Scenario:Yodarha - Big Bait for a Big Catch

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Big Bait for a Big Catch

While visiting a certain island, the crew hear about a random attacker whose blade can slice through armor like it was nothing, and Yodarha's face darkens. He says that the perpetrator of the attack is probably an apprentice from his days as a master swordsman. He talks about how his main apprentice fell from grace, and began committing crimes, a pained expression on his face. Having kept quiet about his past until now, Yodarha explains that he needs to settle the feud with his former apprentice, and he dons his old swordsman's gear.

Yodarha is a crew member

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Yodarha not in crew

While visiting an island, (Captain) and the crew run afoul of some imperial soldiers, and are chased into the mountains.
As they run, they come across an old man on the road. It is the mysterious fisherman, Yodarha.
Yodarha: What do you say? Why don't you come with an old man and do a little fishing?
Yodarha: Huh? Oh, don't worry about the soldiers. They never come to remote areas like this. They'll give up and go home.
Katalina: Hmm… Now is not the time to be sitting around fishing.
Yodarha: If you continue running around like headless chickens they'll find you for sure!
Katalina: I suppose you have a point…
Though still afraid of being discovered by the imperial soldiers, the crew relax and do a bit of fishing with Yodarha.
With the crew now calmed down, the elderly Harvin taps Katalina on the shoulder and says something strange…
Yodarha: You've got some impressive muscles there. Good for fishing. Swordplay too. But something's preventing you from improving…
Yodarha: Something troubles you. Is it the fact that you've run away from something? Or someone you left behind?
Surprisingly, he hits the nail on the head when it comes to Katalina's worries.
After this, Yodarha joins the crew on their journey to teach Katalina how to fish.
Their journey continues, and some time passes. Then…
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The crew stop at an island to take a break on their journey.
But as soon as they leave the airship dock, (Captain) and the crew are embroiled in another adventure.
Knight: Hey, you! Do you have a moment to talk?
Yodarha: Huh? Are you talkin' to me? What do you want with an old-timer like me, young'un?
Knight: Stop right there! You weren't here last night, were you?
Vyrn: What are you talkin' about? We just got here and we're very tired! Just leave us alone!
Knight: What? You just arrived? I'm sorry, but do you have any proof of that?
Katalina: Of course. Just check the docking records.
The knight immediately contacts the airship dock and asks about ships that had arrived recently.
The crew are quickly exonerated as the records show that they did in fact arrive that day.
Knight: I'm terribly sorry. Someone was randomly attacked here yesterday evening. They were… a friend of mine. I was there…
Vyrn: Attacked… at random? That's scary, man… Why did you suspect the old man of having something to do with it?
Yodarha: Hehehe! Who knows? I'm just a salty old fisherman!
Knight: I… I see. You're not the kind of monster who would have committed this crime. My apologies.
Yodarha: You're investigating this attack pretty thoroughly, aren'tcha!
Yodarha: You seem like a strapping young lad. Was the enemy so strong that even you couldn't deal with them?
Knight: Yeah… They cut through his armor like a hot knife through butter.
Yodarha: I see… So the culprit looked like me, then?
Knight: I'm not sure… Something about you reminded me of him, and I spoke to you so rudely because I was afraid… I'm sorry.
Hearing this, Yodarha's eyes glinted.
Yodarha: Hmm… Could you tell me more about the incident?
Katalina: Yodarha? What's going on?
Yodarha: Huh? We should be careful… Don't want to get attacked like this poor knight and his friend, of course.
Yodarha: A smart fish learns the fisherman's tricks to avoid being caught. We should learn from their example.
The crew, saying goodbye to the knight, head to an inn for the night.
Vyrn: Man, this is dangerous… an enemy who can slice through armor like he was filleting a fish…
Yodarha: Indeed! And I'm the expert in filleting fish!
Yodarha: Hmm… It does remind me of something… something from many years ago…
Katalina: Yodarha, what have you been talking to yourself about? Do you know something about what happened?
Yodarha: It worries me. Only a truly skilled swordmaster could do something like this…
Yodarha: Someone with great training in the way of the sword… Could it be my main apprentice?
Yodarha reaches into his fish bag and pulls out something from within.
Vyrn: Whatcha doing, old man?
Yodarha: Hmm? Preparing my fishing equipment, of course! If I don't get the right bait, the big fish'll never come a-biting!
Vyrn: Hey, hey… why are you so calm when there's an attacker on the loose! Huh, what's that?
Yodarha: All right, the preparations are all done!
Vyrn: Wha-? What's that outfit? I thought you were going fishing!
Yodarha: Heheheh! This is the secret style of the fisherman, hiding in plain sight!
Vyrn: I knew you weren't just an ordinary dude, but what in the skies are you, old man?
Yodarha: Long, long ago… I made my name as a swordsman, you know.
Katalina: I see… So before… you were thinking about your past, weren't you?
Yodarha: Well, hearing about a random attacker… A long time ago, one of my apprentices did just that.
Yodarha: My main apprentice, fallen from grace and committing such evil acts… I couldn't bear it, so I tried to seal his sword away…
Vyrn: So? Why have you changed clothes? Wait, are you going hunting for the attacker?
Yodarha: If this attacker is anything like my apprentice, he's a sly one. He's probably not on the island any more…
Katalina: Hmm… So, why are you?
Yodarha: I think the reason he attacked someone is because he knew I was coming to this island.
Yodarha: It's like a personal challenge to me.
Yodarha: Changing into these clothes is my way of answering his challenge. This is what I was wearing when I fought him last…
Vyrn: What caused this, old man? You never talk about your past!
Yodarha: You might be the key to stopping him… (Captain), Lyria, Katalina too.
Katalina: We might be? What do you mean?
Yodarha: Heheheh! You can always learn, no matter your age!
Vyrn: Hey, stop avoiding the question, old man!
Yodarha: I'll explain later! It's impossible to explain without context!
Yodarha brushes his gauntlets off.
Yodarha: Explanations can wait. I'm sorry to ask, (Captain), but I might need your help with this.
Katalina: Surely you're not intending to fight the person who attacked the knight?
Yodarha: Perhaps it will come to that. This situation was born from my carelessness, so it is something that I must deal with.
  1. It'll be a piece of fishcake!
  2. It's a bit scary…

Choose: It'll be a piece of fishcake!
Yodarha: Hehehe! Well said, (Captain)! Very confident, if a little prideful.
Yodarha: There's still a lot that I can teach you! How about it? Would you like to go to the mountains and train?
Vyrn: Hey, old man, we don't have the time to be doing that, you know?
Yodarha: Ah… What a shame. I always wanted an apprentice like (Captain)!
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Choose: It's a bit scary…
Yodarha: Hmmm… I always thought you were honest, but to be willing to admit even that…
Yodarha: Well, it's important to be honest. Your friends will trust you that much more because of it.
Yodarha: Maybe if I had met you all those years ago, this situation would never have happened…
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean?
Yodarha: Never you mind! Don't jump to any conclusions, you'll learn that one day.
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Yodarha: OK… I've cast my line, everything's ready.
Yodarha stares into space. The wrinkles in his face show concern and anger, not his usual carefree expression.
The potential future fight with his ex-apprentice looms large, now he must rise to the challenge.