Scenario:Yodarha - Speak Up

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Speak Up

(Captain)'s party arrives at a certain town. Yodarha notices a young boy looking glum, and begins telling a tale as if for an audience. His tale, told in a clear and unfaltering voice, gets the attention of passersby who stop to listen. However, the ruffians that control the business of the town appears and attempts to bully him into leaving.

The party arrives at a certain town. Noticing a glum-looking young boy, Yodarha walks up and starts telling a story.
This story's called "The Phantasmagoric Fencer and the Dual-wielding Master Swordsman". As he told the tale of their battle, passersby stopped to listen.
Yodarha: Now, the phantasmagoric fencer readies his sword and faces the young master swordsman!
Yodarha: A tense and deadly silence as they circle around each other.
Yodarha: The young swordsman strikes first! Quick as lightning, he unsheathes his weapons and leaps forward!
Boy: Wow...! Then what happened?!
Man: I need to finish shopping... But I gotta hear the rest of this!
Yodarha: The swordsman's weapons are dragon-slaying swords of legend! They slice through the air in a flash and seek their target, but the fencer anticipates the attack!
Yodarha: He evades the strike at the last possible moment, catching the legendary blade with his own...
Ruffian: Stop right there! Hey geezer! So you're the one storytelling in the middle of the street!
Ruffian: Hey... You trying to make money telling stories here? I didn't give you permission... You're done here! Scram!
Yodarha: Hm? I'm just telling this boy about a story I remembered.
Ruffian: Don't give me that! Look at this audience you gathered!
Yodarha: Kehehe... Son, I'm just a fisherman. I'm not gonna take money for a story like this.
Yodarha: Hmmm... Did you actually come here to listen too? You should have just said so.
Ruffian: You think this is a joke, you little geezer?! Looks like I need to teach you a lesson!
Yodarha: Kehehe... What good would you get out of beating up an old fisherman like me?
Ruffian: Shut up! This is my territory! You think I'm just gonna sit by while you make money storytelling here?
Yodarha: I told you already, I'm just a fisherman. See, here's my fishing pole...
As he speaks, Yodarha produces a fishing pole to show the ruffian.
Ruffian: Agh! Ow! Hey! Damn you! You pricked my foot with that needle!
Yodarha: Hrm? Sorry about that. I guess my hand slipped.
Yodarha: Don't worry, I just need to twist this a bit and it's come right out...
Ruffian: Stop that. I'll do it myself!
Yodarha: Oh, that's odd... Just gotta twist it reeeal good like this...
Ruffian: Stop!!
Yodarha: Oh! There, it came right out! That wasn't so bad, was it? Kehehehe!
Ruffian: What's with this geezer?! That's it! Get him!
Yodarha: So dramatic, throwing a fit over a little prick of a needle.

Speak Up: Scene 2

The ruffians gang up on Yodarha, but he evades their attacks with a nonchalant expression. As if to mock the ruffians struggling against an old man, Yodarha begins to tell another story. The story is about a martial arts master's battle to stop his disciple that betrayed his teachings and led a group of corrupted thugs. Yodarha then proclaims that he will re-enact the rest of the story, and turns to face the group of ruffians.

Ruffian: Damn you! Stop running around!
Yodarha: Kehehe! Having trouble catching an old man like me?
Ruffian: What's with him...? It's like he can read our moves...
Yodarha: You'd make a bad fisherman, young one. You won't accomplish anything by swinging around wildly like that.
Yodarha: Now... Are you done? I'd like to finish telling the story.
Ruffian: Enough of this! If you won't shut your mouth... Hey! Get over here!
Yodarha: Hm? You didn't like that story? Then let me tell a different one.
Ruffian: Huh?! That's not what I mean!
Yodarha: Kehehe! Oh, but you might like this one!
Yodarha: Being surrounded by you ruffians reminds me of another story.
Ruffian: You little... You're still talking?!
Yodarha: Ahem... Long, long ago... there was a grand master whose name was well known across the lands!
Ruffian: Hey! You guys, stop that damned geezer!
Yodarha: Day after day, he trained with his countless disciples who upheld a code of honor and justice.
Underling 1: I'll shut you up!
Yodarha: But one day, one of his disciples turned his back to his master's teachings!
Yodarha: The one who betrays him is none other than his most talented and trusted student!
Underling 2: That geezer! How can he still talk while running around like this?!
Yodarha: That disciple leads a band of thugs to terrorize and take over the town...
Yodarha: But the master enters their den alone in order to stop his foolish pupil!
Boy: Whoa...! Amazing! He's slipping away from them like a fish!
Yodarha: What happens next in the story, you ask...? Well, let me show you! Kehehehe!

Speak Up: Scene 3

The ruffians that ruled over the town's businesses were taught a lesson by Yodarha. The young boy with the gloomy expression is now in a happy mood. He states that the master from the earlier story is Yodarha himself, but the old man laughs and replies that he's just a fisherman.

And so, the ruffians that ruled over the town's businesses were taught a lesson by Yodarha.
Katalina: I knew that you're no ordinary man, but... Yodarha, who exactly are you?
Boy: Haha! Isn't it obvious? He's the master from that story!
Yodarha: Hrm? Don't be silly, young boy. That was just an imitation.
Yodarha: The real master is even more amazing! Kehehehe!
Yodarha: Anyways, young lady... You haven't been fishing lately, have you?
Katalina: Uh, you see... There weren't many places to fish, and...
Boy: Oh! If you wanna go fishing, I know a good spot! Want me to show you?
Yodarha: Hrm? Sure, why don't you take us now?
Boy: Yeah! Hey! Can you tell me the rest of that story from earlier?
Yodarha: Kehehe... Sure. Why don't we fish together? With that young lady over there.
Boy: Yay! I'm good at fishing! I love casting the bait! Like this!
Yodarha: Kehehehe! Hey, your form is pretty good!
And so, the party decides to enjoy some fishing with the boy.
As they head to the pond, Katalina can't help but comment.