Scenario:Young Cat - When Cats Fly

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When Cats Fly

Freed from the shackles of Mao Mera's Cage, a young cat heads for the Grandcypher in order to leave Micenos Island. Along the way he reflects on his purpose for leaving. The crew welcomes the cat aboard, and so the little skyfarer's quest for his own brand of freedom begins.

Mao Mera's Cage—where the cats of Micenos Island were imprisoned.
Sen visited the island with Dante's cats, only for them to be attacked by Torajiro and confined along with the other cats.
With the cooperation of some of the cats and the crew's assistance, Sen and the others managed to escape.
The old woman controlling Mao Mera's Cage had a change of heart and decided to find a new way to live with the felines.
The former prisoners have gained their long-awaited freedom.
Young Cat: ...
As the newly freed cats mill about aimlessly, one among them steps forth with an air of determination.
He turns his back to the cage and starts walking.
Torajiro: So you're leaving.
Torajiro speaks from the cradle of the old woman's arms.
Young Cat: Yeah.
The young cat stops and turns to deliver his terse answer.
Young Cat: I want to see the big world out there beyond this island.
Young Cat: I'm going to find my own path to freedom, just like that man said.
The cat finds himself recalling how Dante explained his own beliefs.
Dante: The ability to seek one's own path is a respectable form of freedom. I, too, am still only partway along that path.
Young Cat: I'm going to discover for myself just what freedom means.
Torajiro: I see.
At peace with the younger cat's choice, Torajiro snuggles closer to the old woman.
The young cat watches them for a moment before trotting off to find (Captain) and the crew.
He heads toward the place where the Grandcypher is moored.
As he makes his way along the road, a hesitant voice calls out from behind him.
???: Um... Are you really leaving?
The young cat turns to find a smaller cat standing there.
Young Cat: Yeah. I'm going to leave with those guys from beyond the island.
Small Cat: You beat Torajiro.
Small Cat: Doesn't that mean you're the boss cat around here? So why would you leave?
Young Cat: All I wanted to win in that fight was my freedom. I'm not interested in being anyone's boss.
Young Cat: I won, so I'm free to leave.
Small Cat: Oh... I guess if that's the whole reason you fought him...
Young Cat: It's up to all of you to take care of the island now.
Young Cat: I still don't know if you'll be able to get along with the townspeople though...
Small Cat: I understand. We'll do our best.
Small Cat: So... you hang in there too.
Young Cat: I will. See ya round.
The young cat resumes his journey.
His smaller friend's gaze follows his receding form until it vanishes into the distance.
Young Cat: Mrow.
Sen: Oh. Hello, little guy. I didn't notice you following us.
Sen: Ah! Maybe you'd like to join us?
Lyria: Hooray! We've made a new feline friend!
Lyria: We should think up a name, (Captain).
Vyrn: Yeah, it wouldn't be fair if all of Dante's cats had a name except for one.
Dante's cats are getting some much-needed rest in his room.
The young cat enters quietly.
Vapaus: Well, fancy seeing you again so soon. What are you doing aboard?
Young Cat: I decided to come with you.
Vapaus: Oh, then we'll be shipmates. Good to have you along!
Young Cat: Thanks.
Young Cat: Oh, by the way. You can call me—
He tells the other cats the new name (Captain) has given him: (Young Cat).
(Young Cat): (Captain) just gave me that name. I'll answer to it from now on.
Rivera: As easy as that?
Mukuta: I thought you said it was shameful for a cat to have a name.
(Young Cat): What are you saying? You're the ones who told me that a name can't bind you.
(Young Cat): I'll find out whether that's true as I journey across the skies.
Rivera: I see. Well, welcome aboard, shipmate.
(Young Cat): Thank you.
(Young Cat) takes a look around the room and mutters to himself.
(Young Cat): First off, what I need is a sleeping spot suitable for my first voyage as a free feline.
(Young Cat) sets off to find the perfect sleeping spot on the Grandcypher.
After a thorough investigation, he discovers a warm, quiet spot where he is sure he can relax.
He observes for a while before stretching out on his chosen patch of floor, then curling into a ball.
(Young Cat): (I wonder what kind of journey I have ahead of me...)
(Young Cat)'s eyelids drift closed, his sleepy mind filling with dreams of the freewheeling adventures his future holds.
Lyria: What is it you wanted to show us, (Captain)?
Sen: Um... Do you have something special in your room?
Smiling, (Captain) draws their attention to one corner of the captain's quarters.
Lyria and Sen's eyes go wide.
Lyria: Ohh! Look at the kitty all curled up in a little ball, right here in your room!
Sen: Haha. He's out like a light too.
Lyria: Hehe... I think this means he feels safe around you, (Captain).
Sen: That must be it! This kitty knows there's no more relaxing place than by (Captain)'s side.
Sen beams at the sleeping (Young Cat).
(Young Cat): Mew...
Unaware of his crewmates' scrutiny, (Young Cat) rolls over and continues his nap.