Scenario:Will - Separation Anxiety

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Separation Anxiety

Ever since joining (Captain)'s crew, Will has made great strides in his monster research. However, long stretches of time on board the Grandcypher with no monsters in sight begin to take their toll on the part-time preacher, full-time monster maniac.

Will not in crew

Vyrn is mysteriously abducted while (Captain) and the crew are investigating the activities of a suspicious syndicate in town.
Katalina: How awful! Think of what they could be doing to Vyrn! We must get him out at all costs, now!
Rackam: Yeesh. Just take a deep breath, all right? Okay, (Captain), are you ready? We're going in!
The crew sneaks into the research facility under the cover of darkness. There, they find a young man seemingly obsessed with Vyrn.
Rackam: Stop right there, buddy! Are you one of the researchers here? We're gonna need our friend Vyrn back.
???: Oh no, please don't lump me in with those dolts who run this place. How repulsive.
???: The name's Will. I'm just as I look—a humble servant of a... higher power, as you can see.
Will had taken care of the group that had abducted Vyrn, but it seems that he has other plans.
Will: Heh heh... Anyways, my dear Vyrn! I've seen many a creature in this life, but never one like you!
Will: Those eyes are simply captivating... and I bet that tail's got a few stories to tell. Oh, and of course, those wings! I bet you've got a little bit of dragon in you, yes? Man, you'd look great mounted on a wall!
Vyrn: Yikes! What the heck do ya mean by "mounted"? Get this guy away from me!
Will: Ohhh... simply incredible! Fascinating! To think I'd be having a conversation with a real monster!
Rackam: Well, uh... Anyway, to take care of that syndicate all by yourself, I'd say you've got some stories of your own.
As a monster fanatic and researcher, Will takes an interest in Vyrn and the crew of skyfarers who battle with Primal Beasts.
The part-time preacher offers to join the crew, with (Captain)'s approval.
Vyrn: Now hold up just a second! This guy was just talking about mounting me on a wall, like, ten seconds ago!
  1. Fine, but no taxidermy.
  2. Someone like you should be monitored.

Choose: Fine, but no taxidermy.

Katalina: You can't be serious, (Captain)... Do you really want a man like that traveling with us?
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Someone like you should be monitored.

Rackam: Yeah... But this is (Captain) we're talking about here—surely there's a plan.

Continue 1

Will: So glad we could work things out. Well then, would you mind showing me around?
With that, Will joins the Grandcypher crew, continuing his research as they travel the skies. However, a few weeks later—
The crew sails between islands, relaxing as they float through a quiet patch of sky with no monsters to harass them.
Lyria: Oh, what a beautiful day! The breeze feels so nice.
Vyrn: Yawn... I think I'll take a nap.
Rackam: Go ahead, little guy. It'll be a while before we reach the next island.
Will: Sigh...
Lyria: Oh? What's the matter, Will? You seem a little blue.
Will: Hm? Oh, well...
Will: More importantly, are we at the next island yet?
Rackam: Why? You in a hurry?
Will: ...
Vyrn: Hm? What's up, Will? You're quiet, all of a sudden.
Will: Aaaargh! I can't control it any longer!
Lyria: Wha...?
Will: How many days has it been! I haven't seen a single monster in days! If I don't see a monster soon, I... I...
Will: Aaaargh! It's so boring! I'm bored, bored, bored! I want to see some new and exciting monsters!
Will yells to the sky above in vain, and drops to his knees on the deck.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's up with Weirdo Will?
Lyria: Um... For now, just try to relax, okay?
Will: Oh!
Will: Ah, my apologies. I seem to be going through withdrawal symptoms.
Lyria: Huh? What are those?
Will: Since I've started my travels with you, my monster research has gone absolutely nowhere.
Will: I studied all types of monsters each and every day—their territories, physiology, and biology... it was simply intoxicating!
Will: Now, it's but the very opposite! Without finding new monsters, the lack of stimulation will drive me mad!
Vyrn: Wow... I actually feel kinda sorry for you.
Will: Well, that's how I am... Say, can this ship go any faster?
Rackam: Afraid not, we're going as fast as we safely can! You'll have to hang on a bit longer.
Will: Oh... okay. I guess it can't be helped.
Will: ...
Will: It's not okay after all! I can't hang on any longer, let me meet new monsters nowww!
Will: Oh, I get it now! You're all jealous of the connection I have with monsters! You're slowing the ship down on purpose!
Rackam: Hey, your "withdrawal symptoms" are showing again.
Will: Ugh... I can't do it anymore—I'm reaching my limit!
Vyrn: Geez, what a strange, strange man.
Lyria: Um... Okay. Let's just have a chat for now, and you'll be distracted until we get there.
Will: Ch-chat?
Lyria: Yeah, like... Why do you like monsters so much?
Will: Why, isn't it obvious?
Will: They're just gorgeous. More interesting than humans, anyway.
Lyria: What?
Will: I suppose it's because of my work. Back when I was really serious about my preacher work, I met many people on my travels.
Will: People came to me to confess their sins, only to turn around and repeat them as soon as they leave...
Will: Doing things like collecting money for charity, only to make a fortune from the interest on that money!
Lyria: Oh no...
Will: Or so called priests who sell dirty river water, claiming it to be holy water...
Vyrn: Man, that's awful!
Will: It may not be everyone, but humans are, in essence, bad.
Will: Compared to them... monsters who live on the edge, fighting just to survive—they're amazing. That's what I realized.
Rackam: It makes sense now... I thought you were just a weirdo at first, but now I feel like I understand where you're coming from.
Will: Heh, how rude. More importantly, I just want to find new monsters to study!
Will: Oh, I've just had a brilliant idea! Perhaps I could study Vyrn?
Vyrn: Say what?
Will: I've always wanted to do it! Those adorable eyes, the fascinating bone structure of his wings—not to mention his brain, able to learn how to speak!
Will: Heh heh heh... What a fantastic idea!
Vyrn: Don't count on it, creepazoid! I'm not going anywhere near you!
Will: Don't worry, Vyrn! This isn't going to hurt a bit!
Rackam: Geez. I guess he really is just a weirdo.
Lyria: Well, at least he isn't sad anymore!
And as such, Will's "withdrawal symptoms" were relieved, at least for the time being.
On the other hand, (Captain) and the crew are now worried for Vyrn's fate.