Scenario:Yngwie - The Full Metal Man

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The Full Metal Man

Eugen leads the crew to meet Yngwie, a legendary skyfarer who once explored the farthest reaches of the sky. He joins the crew in a quest to find his long lost daughter, who appears to have sent him a letter from another skydom.

On a faraway cliff, a boy looks up at the sky and wails.
His eyes seem sad, regretful, and a little resigned.
Boy: Sob... This sucks... I suck...
Boy: And the sky sucks most of all!
Boy: Huff... Sob...
???: What are you up to?
Boy: Huh? Who are you?
???: That's beside the point. I asked what you were up to.
Boy: It doesn't have anything to do with you, Gramps.
???: It does. I'm about to board an airship, and I'm not interested in making the skies angry.
Boy: Angry? Pft, you talking about a storm or something?
Boy: Don't be stupid. The sky doesn't have moods. It's air currents that make the weather! Air. Currents. Get it?
???: You're a smart aleck, but at least you know a thing or two about the sky.
Boy: ...
Boy: Listen, I... wanted to become a skyfarer.
Boy: But everyone told me I couldn't. Not with my bad leg.
???: So you're complaining to the sky. Call it a hunch, but I don't think it cares.
Boy: Oh, shut up! What do you know, old man?
Boy: This isn't a joke! Do you know how much I wanted an adventure?
Boy: It was my dream to soar the skies. Just like the man, the myth, the—
Around the same time, Eugen leads the crew to a distant island.
He anxiously explains why they're here.
Rackam: Yngwie? The one and only Yngwie?
Eugen: The one and only. Shocked me to hear from him. Says he's got something to discuss.
Rackam: With us? Like what?
Eugen: Hard to say. Been decades since I saw him last. Not since he hid himself away on some island.
Vyrn: So who is this guy, anyway? Some kind of famous skyfarer?
Eugen: Guess the word doesn't get around anymore. How times change.
Eugen: Way back when I was cloud hopping, a skyfarer took the world by storm.
Eugen: His name was Yngwie, and he captained a crew of adventure-crazed maniacs across the sky.
Eugen: He up and crossed Phantagrande, blazing one trail after the other.
Rackam: From what I hear, he cleared most of the routes we use today.
Rackam: That's how the stories go, anyway. He never left any clear records.
Vyrn: Sounds like we owe this guy big time! He must've been a real hero!
Eugen: Hero? Don't get the wrong idea, Vyrn.
Eugen: He had something of a heroic period after clearing the skyways, where he saved countries and slayed monsters.
Eugen: But he was always crazy for adventure first and foremost. Said being a hero was a pain, ditched his crew. And he was their captain!
Eugen: Instead, he set his sights on lands unknown, crossing the Grim Basin to explore new skydoms.
Vyrn: Alone? This guy sounds like a nut!
Boy: And then! And then! Yngwie had all sorts of grand adventures in faraway skydoms!
Boy: They say he found hyper ancient ruins! Saved a hundred beautiful princesses from a hundred dark dungeons!
Boy: And when he finished blazing a path across every skydom in the sky, he returned to Phantagrande!
???: Heh. Every skydom, huh?
Boy: What, you saying it's a lie?
???: No comment. Wasn't a hundred princesses, though. It was a thousand.
Boy: A thousand? Now that's just crazy, Gramps.
Boy: Yngwie never talked about what happened, so nobody really knows for sure. But still...
???: That's right. Whatever people tell you, you just keep believing what you want to believe.
Boy: Humph, like I even need to be told.
???: You sure? Everyone told you to give up on being a skyfarer, so you did.
Boy: Rgh... That's because of my leg, okay?
???: So when they told you it was impossible, you believed them?
Boy: No! I never wanted to give up on myself!
???: Heh. Yngwie didn't, either. He believed in his dreams like a silly little kid.
???: So rest easy. The sky's more than big enough for your foolish flights of fancy.
Boy: Wait a sec... Are you the man, the myth, the legend—
???: Yngwie is in your heart.
???: It's past your bedtime, kid. Follow me back to town.
Thief Queen: Bwahaha! You're not going anywhere! Now lay out your valuables where I can see them!
Boy: Oh no, we're surrounded!
Thief Queen: The urchin's got nothing, but the old man's shield should fetch a pretty penny!
???: ...
Thief Queen: There there, nothing to worry about. I'll spare your life, so just—
???: There's always time for love.
Thief Queen: Excuse me?
Boy: Huh?
Thief Queen: Hahahaha! Forget stealing from this fool! I'll put him out of his misery myself!
???: Bravo, baby!
Eugen: ...
Rackam: He said he'd be here by now. Something must've happened.
Vyrn: You mean like a monster attack? But a legend like him could handle that, right?
Eugen: Right. Still, he went on adventures we can barely even imagine. It's possible he didn't make it back in one piece.
Eugen: I don't like this one bit. Let me take a look around and—
Boy: Someone come quick! Yngwie's in trouble!
Eugen: Gah! Looks like my hunch was right.
Rackam: Let us handle this, kiddo. We're not about to let a legend bite the dust!
Vyrn: Yeah! I'll scout ahead!
Vyrn: Whazzah?
???: What's the hurry? Heading to the little dragon's room?
Vyrn: No, I'm heading to save Yngwie, and—
Eugen: Yngwie? Is it really you?
Yngwie: Hello, Eugen. The years have not treated you well, my friend.
Eugen: Hahaha! It really is you! And you've turned into a geezer yourself!
Yngwie: I've heard the rumors. You're still marching along on the front lines?
Eugen: Yeah, guess you could call it karma. Just reaping what I sowed way back when.
Yngwie: You mean that daughter of yours? You and I were both such dogs.
Eugen: Now what exactly do you mean by that?
Rackam: Guys, I hate to spoil this happy reunion, but c'mon!
Vyrn: That's right! Weren't you attacked by thieves? Everything okay?
Yngwie: I took an arrow straight to the heart... from a little guy they call Cupid.
Thief Queen: Oh, you! Stop, you're embarrassing me!
Boy: Aren't you the leader of those thieves? What happened?
Eugen: Heheheh... You haven't changed a bit, Yngwie.
Eugen: Remind me again. Didn't you smooth talk a Luminary Knight to cross the Grim Basin?
Rackam: Wait, you can do that?
Yngwie: Don't get the wrong idea. Nobody was taken advantage of.
Rackam: Then what happened?
Yngwie: Past adventures stay in the past. I promised her that. And besides, we've got minors present.
Vyrn: What kind of adventures has this guy been through?
With introductions out of the way, Yngwie pulls out a letter and begins to explain his reasons for calling the crew to the island.
Vyrn: That letter's from another skydom?
Yngwie: Arrived just the other day. Normally you can't send mail between skydoms, but this found its way to me anyway.
Yngwie: It says it's from my daughter!
Rackam: Which one?
Yngwie: You jealous? Grow a mullet this cool and maybe you'll get somewhere.
Eugen: It says "help me" in kid's handwriting, but the postmark's more than a decade ago.
Eugen: The whole thing's so crumpled I can barely make out a word.
Eugen: Wait. Don't tell me you—
Yngwie: I'm shipless, shiftless, and without connections. Don't know much about today's air currents, either.
Yngwie: But I heard there's a crew crazy enough to search for the Island of the Astrals. One with my old friend in their ranks.
Eugen: You must be joking. That tattered piece of paper isn't enough to go on. What if whoever sent it is just leading you on?
Yngwie: But it reached me, Eugen. It reached me.
Yngwie: Sorry to impose, Captain. This is going to be my last adventure. Willing to help make it one to remember?
  1. Let's do this.
  2. If you're willing to swab the decks.

Choose: Let's do this.

Yngwie: You have my thanks. And my years of experience.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: If you're willing to swab the decks.

Yngwie: Of course, Boss. I'm not interested in rocking the boat.

Continue 1

Eugen: For crying out loud. Got a clean bill of health, I hope?
Yngwie: I fended off those thieves single-handedly, didn't I?
Eugen: Right, right. Fine. We're setting off tomorrow morning, so don't be late!
Yngwie: Heh...
Eugen: Heheheh...
Yngwie and Eugen exchange a firm handshake, laughing like old friends all the while.
The legendary skyfarer has returned to the fold after a long absence. He's champing at the bit to embark on his final adventure.