Rackam: Yeah, he's gone. All right, let's carry him back to the ship!
Born and raised in the forest, Walder must overcome his fear of big cities and their inhabitants.
No one knew it then, but in due time, his name would ring throughout the world.
Vyrn: Hey, hold up! You can't just sneak in your own stuff into the narration!
Vyrn: Sheesh. We're heading for a forest next, so we're countin' on you!
Walder: Heh! When it comes to forests, I've got you covered!
Walder: Because you're speaking to Walder, brave warrior of the forest!