Scenario:Walder - Tree of Joy

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Tree of Joy

It's the merriest time of the year, and Walder has designed a tree costume to become one with the forest. However, the children mistake it for a festive tree and start decorating it with ornaments. Walder realizes that it's his mission to bring more smiles to the town.

The day when Santa Claus will give presents to all the good children is drawing near.
Walder is working hard to make sure that he doesn't end up on the naughty list.
Walder: All right! My new costume is complete!
Walder: Hahaha... By putting this on I can become one with the trees of the forest!
Walder: When people see how I've been reborn, they'll call me the Ghillie Ranger!
Girl: Hey... You sure seem busy over here. What's going on?
Walder: How good of you to ask! What you see here is nothing other than—
Boy: Wow! That's a holiday tree, isn't it? Are you gonna put this up in your house?
Walder: Not exactly...
Girl: That's no good! You need to hurry up and decorate! Santa will be here before you know it!
Boy: Okay! We'll hook you up with some ornaments from our house! They're really pretty!
Walder: Um... Could you listen to me for a min—
Walder: H-hey! Watch it! Don't go sticking ornaments on costumes that don't belong to you!
Walder: Oh. You know... This actually doesn't look too bad.
Boy: Heh-heh! Right? You put the star on top!
Walder: Will do! Thanks!
Walder: There we go! Time to go show my new costume to (Captain) and the others!
After watching the children head home, Walder picks up his costume and goes back to the crew.
Lyria: Hey, Walder! Welcome ba—Um... What's with the suit?
Walder: I'm Walder the Ghillie Ranger!
Lyria: Wow! That's adorable!
Walder: Adorable? You mean cool, right?
Vyrn: Um... Cool? Uh...
Walder: What? You mean you can't see how cool I look?
Walder: What do you think, (Captain)? It looks cool, right?
  1. It's cute.
  2. I guess it looks cool... Maybe.

Choose: It's cute.
Walder: Oh man... Even you think it's cute...
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: I guess it looks cool... Maybe.
Walder: Maybe? Tell me you're joking!
Continue 1
Walder: After all the sweat and blood that went into this thing, I can't believe you can't see how cool the Ghillie Ranger is!
Rosetta: What's going on here? I heard quite a bit of chatter.
Walder: Hey! Good timing, Rosetta! What do you think of this costume?
Rosetta: Oh? Well... It's quite a glitzy getup. It looks nice on you.
Walder: Grr... That's it! This outfit is definitely cool!
Walder: Come with me, (Captain)! I'll show you how right I am!
An angry Walder heads to the Knickknack Shack, accompanied by (Captain) and the others.
Walder: Tell me what you think of this costume! It looks cool, right?
Sierokarte: Wow... It's really nice!
Walder: Right? You hear that, (Captain)? At least someone gets it!
Sierokarte: You're doing a good job there. May I add some ornaments that we sell here to your outfit?
Sierokarte: Hee-hee... If you walked around town with my ornaments, it'd make for great advertising!
Walder: What? I'm not a billboard!
Sierokarte: I see... But isn't that kind of a waste given how much you stand out?
Walder: Ugh! Why doesn't anybody understand how cool this outfit is?
Crestfallen, Walder leaves the Knickknack Shack alone ahead of the others.
Walder: Why can't anyone see how cool this outfit is?
Walder: Could it be that it's... not cool? No way! Not in a million years!
Boy: Hey! It's you from before! Why the long face?
Girl: Wow! So you weren't trying to make a tree earlier. It was actually an outfit!
Boy: So pretty! Oh my gosh!
Girl: Yeah! It's super pretty! Great outfit!
Walder: You think so?
Girl: Ha-ha... I bet Santa would love to see that! I want to try it on too!
Walder: Heh-heh... I'm sure you would, but this outfit can only be worn by a select few...
Walder: That's right! This outfit was made for me, the Holly Ranger Walder!
Boy: Wow! Amazing!
Walder: That's right.
(Captain) and company follow Walder from the Knickknack Shack and find him chatting with some children with a smile on his face.
Vyrn: We were worried about you, running off on your own like that!
Walder: Oof... Sorry about that.
Lyria: That's fine! You look best when you're happy, Walder.
Lyria: Hee-hee... Your smile really is infectious, you know!
Walder: That's right! The Holly Ranger is a bringer of smiles!
Lyria: Yeah! And being able to make other people smile is the coolest thing ever!
The Holly Ranger delivers the greatest gift of them all: happiness.
Perhaps someday his name will be known across the skies like Santa Claus.
Vyrn: Hey... What's with the grandiose narration all of a sudden?
Lyria: Ha-ha... But this sort of cheery thinking is the best thing about Walder!
Walder: My exploits have only just begun! Watch over me, Jade!
Though he's not without his quirks, Walder is definitely on Santa's list of nice boys and girls.
Being cool isn't about appearances, for true coolness must come from the heart... Probably.