Scenario:Will - The Boy with Two Faces

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The Boy with Two Faces

Vyrn had been kidnapped. (Captain)’s party planned to sneak into the facilities of the people who had done it.But they had already been destroyed, according a priest by the name of Will. He decided to offer (Captain)’s party his guidance, having found them most interesting.

In a town where a shadowy organization went about its shady business, (Captain) and company didn't know what to do. Vyrn had been taken.
The organization hoped to harness the power of the monsters they’d captured to further their own nefarious goal.
Katalina: Wha...what does that mean?!

Think of what they’re doing to Vyrn!

We need to get him out of there!
Rackam: Yeesh, Lyria. You might wanna tone it down a notch. Here we go, (Captain)...into the darkness!
Rackam: Blegh...I don’t like the look of this place. Who cares if they’re monsters? They deserve better than that...
Katalina: Th-this is terrible...I sure hope Vyrn is okay...
Lyria: Oh! Katalina...! Over there! It’s Vyrn!
Vyrn: Damnit! Hands off, I said! What the hell are you doing?! Lemme go!
Katalina: Vyrn!

We...we need to help him!

Let’s go, (Captain)!
???: Well I’ll be damned! A monster in the shape of a talking lizard!
Vyrn: Dude! Call me a lizard ONE more time! H-hey! D-don’t do that, it tick?hee! Hyuk hyuk!
Rackam: That’ll be enough of that! work here or something?

Well have Vyrn back now!
???: Me? With that flock of fools? Perish the thought. Just the thought...yuck.
???: The name’s Will. I’m just as I look: a humble servant of a higher power.
Rackam: A priest? Couldn’t tell by the way you talk. What’re you doing around here?
Will: It's all part of the job, I suppose. You know how they kill monsters? I’m not turning a blind eye to THAT.
Will: I snuck right on in, thinking I’d deliver a little divine retribution.
Will: And that’s when I find the dear lizard! What I'm saying is, I saved him!
Vyrn: I guess...doesn’t feel like it, though...
Will: Well don’t you worry. They had a rough touch with monsters. A judgment half as harsh would be too kind for those knuckleheads.
Rackam: Wha?!

Judgment? What d’you mean judgment?!

Who the hell d’you think you are...
Will: Well you don’t look like you’re from around here. Guess I can clue you in. This is underworld business.
Will: Or as much of it as a peacenik priest can handle, anyway.
Rackam: Oh, c’mon! Underworld? And you call yourself a priest...
Will: Hehe...anyway. Dear Vyrn! I’ve seen many a creature in my life, but never one like you!
Will: Those charming eyes...and I bet that tail’s got a few stories to tell. And those wings! I bet you have a little dragon in you! Man, you would look great mounted on a wall!
Vyrn: Eeek! What do you mean, “mounted?!" What kind of thing is that to say?!
Will: Ah...this is kind of a big deal for me! Talking with a real, live monster!
Rackam: But he did crush that organization..and he did it by himself. Bet you’ve got some stories, too...
Will: Well what about you folks? You’re a pretty odd combination...
Lyria: Buh? I, uh... i’m just your average, run-of-the-mill girl! Go ahead and put me under the microscope! You’ll only find more girl!
Will: Ah, it’s not the girls that interest me. Give me a good old monster any day of the week.
Vyrn: Uh...okay.
Will: C’mon. Don’t be scared.
Vyrn: What? NO!

Scared?! Who’s scared?

We’re skyfarers!
Vyrn: Damnit! Why don’t you go and ask a few primal beasts about us? Oh, that’s right. You can’t.
Will: Ask what?!

Hot damn! That’s even better than a monster!

Heh. Let’s try this.
Will: I say, “I sure would like to join you guys!” And you say, “Great idea, Will!”
Vyrn: Hold up, dude! You think this is a joke?! You were talking about putting me up on a wall, like, ten seconds ago!
  1. Fine. But no taxidermy
  2. I’d better keep an eye on you

Choose: Fine. But no taxidermy
Katalina: (Captain) can’t be serious. Do you really want someone like that traveling with us?
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Choose: I’d better keep an eye on you
Rackam: Nah...this is (Captain) we’re talking about. We don’t have a thing to worry about.
Continue 1
Will: Finally! Somebody on my level! So are you going to show me to the ship or what?
Vyrn: What they...c’mon!

Why do you need to bring all that?!

What’re you planning?!
Will: Oh, this? This is my monster journal. Wonderful, wonderful creatures.
Will: And this one is for the judged...and I got some assassination tools somewhere in there...
Rackam: H-Hey, wait! Did you say assassination?! Anyone else having second thoughts?
Vyrn: Fine, you’re in. But whatever you’re planning, you’d better run it through us first!
Will: Okay, okay. I mean...I might get to see a real, live primal beast...
Will: I’ll keep the assassinations to a minimum.
And so the Evil Hunter Will, man of at least two faces, joined our heroes as they set off once again.
Although it would be some time before (Captain) and company knew him for who he truly was...