Scenario:Yggdrasil - Branching Out

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Branching Out

Rosetta's been worried for Yggdrasil. It seems the great tree has grown a desire to go out and discover the world beyond the forest. She gets the chance to do just that when Rosetta invites her to join the crew.

Vyrn: Hm? Oh hey, looky there—it's Rosetta.
Lyria: What could she be doing?
A fair maiden stands alone on the edge of the deck. With hands resting on the banisters, hair blowing in the wind, her expression is one of weariness.
Seeing Lyria and friends approach, she lifts her head to meet their gaze.
Rosetta: Lyria, Vyrn. Is anything the matter?
Vyrn: That's what we're wonderin' about you.
Lyria: You seem troubled. Is something wrong?
Rosetta: Oh, bless your tender hearts—worrying over little old me.
Rosetta: I'm fine—really I am. I'm... simply worried for a family member of mine.
Lyria: Family! Things can't be fine if you're worried about family!
Vyrn: Wait! You have family? First I've heard about that!
Rosetta: Oh, haven't I ever mentioned it?
Rosetta: We used to live together on the same island all so long ago. She's closer to me than any bond of blood could ever hope to be.
Rosetta: I can still hear her in my heart; her voice has never left me.
Rosetta's gaze grows distant as she drifts into a reverie. Her words seem to come from a far, long-ago place.
Lyria's heart goes out to Rosetta's.
Lyria: She's very important to you, isn't she?
Rosetta: Would you like to meet her? I do believe I'm long overdue for a visit.
Lyria: Yes! I'd love to!
Following Rosetta's instructions, the crew find themselves in the Lumacie Archipelago.
Lyria and the others soon intuit who this family of Rosetta's might be.
Lyria: Rosetta... Could this family of yours be who I think it is?
Rosetta: Ahh, coming back to you now, is it? That's right—you're already quite well acquainted with each other actually.
Rosetta: We are two halves of the forest entire. If she is the good fruit, then I am the deadly thorn. Both sides equal in their love for the forest yet completely opposite.
Rosetta: Strange, isn't it? How two so different can understand each other so well. I'm the most mystified of all.
Rosetta's words resound deep and heavy with the crew, but her steps seem light and cheerful as she slips deeper into the forest.
Vyrn: Hey! Wait up, Rosetta!
Step after step she advances into the forest. At times letting out a sigh and seeming to lose herself in memories of days past.
Lyria, following close behind, poses her a question.
Lyria: Rosetta, I was wondering... How did you know she was calling out to you?
Rosetta: Why, I heard her, of course.
Rosetta: Hmm, perhaps that might not be the best way to put it. I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea.
Lyria: Wh-what do you mean?
Rosetta: She's different from you and I. For her, the idea of words doesn't exist.
Rosetta: She sees, observes, learns just like any of us—perhaps even better.
Rosetta: But the knowledge she gains isn't remembered as words, and so she does not—cannot—speak.
Lyria: Now that I think about it, I've never heard her talk before.
Rosetta: But I hear her. On a level even deeper than words.
Lyria: B-but how?
Rosetta: You've felt it before yourself, Lyria. It's a little like the feeling you get when you sense primal beasts.
Lyria: Oh! I see! I think I know what you mean now.
Lyria: What's her voice like? What's she saying? I hope it's not bad news.
Rosetta: ...
Lyria: R-Rosetta?
Rosetta breaks her stride.
She gazes up at the sky and whispers.
Rosetta: We should ask her that ourselves.
We're here, Yggdrasil. You can come out now.
Yggdrasil: ...
Lyria: I knew it! So she's the family you were talking about!
Before them towers Yggdrasil, the primal beast once twisted by the empire into the tool of destruction Yggdrasil Malice.
Though they did not wish her harm, (Captain) and company were forced to stop her rampage and return her to a deep slumber.
Rosetta: Good morning, Yggdrasil. I heard you calling out to me.
Yggdrasil: ...
Rosetta: What's the matter? I thought you liked being left alone.
Rosetta: Hm? You envious of me?
Rosetta: My, my! What's gotten into you, dear!
Yggdrasil: ...
Rosetta: I'm sorry, darling. I simply didn't expect you of all people to feel that way.
Rosetta: I've seen you care for this forest for such a long time indeed.
Rosetta: But perhaps the time's come for you to see the world outside.
Rosetta: How about you join us?
  1. But doesn't she have to protect Lumacie?
  2. I'm... not sure if she can fit in the ship.

Choose: But doesn't she have to protect Lumacie?

Rosetta: Remember when you fought her as Yggdrasil Malice?
Rosetta: When you managed to defeat her and bring her peace, that was also when her pact with this forest was broken.
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Choose: I'm... not sure if she can fit in the ship.

Rosetta: She doesn't need to.
Rosetta: Think about how Lyria summons primal beasts.
Rosetta: In the same way, Yggdrasil doesn't need to be in her current body to leave this place.

Continue 1

Lyria: I see. Thinking about it, that's how Rosetta left the forest too.
Rosetta: Come along now, darling—time to wake up. We're all waiting for you.
Rosetta lays a gentle hand on the base of Yggdrasil's giant body.
Yggdrasil: ...
Thus the crew gains a new member: the Great Tree of Time Yggdrasil herself.
Rosetta: (It's strange, however. I've heard she was created for the sole purpose of the storage of information.)
Rosetta: (Designed by her creators to be a central storehouse of knowledge, a vessel without desire or curiosity.)
Rosetta: (What could have led her to stray from her original design and grow this desire to see the outside world?)
Rosetta: (Is it her, or perhaps the world, that's brought about this change?)
Rosetta: (I feel that the primal beasts, myself included, are beginning to meddle far too much in the affairs of this world. Something's been set into motion—I can sense it.)