Scenario:You - You's Aspiration

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You's Aspiration

Societte and Yuel notice You looking longingly at two girls shopping for accessories, and they ask her if she wants to go shopping too. Despite You's repeated negativity about her own appearance, Societte and Yuel drag her into a store to try on makeup and accessories. You is amazed by her makeover and suddenly bolts from the shop.

Accompanied by a few fellow travelers, You embarked on a journey of her own.
The girl sought out each of the royal successors to return the sacred treasures, dances, and Ninetails's flames that she stole from them.
Kou, Yuel, and Societte were always with her to help explain why You did what she did. Thanks to their unwavering support, her apologies were accepted without incident.
Having expressed regret to the final successor on the list, You and the others rendezvous with (Captain), who had been off taking care of a different job.
They're enjoying their break in a nearby town when (Captain) catches You gazing wistfully across the street.
You: ...
Adolescent Girl 1: Ooh, isn't this ribbon the cutest? It'll look great in my hair!
Adolescent Girl 2: This new type of foundation looks nice too! Let's try it out!
You: Lucky...
  1. Do you want an accessory for your hair?
  2. Why don't we go check out that shop?

Choose: Do you want an accessory for your hair?

You: Huh? N-not really... I mean, I just think they look nice, is all...
Yuel: Ahaha, that sounds like a yes to me. It's okay to be honest with yerself, You. Don't try to force it.
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Choose: Why don't we go check out that shop?

You: Wha? No way! I'd stick out like a sore thumb in a shop full of cute things! Everyone'll laugh at me!
Societte: Heehee. Oh, I think you'll be fine. No one's going to laugh at you in there.

Continue 1

Yuel: Hey, You's about at that age. Ya know, a time in every girl's life when she starts to blossom.
You: Quit making fun of me.
Yuel: Ahaha, sorry, sorry. Seriously though, if yer interested in hair accessories, go ahead and try some on.
You: N-no, I think I'm good...
Kou: Why not? We're already here, so you might as well go for it.
You: I can't, okay? They'd all look ugly on me!
You: Cute things only belong on pretty ladies like Sis Yuel and Sis Societte!
Yuel: What in the hay are ya talkin' about? You're just as much a lady as we are! And cute as a button!
You: Huh? What part of me is cute?
Societte: Um... Every part?
You: That's way too vague!
Societte: But it's true.
Lyria: I agree with Societte and Yuel. I think You is very adorable.
Lyria: Like when she mumbles in her sleep while curled up in a ball!
Societte: Heehee. It makes me smile seeing her fall back asleep like that.
You: Ack! Do I really do that in my sleep? Funny. I don't remember a thing...
Yuel: Ya also act kinda like a kid who's afraid of the dark. Makes me wanna give ya a big hug.
You: Th-that's...
Yuel: And doesn't she have such big eyes for a petite face? Her little canines poke out when she opens her mouth too.
You: Ergh... Enough...
Societte: I like all those tails of yours. Your ears are bigger than ours too. More like cutesy rabbit ears...
Kou: Oh, and—
You: Aaah, put a sock in it!
You: Krrrk... My face is getting all hot! You're pissing me off!
Yuel: Ahaha. But that teeth grinding isn't becoming of a lady.
You must not have noticed her habit, for she quickly forces herself to stop.
You: Mmph!
Yuel: I love the way ya do that! Keep it up, You!
You: When are you gonna finish teasing me!
Yuel: Hahaha. Sorry fer the teasin', You. I know ya've been workin' hard, so I think ya deserve a reward! I'm gonna splurge on accessories fer ya!
You: I said it's fine! I don't need them, because they'll definitely make me look weird!
Societte: No, they won't. You'll look positively delightful! Come on!
Yuel: Yep, yep! It's time to go hog wild with a shopping spree!
You: I don't wanna be carried! Put me down, Sis Yuel!
Yuel picks up the fidgeting girl and heads for the general store.
Kou: Dragged against her will...
Vyrn: Hehe. It's all good, right? They seem to be having fun.
Vyrn: Why don't we go chill at a teahouse while we wait for them to finish?
Kou: Yeah, sounds good. There should be some places nearby.
While (Captain) and the others relax at a cafe, Yuel, Societte, and You get busy checking out the store.
You: Hey, Sis Societte. What's this?
Societte: That's lipstick. It's a type of makeup used to give your lips a certain color.
You: Okay. Then how about this round thing with powdery-looking stuff in it?
Yuel: That's called blush. It's to bring out the color in yer cheeks for a brighter look.
You: Huh... There's all kinds of stuff I don't know about.
Shop Employee: Ah, in that case would you like to try some on, miss? I'll help you properly apply it.
You: Er... No, I—
Yuel: Go for it! Give her the works!
You: What! Don't go making decisions for me!
Shop Employee: You got it! Some perfume and nail polish wouldn't hurt either.
You: H-hey...
Yuel, Societte, and the store employee buzz around You in a flurry of activity as they test out different products on the girl's hair and face.
Despite You's earlier protests, she thoroughly enjoys being doted on for the first time in her life.
Yuel and Societte pay for the makeup and You's new charming hair ribbons.
The two Erunes quickly deck out You with their latest purchases and hand her a mirror.
You: Is that... me?
Yuel: Nice! Ya oughta win a cuteness award.
You's eyes light up upon seeing a reflection of herself that she's never seen before.
Without warning, she bolts out of the store.
Societte: Eep! Where are you going, You!
Yuel: Hahaha... Maybe to show certain friends her new look?
Societte: Oh... Heehee, I see. She's just the sweetest.

You's Aspiration: Scene 2

Desperate to show off her new look to (Captain), Kou, and the others, You accidently bumps into some ruffians who are eager to start trouble. You prepares to fight back but realizes something and quickly begins to back away. Luckily Kou and (Captain) arrive to save the day.

You: Huff... Huff...
You runs frantically through the streets in search of Kou and the others.
She doesn't know why, but when she saw her new look in the mirror, she felt this urge to show it to Kou and company.
You: (Where did you guys go, Bro Kou? (Captain)?)
You: Oof!
In her haste to find her friends, she doesn't pay attention to where she's going and carelessly bumps into a passerby.
You: Oops!
Ruffian 1: Oops? Smack into somebody and all you can say is "oops"?
You: Um, I'm very sorry for bumping into you. I wasn't looking where I was going.
Ruffian 2: Ow... Man, I think my shoulder's broken. I need some compensation money for this.
You: Wh-what! I barely hit you though! There's no way it's broken!
Ruffian 2: If I say it's broken, then it's freakin' broken! Now gimme a million rupies!
You: (This is so stupid. Bet he thinks I'm just some dumb kid! Well, I've got things to do, idiot!)
Ruffian 1: Oh, what's this? Givin' us the stink eye? If you ain't gonna pay up, then I got another option for you.
You: Krrrk... Tch! Bring it!
Yuel: Ahaha. But that teeth grinding isn't becoming of a lady.
You: Gasp!
You quickly stops grinding her teeth. She then realizes another problem.
You: (Crap... I don't think I can fight like this.)
She breaks into a cold sweat and tries to back away from the ruffians.
But they quickly grab her by the arm.
You: Ouch!
Ruffian 1: Where do you think you're going?
Ruffian 2: Bwahaha! If you can't pay up, then you're going to work off your debt! Move it!
You: Let me go, damn it! Stop!
The ruffians are about to drag You away.
Ruffian 1: Augh!
One of the ruffians suddenly feels a sharp pain in his back, and he releases his grip on You.
Kou: Stop right there! Keep your dirty hands off her! Or else next time I won't use the back of my sword!
Lyria: Are you all right, You?
Vyrn: We heard a commotion and thought we'd better check it out. And it's a good thing we did!
You: Bro Kou... (Captain)...
Ruffian 1: Damn, that smarts! If it's a fight you want, then you got one! I'm gonna wreck the lot of you!
Kou: You two aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, are you! You're going to get what's coming to you!

You's Aspiration: Scene 3

The crew learns the reason why You didn't fight back against the ruffians was because she didn't want to ruin her ribbons and makeup before she had the chance to show (Captain) and Kou. The crew praises You for her cuteness, causing her to flush and run away from the scene. Nevertheless You's interest in fashion is born.

Ruffian 1: Yaaagh!
Ruffian 2: We're soorrryyy!
The ruffians flee in a terrified panic after feeling the wrath of Kou and (Captain).
Yuel and Societte almost smash into the ruffians as the two parties bolt past each other.
Yuel: We heard a huge racket and came a-runnin'. Is everything all right, You?
You: Yeah. Just a minor inconvenience.
Societte: This is all our fault. If only we'd gone after you...
You: You don't have to apologize. It was my fault for running off like that.
Kou: Did they hurt you?
You: No. I'm alive and kicking thanks to you guys.
Vyrn: Why didn't you fight back though? You could've worn a blindfold and still crushed those punks.
You: Um, yeah, but if I did that, then...
You: Well...
Kou: Hey, you're all dressed up.
You: ...
Kou: The ribbons in your hair look nice, and so does that makeup.
Kou: Did Yuel and Societte pick all that out for you?
You: Yeah, hehe. Um, so it looks good, you said?
Seeing You's bashful demeanor, (Captain) immediately understands why she didn't fight back.
  1. It's because you changed your look!

Choose: It's because you changed your look!

You: Mm-hm...
You: Sis Yuel and Sis Societte took the trouble of picking everything out for me, so I didn't wanna mess it all up.
You: And I really wanted to show it off to Bro Kou and (Captain), so I kinda held back...
Yuel: Hehehe. I get it. Aw, You. Yer such a cutie-patootie.
You: Wha!
Societte: Uh-huh. I just want to stroke your head all day long.
You: S-stop patting me on the head, Sis Societte!
Societte: But I can't help it. Kou agrees with me. Right, Kou?
Kou: Yeah, there's no way anyone can claim she isn't charming.
Kou: She's just lovely, isn't she, (Captain)?
Lyria: Yes! She's adorable!
You: Nooo! Stop repeating yourselves!
You: Krrrk... Damn it, I'm starting to boil over... You'd better quit it...
You: Oh, shoot.
Realizing that she has subconsciously started grinding her teeth again, she puts a stop to it.
You: Sigh...
Yuel: Hehehe! Ya can't escape from the cuteness bug, You!
You: Ugh, I've had it up to here with this crap! Enough is enough!
A beet-red You has to flee from the incessant lighthearted ribbing.
From that day on, she manages to curb her habit of teeth-grinding to a certain degree, while also picking up an interest in fashion.