Scenario:You - Kou and the Hollow Existence - Chapter 7: Her Atonement - Episode 3

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Kou and the Hollow Existence - Chapter 7: Her Atonement - Episode 3

(Captain) and company head into the forest to gather materials for repairs. When You wonders why the crew is so nice to her, they tell the story of how they worked with Kou to restore a field he trampled in the past.

The crew's first task is to repair the scorched outer wall of the hot spring's outdoor pool.
They head into Mimaka's forest to collect wood.
Halfway through their work, however, You suddenly stops.
You: ...
Kou: What's wrong?
The others follow You's gaze.
She's looking at a field of flowers, or at least the charred remains of one.
You: It must've looked so pretty with all the different colors and everything.
You: But now it's all black like charcoal... My flames burned those flowers to a crisp.
  1. We can grow a prettier flower field.
  2. How about we fix it back up?

Choose: We can grow a prettier flower field.

You: We can?
Lyria: Yes. After we finish helping the townspeople, let's plant some new flowers.
Kou: Sounds good to me. Let's leave the forest with the gift of an even more beautiful flower field.
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Choose: How about we fix it back up?

You: Is that even possible?
Vyrn: Don't see why not! As long as we plant the seeds right, the flowers should be bloomin' in no time.
You: I see... Then I wanna plant a whole bunch of them!
Kou: Haha. All right. After we finish helping the townspeople, we'll sow a new field.

Continue 1

Yuel: I'm onboard! It's not every day ya get to plant a whole flower field with yer favorite colors!
Yuel: Mine's gonna be all blue; the same blue as Societte's foxflames!
Societte: Heehee. Then I'll plant red ones. I hope they can grow up big and strong like Yuel.
Societte: What color will you plant, You?
You: Huh? I don't know... Maybe...
You: Black?
Lyria: Oh! The same color as Kou's flames!
You: There's no special meaning behind it or anything... It's just the first color that popped in my head....
Kou: Haha. Then I choose indigo.
You: ...
Vyrn: Sweet! I can't wait to grab some seeds! Right, (Captain)?
You: ...
You: Hey, you guys. Why're you all so nice to me?
You: What makes you go this far?
You: First you apologized to the townspeople when it wasn't your fault, you're helping me with my tasks, and now the flower stuff...
You: What gives?
The others trade knowing smiles.
Yuel: I guess ya could say it's 'cause we already went through this once before.
Kou: Ha... Haha...
You: You did?
Kou: Um, you remember me mentioning earlier how similar we are?
Yuel: When we first met Kou, he was tearin' up this one village's crop fields.
Societte: N-not out of spite or anything. Ninetails's miasma had poisoned the vegetables. He was making sure no one would eat them.
Vyrn: Except he didn't actually give us a reason at the time, so it obviously looked like he was being a punk.
Vyrn: I remember you had the worst attitude back then.
Kou: It wasn't my proudest moment, no.
You: I can't imagine Kou being like that...
Yuel: Afterward we got our green thumbs on and helped him replant all the veggies in order to apologize to the villagers.
You: Hmm... I'm not sure I get it, but you seemed pretty easygoing. We're nothing like each other.
Kou: No, it's just like Vyrn said. I was a brat with an attitude problem. I wasn't sorry about anything.
Kou: That fact that you're willing to make amends shows you're more mature than I am.
Kou: Anyway... Uh, this is so awkward to say, but...
Kou: I said if you ever felt empty, I'd help fill that emptiness.
Kou: My offer is good anytime, You. I'm always happy to help. All of us are your friends.
You: Kou...
Lyria: Heehee. Doesn't Kou sound like he could be You's big brother?
You: My big brother...
Yuel: Ahaha! Congrats on findin' a cute lil sis, Big Brother Kou!
Societte: Heehee. Big Brother Kou. Very cool.
Kou: Agh! Must you always find ways to tease me?
You: It's easier for me to say Bro Kou.
Kou: Don't you start!
Kou: Hey, would you look at that! The sun's going down! Come on, let's get back to work!
  1. Roger that, Bro Kou!

Choose: Roger that, Bro Kou!

Kou: (Captain)... Please... Stop...
You: Hehe...
Touched by everyone's kindness, the gloom on her face softens just a bit.