Scenario:Yodarha - Trouble with Teacher

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Trouble with Teacher

Yodarha catches word of a strange dojo and guesses that a former apprentice of his is there, so the crew decides to pay a visit. They discover that the students are only doing meditation and Vyrn wonders if it's an effective training method. The crew then challenges the assistant instructor to a fight.

The crew hears a rumor from the Knickknack Shack of a strange new martial art, and sets off for the island where it's catching on.
A dojo has been built in town and scores of people, impressed by the skilled instructor, are now staying there to train.
Vyrn: A dojo? What do you think the big deal is, gramps?
Yodarha: Hard to say, but I'm more interested in the instructor they got there.
Katalina: They say he's a master swordsman. Perhaps a former pupil of yours, Yodarha?
Lyria: Um… Do you think it's the one who started attacking people randomly?
Yodarha: Well, I don't know. From what I hear, it sounds like he could be one of mine, but probably not that one.
Yodarha: At any rate, if he is a former student, I wanna see him for myself. Pretty good that he made his own dojo!
And so, (Captain) and the others arrive in front of a large building that appears to be the dojo.
Although the rumors said the dojo had attracted lots of students, it appears to be deserted.
Vyrn: This place gives me the creeps… It's just too quiet…
Lyria: I know what you mean… It's more like a haunted house than a dojo.
Student: May I help you?
Lyria: Wah!
Student: Pardon me. Did I startle you?
Katalina: We heard a lot of good things about your dojo. Is anyone inside? It seems awfully quiet.
Student: Yes, we are in the middle of meditating. The students rarely move during this time. Would you like to see inside?
Yodarha: You're darn right we would! I wanna see what all the fuss is about!
The student nods and shows (Captain) and the others inside, where they find that the dojo is filled with people meditating.
Students: …………
Vyrn: Meditation, huh? I wasn't sure what to expect, but they really aren't moving at all, are they?
Vyrn: Hey, big fella, it looks like there's about a hundred people sitting in here. But are they all, like, still alive?
Student: Yes. After another half a day, they will begin work.
Yodarha: They're gonna keep doin' this for half a day? Good grief! Do you catch any of 'em noddin' off?
Student: No, no one falls asleep. That is also a result of their training.
Katalina: This is amazing… I've done training like this before, but never for such a long period of time.
Yodarha: Well, just watchin' 'em feels like I'm trainin'! Kee hee hee!
Vyrn: But, gramps, will doing this for a solid day really make you any stronger?
Suddenly, Vyrn feels the mood in the dojo change.
All of the meditating students open their eyes in unison and turn to look at (Captain) and the crew.
Vyrn: Gulp!
Lyria: Waaah! They really weren't asleep!
Student: Yes, meditation can make us stronger. Our strength of mind is reflected in the strength of our bodies.
Strong Man: Hehehe… Visitors, huh? You're looking at the result of all this training. Impressive physique, right?
Yodarha: Hrm… Well, it does seem to be having an effect!
Strong Man: The more we meditate, the stronger our body and skills become. You'll find no better proof than in our assistant instructors.
Strong Man: If you still have any doubts, why don't I show you? You will see the true power of meditation!
Yodarha: Well, sir, you've got yourself a goshdarn deal! Have at you!

Trouble with Teacher: Scene 2

After the crew defeats the assistant instructor, hundreds of students surround them. The crew feels overpowered, but Yodarha gladly accepts the challenge.

Strong Man: Argh!
Yodarha: Done already, huh?
Student: Impossible! Our instructor… Are they from another school?
Student: They're trying to break up our dojo! Everyone! Defeat them!
Vyrn: Boy, they just keep coming! What are they trying to do here?
Student: We can't let you beat our instructor! We're not yet masters of our art, but we've done lots of training! You won't leave alive!
Yodarha: Kee hee hee! You wanna take on an old guy like me?
Katalina: Yodarha! We're no match for all of them!
Yodarha: Hey, sweetheart, who's side are you on?
Katalina: They may not be masters, but they've all been training! There's just too many of them!
Yodarha: Don't sweat it! You should be able to handle 'em by yourself and still have energy to spare! Kee hee hee!
Student: How dare you! Get ready!
Katalina: Here they come! There's no backing out now! Attack!

Trouble with Teacher: Scene 3

After being defeated, the students realize they were tricked into believing that this training style would be easy, yet still help them become stronger. The head instructor at the dojo turns out to be Yodarha's former apprentice. The instructor is enraged that Yodarha would try to break up his dojo, so they decide to fight.

Student: Gah… ouch…
Katalina: What's going on? Are they beaten already?
Yodarha: Kee hee hee! I told you so! They weren't so tough! See, you could've handled 'em on your own, sweetheart!
Katalina: Not only were they not strong, but if I didn't know any better, I'd say they hadn't done any training at all…
Yodarha: Looks like they really did spend all that time meditatin'.
Student: Ergh… But… our instructor said only meditation would still…
Katalina: They couldn't all have fallen for that, could they?
Katalina: What fools to think that they could become strong simply by meditating…
Student: But it's not true! I drank the holy water he was drinking! And I paid good money for it, too!
Student: How could we have wasted an entire year like this…
Yodarha: I suppose the only really strong ones are the instructor and his assistants.
Yodarha: Combine their power with some bunk story about a new training style, and no wonder they could get all these people to buy into it.
Student: He said if we're patient and do the meditation, we won't have to do any strenuous training. Was it all a ruse?
Yodarha: That assistant instructor was well-trained, right? But his heart was rotten, so there was no way he was gonna win.
Student: Oh, why didn't I realize it before…
Yodarha: That's the point! Once people buy into somethin', they have a hard time givin' it up.
Yodarha: You guys awake yet? Think of the money you paid as teachin' you a lesson, and from now on, go to a real dojo if you wanna train!
The students leave the dojo, their shoulders slumped in disappointment, as the dumb-founded crew looks on.
Katalina: It's just so hard to believe…
Yodarha: I guess they weren't allowed out until their training was complete.
Yodarha: They were surrounded by all these people that bought into it, so none of 'em realized it was a lie.
Vyrn: Hey, gramps! Did you know what was going on from the beginning? Is that why you came?
Lyria: Maybe the person who started this…
Yodarha: Yes, it may be my former apprentice after all.
Vyrn: Could the one behind this be that apprentice of yours who randomly attacked all those people? Wasn't he your top student, though?
Yodarha: No, I don't think it's him.
Instructor: You! Could it be, my old master?
Instructor: I wondered who it was who came to break up my dojo… But you?
Yodarha: You used to be such a good student. How could you've sunk to such depths?
Instructor: Hmf! What business is that of yours? It's your fault I lost the only means I had of supporting myself!
Yodarha: Ah, I see he got to you, huh? That's a real shame.
Yodarha: (Captain), if it's not too much trouble, could you give me a hand here? I wanna shake this guy to his senses.

Trouble with Teacher: Scene 4

Yodarha scolds his former apprentice for tricking people. After their talk, the apprentice has a change of heart which Yodarha credits to the strength of (Captain), saying that the crew can show people the correct path. He says he doesn't have the power to do that, and only the crew can help his top apprentice when they finally find him. In order to show his apprentices the correct path, Yodarha asks the crew for help.

Yodarha: Dumb kid!
Instructor: Urgh…
Yodarha: Wake up! You've been griftin' people out of their hard-earned money!
Instructor: But, I…
Yodarha: Were you worried you wouldn't get any stronger? Or did you just hate doin' the trainin'? How did you sink so low?
Yodarha: Is this the result you wanted?
Instructor: Yes… I…
Yodarha: Then look everyone here in the eye and tell 'em yourself!
Katalina: What?
Vyrn: Us?
Lyria: I don't understand…
Instructor: !
Yodarha: When you crossed swords with (Captain) you could see the honesty and sincerity there, right?
Yodarha: Seein' them has changed your heart. Just like with Rence! Even that dummy could change!
Instructor: He did?
Yodarha: So you know what you have to do now, right?
Instructor: Yes… I must atone for what I did to those people… Then I will redo my training.
Yodarha: Kee hee hee! That's more like it! Your trainin' isn't over yet!
Vyrn: What I don't get is how he had such a change of heart…
Yodarha: Oh? Why, it's all thanks to you guys!
Lyria: But what did we do?
Yodarha: We see through people with our swords. That includes who they are on the inside and what path they must walk. He saw it, too.
The crew is puzzled as Yodarha laughs and goes on.
Yodarha: There aren't many people who stay bad when you guys are around.
Yodarha: It's because (Captain) and Lyria hold a strange power.
Lyria: We do? You mean the primal crystal?
Yodarha: No miss. I'm talkin' about somethin' else. It's somethin' on the inside.
Yodarha: There's lots of people who go bad but turn their life around or decide to leave the path of wrong-doing when they meet you, right?
Katalina: Now that you mention it, there do seem to be many skyfarers like that.
Yodarha: You better believe it. And if you'll pardon me for sayin' so, Katalina, you were once yourself like that, correct?
Katalina: I was?
Yodarha: Oh, yes. The first time we met, I thought you were in danger of takin' a dark path. My fears proved unfounded.
Yodarha: But at the time, when I saw your sword, I saw a person who was lost. There were many things troublin' you, yes?
Katalina: Yes, I suppose so. It was soon after I had left the imperial army…
Yodarha: But then you took the right path. And that's all thanks to the strength of (Captain) and Lyria.
Yodarha: And now you have that power, as well. That is the power of this crew.
Yodarha: If you give your power to others, you can open the eyes of all these students who got tricked.
Yodarha: Your power is the opposite of that deceptive force that I suspect many others were taken in by.
Vyrn: Hmm… But why would your former apprentice do such a thing?
Yodarha: Well, maybe he still resents me.
Yodarha: But be that as it may, I need your help to show these other apprentices the truth.
Yodarha: I don't have the power to do that. I couldn't see his true heart and stop him from goin' bad.
Yodarha: (Captain), I may be a selfish old codger for askin', but maybe you could lend me some of that power, huh?
Yodarha bows solemnly, and (Captain) and the crew feel pained to see such sincerity coming from him.
Katalina: Yodarha has done so much for us, we have to repay him.
Vyrn: Well, if he asks us like this, I don't think we can really refuse, right?
Lyria: Besides, something bad could happen if we don't. We have to help in any way we can.
The crew hears Yodarha's request and promises to help. He bows his head in gratitude.
Yodarha: Well, then, when are we goin' to work all this out?
And so, Yodarha's journey ends with the pupils of his former apprentice having a change of heart.
But for the crew, the task yet remains for them to stop his former apprentices, and no one can say if they will emerge victorious.