Scenario:Yodarha - The Fisherman's Tales

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The Fisherman's Tales

Lost, the party rested at the waterside. An elderly man suddenly appeared, and invited (Captain) and companions to come and fish. And so the party went fishing. Able to divine Katalina's confusion through the shaking of her rod, the old man was certainly no normal person. After fishing together with the old man for a while, the old man announced that he wished to leave the area, and asked (Captain) and companions if he could ride on their airship. Leaving no room for refusal, Yodarha joined the group on their journey.

The party continued through the mountains, but after accidentally stumbling across Imperial troops carrying out military maneuvers, they were forced to flee.
Wandering at random, the party was lost. Spotting a river, the party soothed their parched throats and had a short rest.
Vyrn: I thought we could stay for a while, but...
Katalina: Ahh. Yes. But its run off further than I thought...
Vyrn: Hmm... if we tried to go back to the town now, there'd be some broken bones that's for sure.
Lyria: B-but... it's alright! We weren't caught...
???: Hey, over there, isn't that...?
Lyria: Ack! I-Imperial soldiers!?
Yodarha: Kehehe... I'm just a fisherman.
Lyria: Whew... Th-that surprised me...
Yodarha: Hmm... there's something odd about you. You seem troubled... are you lost?
Katalina: Uh... um... actually... If you could tell us how to get back to the town, we'd be really grateful...
Yodarha: Hihihi... are you in such a hurry?
Yodarha: Take a moment to relax... Will you join an old man in going fishing?
  1. Sounds good! Let's do it!
  2. We've got no time for that!

Choose: Sounds good! Let's do it!
Yodarha: Hihihi... that's the right answer! Just this once, I'll let you borrow some rods!
Vyrn: What the... hey! (Captain), what are you so excited about?!
Katalina: Geez... nerves of steel perhaps?
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Choose: We've got no time for that!
Yodarha: Hihihi... what's the rush?
Yodarha: Just sit down here for a while and all your cares will float away.
Lyria: We're sorry... but we don't really have time...
Yodarha: Haste will only dull your swords, don't you think?
Yodarha: Hihihi... though I don't really know anything about swords. It doesn't matter whether it's a sword or a fishing rod. If it wavers, training is needed.
Continue 1
Yodarha: It's alright, there's no need to worry. In the middle of nowhere like this, the only people here are you and me.
Yodarha: If you hurry off and make the wrong move, they'll find you, right?
Katalina: Gah... you've got a point there...
Yodarha: And if you want some training in how to use a rod... you've come to the right place! Come on! Give it a try!
And with that, (Captain) and companions were pressured into doing some fishing.
Lyria: Mmm... I don't think I'm any good at fishing...
Katalina: But... do we really have time to do this?
Yodarha: Kehehe! I'll show you the secret to fishing!
Yodarha: It's simple! Just throw the hook at the place where all the fish gather! Like this!
Under the watchful eyes of the fisherman, the hooks were cast. And the fish began to bite...
Yodarha: Did you see that?! Just like that!
Lyria: Wow! That was amazing!
Vyrn: What the... hey! Watch out, that's a monster!
Katalina: Lyria! There! I'll get this...
Yodarha: Kehehe! If we pull together, well be able to reel it in! Look, here it comes!
Lyria: Ah! The fish flew away!
Imperial Soldier 1: Hm? Hey, there they are!
Imperial Soldier 2: Heh! They're just sitting there fishing without a care in the world! I'll go gather the others while you stay here and keep an eye on them.
Imperial Soldier 1&2: Urk?!
Yodarha: Just forget about it for now and relax! You can think about it later! Ok, let's do it!
And so the party relaxed and fished for a while. The old man laughed at Katalina as she rushed to draw her sword every time they hooked a monster.
Strangely, during that time the Imperial soldiers failed to appear, just as the old man had said.
Lyria: Hehehe... we caught lots of fish!
Yodarha: Kehehe! Of course you did, because I was here!
Yodarha: But you, girl, you didn't really look like you enjoyed yourself very much.
Katalina: Come again? Me? No, you're wrong...
Yodarha: Both your rod and your sword waver! At this rate, won't you end up missing what you're aiming for?
Katalina: Wha?! He can even tell what my swordmanship is like!
Yodarha: Kehehe! Rods, swords, they both waver don't they?
Yodarha: Girl, you've got skill. Both with fishing and I suspect with a sword too. But something's holding you back.
Yodarha: What troubles you? Are you running from something? Or maybe you're worried about someone you've left behind...
Katalina: What? I... well... But... why...
Yodarha: Kehehe! Your doubt shows through both your rod and your sword! You've got a lot of potential, it's a real waste!
Yodarha: Anyway, moving on, didn't you say that you were traveling to the Island of the Astrals?
Vyrn: Mmm? Hey, old guy. Why the sudden change of subject?
Yodarha: I want to leave this airspace. Would you let me ride with you on your way to the Island of the Astrals?
Yodarha: In return... hmm... I know, how about I teach you how to fish?
Katalina: Huh? Me?!
Yodarha: Girl, you have real potential! With my teaching, you could go even further! It would be a real shame to waste that talent!
Yodarha: Use it or lose it! Here, take this shrimp lure! Use it to practice your fishing!
Katalina: But...
Yodarha: I think there's more than a few that would jealous if you became my pupil! Kehehe!
Yodarha: Ok, let's find your airship! I don't want to spend a minute longer in the Empire!
Vyrn: Jeez... seems like he's pretty determined to come with us even if we said no...
The group reluctantly allowed the old man to travel with them. After leaving, they discovered that the Imperial soldiers had been defeated.
Katalina: No way... w-who could have...
Yodarha: Kehehe! Looks like someone came by and finished them off!
And so, the fisherman Yodarha joined (Captain) and companions on their journey.
Confused that the old man was able to see right through her sword technique, Katalina remarked that he couldn't be simply an ordinary person.