Scenario:Yuel - Collaborative Effort

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Collaborative Effort

The crew assists Kou in tilling the fields to help improve his unfavorable reputation among the locals. Seeing his sheer arrogance and slipshod work ethic, Yuel decides to instill some discipline in Kou.

On Akino, Yuel and Societte crossed paths with a clumsy young man by the name of Kou who happened to be a successor just like them.
Previously Kou single-handedly protected the people of Akino from miasma unleashed via the slaughterstone that seals Ninetails.
His perilous actions and haughty attitude unfortunately landed him in a bit of hot water with the villagers.
To clear up any misunderstandings, Yuel and Societte work with Kou to help the villagers.
Yuel: So we harvest the vegetables next. Kou, you think this field was polluted by the miasma too?
Kou: It's far enough from the forest. The soil looks good to me too. Should be fine.
Yuel: That's great! Means we can make oodles of pillow kebabs!
Societte: Haha. You really love that stuff, don't you, Yuel?
Yuel: Nothin's better than soft, crunchy deep-fried tofu with pipin'-hot veggies! You know what I'm sayin', Kou?
Kou: Wouldn't know—never had the dish. I'm always up for some deep-fried tofu though.
Yuel: Ahaha! We've gotta have some together later!
Kou: Humph, no thanks. I'll pass.
Vyrn: Tch, talk about an obnoxious lunkhead.
Yuel: Yep. Wouldn't hurt to be a little nice sometimes, Kou... Huh?
Yuel: Whatcha doin' over there?
Kou: I saw this nice-looking stump just begging for me to take a break on it.
Yuel: Geez! I take my eyes off ya for one sec, and yer playin' hooky already?
Kou: All right, all right, no need to lay it on me. I just gather the veggies and I'm good, right?
Yuel immediately jumps in upon seeing Kou trying to violently yank out the vegetables from the ground.
Yuel: Stop, stop, stop! Manhandlin' won't get ya anywhere! You'll just tear apart the veggies entirely!
Kou: How else am I supposed to do it?
Societte: Gently. Like this.
Yuel: Think ya can handle it? Or would you like me to guide ya every step of the way?
Kou: H-hands off of me! I've got this, all right!
Yuel: Ahaha! How cute—yer blushin'.
Kou: I am not!
Yuel: Hahaha... This takes me back...
Yuel: To when Societte was still a child.
Lyria: Was Societte really similar to how Kou is now?
Yuel: Nuh-uh, that ain't it. She was awkward and clumsy... and just all-around clueless about the world.
Yuel: But just like I still do nowadays, I got the chance to teach Societte so many things.
Societte: S-stop it... You're embarrassing me...
Kou: Societte couldn't do much either?
Societte: Mm... That's because I didn't know much to begin with.
Societte: With Yuel by my side, I've learned so much about myself and the things I can do.
Kou: Oh?
Societte: So... So... It's time for me to pay it forward and teach you the ways of the world, Kou...
Kou: N-no thanks...
Yuel: Heh, ain't very convincin' when ya say that wit' a blush, ya know?
Kou: ...!

I am not blushing!

Let's get back to the veggies already!
Yuel: Ahaha! You're suddenly lookin' awful cute to me, Kou!
Kou: E-enough about that!
Societte: Teehee...
They finish gathering the vegetables before the sun sets and return to the village.

Collaborative Effort: Scene 2

The crew gets to investigating why the public bathhouse's drainage isn't working properly. It becomes obvious when Kou steps on a slime monster that everyone mistook for wastewater.

Upon (Captain) and company's return to the village, they are next entrusted with cleaning the public bathhouse.
Dirt and grime is accumulating rapidly in the pool due to poor drainage, and their job is to find that drainage issue.
Kou: Hm...
Kou steps out of the pool for a break.
Yuel: Seriously? Goofin' off already? Get off your butt and start scrubbin'!
Kou: I'm getting sick of these odd jobs...
Yuel: I bet everyone in the crew feels that much more strongly than you.
Yuel: And yet they're puttin' everything aside to help us out. How 'bout ya show some gratitude?
Kou: I never asked for help.
  1. Don't make me pinch your cheeks.
  2. Yuel!

Choose: Don't make me pinch your cheeks.

Kou: Eep! S-stop it...
Yuel: I see right through yer tough guy act. I know yer feelin' thankful inside, so why not just let it all out? Here, I'll even wring it out of ya!
Kou: Nosh you choo, Yuel! Sh-shtawp pit!
Yuel and (Captain) pull back from Kou as tears well up in his eyes.
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Choose: Yuel!

Yuel: I've got this!
Kou: Wh-what's that supposed to mean? Hey, wipe that giant smirk off your face!
Yuel: I just need ya to be more true to yerself! Nyahaha!
Societte: Hey, don't bully him too much.
Societte: You do know how to give thanks, right, Kou?
Kou: Rgh...

Continue 1

Kou: I appreciate all the help...
Vyrn: Meh, why are you two so obsessed with training this ungrateful whelp anyway?
Yuel: I'm sure you guys in the crew can understand.
Yuel: Kou ain't a bad kid. Just a bit clumsy is all.
Yuel: But more importantly he's a successor just like us. It's only normal for us to wanna get along!
Societte: Wouldn't it be great for the three of us to dance together some day? I'm sure it'd be so much fun!
Yuel: Ahahaha! No doubt about that! I can already picture the excitement!
Vyrn: Heheh. Yeah, I get ya.
Lyria: Mm-hm! We'll do our best to get to know Kou!
Kou: ...
Kou's cheeks and ears flush bright red as he mops the floor.
Kou: Ah!
Perhaps because Kou is scrubbing too hard, he slips over the grime on the floor.
Yuel: Kou?
Societte: Kou!
The two run to Kou in unison and catch him before his body lands on the ground.
Societte: Ngh...
Yuel: Ouch...
The girls bump foreheads in the rush of it all.
Kou: Y-you two okay?
Yuel: Ah... Hahaha... Boy, isn't this adorable?
Societte: Teehee. The two of us going in for the save and literally butting heads is too funny.
Kou: Th-thank you...
Yuel: Hm? Did you say somethin—
Lyria: Yuel! Watch out!
Societte: Huh? Wh-what is it?
The two foxy girls look down to find that underneath them is a slime, not just mere grime.
Yuel: So this slimy creep's why the drainage wasn't workin' right!
Vyrn: Let's beat it to a slimy pulp—if that's even possible! C'mon, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods and readies a weapon.

Collaborative Effort: Scene 3

The village's bathhouse plight is solved, and despite Kou's standoffish disposition, familial bonds begin to form among the three successors.

Vanquishing the slime immediately resolves the drainage problem in the bathhouse.
The villagers thank the crew with numerous rewards.
Yuel: Now ya see what it feels like when people thank you?
Kou: Mm...
Yuel: Hahah! You can play naive all you
want—only makes ya seem that much cuter!
Kou: C-c-cute? I am not cute!
Yuel: Ahaha! Whatever ya say!
Yuel: Anyhoo, now that the gig's over, how 'bout we hop into the bath together, Societte?
Yuel: Care to join us, Kou?
Kou: D-don't even ask!
Yuel: Hm? You kinda look like you want to though.
Kou: I don't know how I look—I just know no means no, Sis...
Yuel: Hm? Did you just call me Sis?
Kou: N-no! That was a slip of the tongue!
Yuel: Ooh! I'd never thought you'd be callin' me Sis one day...
Societte: H-how nice... Can you call me Sis too?
Kou: No, stop it! You didn't hear me mumble anything!
Yuel and Societte chuckle at the flustered Kou.
(Captain) looks on at the heartful exchange and sees the three successors as a wonderful trio of siblings.