Scenario:Yodarha - Speak Up

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Speak Up

The crew is visiting a certain town when Yodarha notices a glum-looking boy and tries to cheer him up with a story. Others begin to gather and listen, but his tale is interrupted by a gang of ruffians.

The crew is in town, where Yodarha notices a glum-looking youth. To cheer him up, he walks up and begins to tell a story.
He begins telling the story of The Phantasmagoric Fencer and the Dual-wielding Master Swordsman. As he speaks of their battle, passersby stop to listen.
Yodarha: The phantasmagoric fencer readies his sword and faces the young master swordsman!
Yodarha: There is a tense and deadly silence as they circle each other.
Yodarha: The young swordsman makes the first strike! Quick as lightning, he unsheathes his weapons and leaps forward!
Boy: Whoa! Then what happened?
Man: I've still got shopping to do, but I gotta know what happens next!
Yodarha: Legend says his blades cleave through the scales of dragons! With a blinding flash, he strikes—but the fencer has kept his wits about him!
Yodarha: He parries the strike at the last possible moment—catching the legendary blades with his very own.
Ruffian: Hey, you! Stop right there! So you're the geezer who's been tellin' stories in the middle of the street!
Ruffian: I don't remember givin' ya permission to make money here, so wrap it up! Scram!
Yodarha: Oh? I'm just telling this boy here a story I heard once.
Ruffian: Don't give me that! Look at this audience!
Yodarha: Hyuk-hyuk... I'm just a fisherman, son. I ain't gonna take money for a story like this.
Yodarha: Hmmm... Did you actually come here to listen, too? You should have just said so.
Ruffian: You think this is a joke, you little geezer? Looks like I need to teach you a lesson!
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... Now what good would it do you to fight an old fisherman like me?
Ruffian: Shut up! This here's my territory—you think I'm just gonna sit idly while you make money in my place?
Yodarha: I told you already, I'm just a fisherman. See, here's my fishing rod...
As he speaks, Yodarha produces a fishing rod to show the ruffian.
Ruffian: Agh! Ouch! Watch it, gramps! You pricked my foot with that damn hook!
Yodarha: Oh? Sorry 'bout that. My hand must've slipped.
Yodarha: But no worries! I just need to twist this a bit and it'll come right out...
Ruffian: Stop it—I'll do it myself!
Yodarha: Oho? That's odd... Maybe if I just twist it real good like this...
Ruffian: Stop that!
Yodarha: Oh! There we go! Thanks to your squirming, it came right out!
Ruffian: The hell's up with this geezer? Don't think for a second that you'll get away with this! Get him!
Yodarha: Oh, goodness me... Throwing a fit over a mere prick—quite the melodramatic one, aren't you?

Speak Up: Scene 2

The ruffians gang up on Yodarha, but they aren't able to land a hit on him as he begins to tell another story about a martial artist and a gang of corrupt disciples.

Ruffian: Damn you! Hold still, you slippery little fish!
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk-hyuk! Can't keep up with this old man?
Ruffian: What's with him? It's like he knows what I'm gonna do before I do...
Yodarha: A poor fisherman you'd make, lad. You won't accomplish anything with wild swings like that.
Yodarha: Anyway, are we done here? I'd like to finish telling my story.
Ruffian: You're off your rocker, gramps! Ain't nobody wanna hear that. Get over here, guys!
Yodarha: Oh? That one wasn't to your liking, eh? How about I tell you another one.
Ruffian: Huh? Don't get the wrong idea, geezer!
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk! But you might like this one!
Yodarha: Being surrounded by you ruffians like this reminded me of it, actually.
Ruffian: You little... You're still talking?
Yodarha: Ahem... Long ago, there was a legendary master whose name was known across the land!
Ruffian: C'mon, hurry up and stop him, you flunkies!
Yodarha: He had countless disciples who trained under him day after day, upholding their code of honor and justice!
Underling 1: I'll shut that mouth up, old-timer!
Yodarha: But one day, one of the master's disciples betrayed his teachings!
Yodarha: That disciple was none other than his most talented and trusted student!
Underling 2: Geez, this damn old codger just keeps goin'!
Yodarha: The disciple led a band of thugs to terrorize and take over a town.
Yodarha: However, their master entered their hideout alone to stop his foolish pupil!
Boy: Whoa! Amazing! He's slipping away from them like an oiled fish!
Yodarha: What happens next, you ask? Well, allow me to show you myself! A-hyuk-hyuk-hyuk!

Speak Up: Scene 3

Yodarha teaches the ruffians a lesson for taking over the town. After cheering up the boy, Yodarha denies that he was the martial artist from the story, stating that he's only a fisherman.

Yodarha finishes teaching a lesson to the ruffians who have been controlling the town.
Katalina: There's definitely nothing ordinary about you... Who exactly are you, Yodarha?
Boy: Ahaha! Isn't it obvious? He's the master from the story?
Yodarha: Hm? Don't be silly. That was just an imitation, and a poor one at that.
Yodarha: The real master is even more amazing!
Yodarha: Anyways... You haven't been fishing lately, have you, lass?
Katalina: Well... there weren't many places to fish, and...
Boy: Oh! If you wanna go fishing, there's a great little pond where you can do that! Want me to show you?
Yodarha: Sure! Why don't you take us now?
Boy: Of course! But do you think you can tell me the rest of that story from earlier?
Yodarha: Hyuk-hyuk... I sure can, lad. And then perhaps I'll teach you a thing or two about fishing—together with that lass over there too, of course.
Boy: Yay! I'm pretty good at fishing, you know! Especially when casting the line out just like this!
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk! Hey, your form's pretty good!
The crew decides to spend some time with the boy and take him along for some fishing.
As they head toward the pond, Katalina can't help but revisit her suspicions that there's more to this old man than meets the eye.