Scenario:Yaia - Learned to Disobey

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Learned to Disobey

Yaia is working proactively on the airship to try and please (Captain). One day she witnesses a little girl crying into (Captain)’s chest. The little girl’s father has gone missing in the mountains, so she has asked the crew to try and track him down. Yaia feels as though (Captain) has been stolen away from her, and stubbornly heads off into the mountains alone.

Yaia: Cleaning, cleaning, putting things away!
Cleaning, cleaning, having fun today!
Rackam: Why, look at you working hard, Yaia. Didn't know you were so good at cleaning.
Yaia: Yup! I love cleaning!
Gran is the Main Character

Yaia: …Hey! Big brother! Rackam praised me just now!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Yaia: …Hey! Big sister! Rackam praised me just now!
Rackam: Hahaha! I see you two are bonding quite well!
You know what, you can call me "Racky" if you want.
Yaia: Urgh… Pull…
Katalina: Can you manage? As I thought, maybe I should carry those cases. Why don't you take this one?
Yaia: I-I can manage! I wanna work properly like a real grown up! …I know, shall we go halfsies?
Katalina: Haha, OK then. Are you going to help too, (Captain)? This one has all your things insi?
Yaia: No! I wanna carry that one too!
Katalina: Haha! My bad, my bad! So, I can leave it to you?
Even though she's still so young, Yaia works devotedly to be recognized as a member of the crew.
But then, one day the crew have gone to an island on a job request to find a missing person…
Girl: (Sniff)… (Sob)…
Are you really gonna find them?
Lyria: It's OK, we'll definitely find them, so you have nothing to worry about.
Girl: Thank you…
Lyria: Tee hee. She's fallen asleep in (Captain)'s lap. She must be worn out from all that crying.
Gran is the Main Character

Yaia: Big brother! Let's work out the location of the pla?
Djeeta is the Main Character

Yaia: Big sister! Let's work out the location of the pla?
Lyria: Hmm? What is it, Yaia? Why did you stop suddenly?
Yaia: Urrm…
I, err…
Yaia: W-well… I… You see…
Yaia: Haha… It's nothing at al!
Lyria: Huh? Yaia?
Vyrn: Yo, Yaia! Have you seen (Captain)and the others?
Yaia: Hm? They're in that shop. There was a little girl crying…
Vyrn: Hmmm… That must be the girl who gave us this job to look for her dad. He's gone missing in the mountains.
Yaia: A "job"? Okeydokey, so they're probably in the mountains?
Vyrn: That's right! But there will be lots of monsters, so let's go together with everyone else!
Yaia: Humph!
Vyrn: H-hey, hold up! Wh-where is she running off to? …What's gotten into her today?
Lyria: Vyrn, perfect timing. Have you seen Yaia? She seems to be acting strange today.
Vyrn: Yeah, just now she ran off somewhere. Did something happen?
Lyria: Oh no! Don't tell me she ran off into the mountains!
Vyrn: Say what! Why would she suddenly do something like that?
Lyria: I think she was trying too hard to be grown up, so was holding back a lot of her feelings. Anyway, we need to chase after her!
Vyrn: There she is!
What are you doing out here, all by yourself?
Lyria: I'm so glad we found you. You're not hurt or anything, are you?
Yaia: Humph. Please, state your purpose. I only desire to climb this mountain.
Vyrn: Whoa! Talk about trying to act grown up! Is this the effect of repressing her feelings?
Lyria: Err… Yaia, the girl from before was the person who submitted the job request. (Captain) is the captain and all, so had to…
Yaia: I am well aware, thank you, of how occupied our captain can be.
Vyrn: You make him sound like a washroom… In any case, we're here on the mountain now, so let's finish the job!
Yaia: Grr… Whatever! I'm gonna do it by myself!
Monster: Groooar!
Yaia: Yikes!
Vyrn: Monsters! (Captain), Yaia is in danger!

Learned to Disobey: Scene 2

Yaia uses her senses to discover the location of the girl’s missing father. Yaia is praised by (Captain), putting her in high spirits, and she stands up to some monsters that appear.

The crew has defeated the monsters, and Yaia has calmed down somewhat. They decide to look for the missing person.
Vyrn: Hmmmm… He doesn't seem to be around… Maybe we should head further up the mountain?
Lyria: Huff… Huff… Y-yeah. With all the monsters lurking around, we should hurry!
Vyrn: Hm? What's up, Yaia? It's not a good time to be getting grumpy.
Yaia: …This way!
Vyrn: Eh? But there's nothing but bushes over there…
Man: Urgh…
Wh-who are you?
Lyria: Oh no! Someone has collapsed over here!
Hey, are you all right?
Man: Ah, you saved me. But, I've hurt my back while I was hiding.
Vyrn: Well done for finding him, Yaia! How did you now he was here?
Yaia: Hmm… There was this smell, sorta like the way Pa smells.
  1. You did it!
  2. You tried hard.

Choose: You did it!
Yaia: Yay! I got praised!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: You tried hard.
Yaia: Oh, y-yeah. I tried hard.
Continue 1
Man: Thanks, little girl! Come to think of it, how's my own daughter? There must have been no one at home to cook her breakfast today!
Monster: Groooar!
Vyrn: Yikes! They know how to pick the right time to appear!
Yaia: I'm not moving! I gotta make sure the girl get's to see her dad again!

Learned to Disobey: Scene 3

Yaia is now trying even harder to please (Captain). After their little bump in the road, their familial bond is even stronger than ever. Yaia casts a suspicious glance toward a laughing Vyrn and the others as she makes sure to stay close to (Captain)’s side.

The crew has successfully reunited the girl and her father. After a short rest, they return to the airship.
Yaia: Sorry to keep you waiting! I made some more breakfast!
Vyrn: Hey now, how many plates of this stuff have you brought out now? You trying to fatten us up or something? Well, I'm full.
Lyria: (Munch, much) Thish ish… (gulp) delishoush…
Gran is the Main Character

Yaia: Yaaaay! Big brother, here's yours!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Yaia: Yaaaay! Big sister, here's yours!
Rackam: Hahahaha! You got yerself quite the portion there! Make sure to eat it all up, (Captain).
Katalina: Haha… They seem closer than ever now.
Yaia: Huh? Hey, aren't you eating any? There's still tons left!
Yaia has returned to her smiley self, and is working harder than ever to brighten up the crew's journey across the sky.