Scenario:Yuel - Palatable for Pillow Heaven

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Palatable for Pillow Heaven

The crew returns to Akino to satisfy Yuel's pillow-kebab loving palate. When they learn that the vendor responsible for making the delicacy has fallen sick, Yuel takes it upon herself to whip up pillow kebabs for the upcoming festival.

???: Aahhhh!
One sunny afternoon some time after the Ninetails incident.
???: Aaahhh!
The crew go up on the deck of the Grandcypher after hearing eerie screams.
???: Graaargh!
Vyrn: What's with the screamin'? Doesn't resemble any monster I know...
Lyria: Could it be a ghost on this ship?
Yuel: I can't hold it in anymoooorre!
Societte: Y-Yuel, what's wrong all of a sudden?
Yuel: My fuzzy tummy keeps clamorin' for another bite o' those pillow kebabs!
Lyria: Oh, those things we had on Akino...
Yuel: The crunchiness o' that deep-fried tofu and the savory sauce that comes flowin' out wit' every bite is simply un-for-gettable!
Yuel: I'll die if I don't take another bite. Pillow kebab deficiency syndrome will be the end o' me...
Yuel: Please, (Captain)! You gotta let me step foot on Akino again!
Societte: Ya sure know how to make a fuss, Yuel... Pretty please, (Captain)?
Lyria: Since we have no assignments on our plate right now, why don't we just go along with her, (Captain)?
Yuel: Please, please, pretty pretty pleeeaaaase!
Vyrn: I'm guessing this won't be the last we hear of it...
Yuel: I could never, ever forgive ya if ya refused me now. I'd have to...
Yuel: Come back as a vengeful ghost and haunt you in your every waking moment!
Lyria: Yikes! Watch out, (Captain)! She's going to possess you if you don't do as she says!
(Captain) continues to be subjected to Yuel's pleas of undying love for pillow kebabs for some time thereafter.
The captain finally succumbs to Yuel's merciless onslaught and sets a course for Akino.
Societte: Feels like it's been a long time. I hope Kou is doing all right.
Vyrn: Considering how well he was getting along with the villagers, I'd say he's doing just fine.
The forest seems livelier than ever with the Ninetails's miasma now a thing of the past.
As (Captain) and company ooh and aah over how much of the lifeblood of the land has returned since then, something catches their attention.
Kou: ...!
Lyria: Ah! Hello, Kou!
Yuel: Huh? Where, where!
Kou: Rgh!
Societte: Wh-what are you running away for?
Yuel: Yer not gettin' away! (Captain), let's split up and surround him from every direction!
Kou: Huff... Huff... You've got me...
Yuel: Whatcha runnin' from us for! Don't tell me ya hate us now!
Kou: N-no, that's not it...
Kou: I just... wasn't prepared to meet up with you all again so soon.
Societte: Haha... I know the feeling.
Just let it go, Yuel.
Yuel: All right then. Not that I was all that angry to begin wit'.
Yuel: Okay, Kou—yer comin' with us fer some pipin'-hot pillow kebabs!
Kou: Well, that came out of the blue—
Kou: Rgh! Fine, I'll tag along! No need to tug on my arm!
They pass through the forest in high spirits before arriving at the village.
Yuel: Wh-what the hay!
Yuel: Whaddya mean we can't have any pillow kebabs right now?
Villager: The guy who makes 'em has fallen sick.
Societte: Oh no... I hope he'll be okay?
Villager: It's not too serious. He's resting at the clinic for now, but it'll take a bit more time before he fully recovers.
Yuel: I'm really sorry to hear that...
Yuel: Hey, (Captain), how 'bout we pay the man a visit?
(Captain) and company follow Yuel to the clinic.
Akino Vendor: Urgh... Cough, cough! Oh, it's you guys... It's been a while...
Yuel: We couldn't get enough o' yer amazin' pillow kebabs and came back for more. Boy were we surprised to hear ya were under medical care. Will ya be okay?
Akino Vendor: Yeah, it's not that serious. I'll practically be tied to this bed for some time though...
Akino Vendor: Haha... I will, however, admit I'm super happy to know you liked my kebabs so much.
Akino Vendor: I guess we sort of hit our mark after all?
Yuel: Hm? What's that supposed to mean?
Akino Vendor: Akino is actually quite a poor village. We made a full-on attempt to develop the area in hopes of attracting tourists.
Akino Vendor: There's a tourism agency that specializes in promoting smaller regions like Akino.
Akino Vendor: The plan was to have them help put us on the map by holding a festival with free samples of pillow kebabs.
Yuel: This must all be really hard to take in... Wish there were somethin' we could do to help...
Yuel: Have ya thought of changing the date fer the occasion?
Akino Vendor: The agency told us they have a busy schedule, and that if we miss this opportunity, it could be a while before they can do anything else for us.
Akino Vendor: At this rate my pillow kebabs will never see the light of day...
Yuel: I've got an idea! How 'bout I make the pillow kebabs in yer stead!
Vyrn: Wha? You sure you can handle that?
Yuel: If we don't do somethin', the world will never know the wonder that is pillow kebabs!
Yuel: You got any idea how depressin' that would be? Not just to us, but to the ol' man too! Not to mention Akino!
Akino Vendor: Miss... I hope you know that making pillow kebabs is no easy feat.
Yuel: If it's anythin' to do with fire, then it's right up my alley! My foxflames can grill any fish, meat, or what have ya to perfection!
Akino Vendor: You look like you handle that flame pretty well...
Akino Vendor: I've gone face-to-face with charcoal fires for nearly a decade to find that perfect level of heat for my pillow kebabs, thereby becoming a guru of the flames in a sense.
Akino Vendor: You may be young, but I see that you are one with the flames. I sense the potential in you—you might very well be worthy of the pillow kebab!
Yuel goes on to master the craft necessary in making the Akino delicacy.
Yuel: All righty! Let's get to makin' the ol' man's pillow kebabs!
Yuel: Lyria, Vyrn, (Captain)! I'll need you to help taste-test!
Lyria: Of course! I'll taste as many as you need me to!
The crew looks on at the hyped-up Yuel.
Vyrn: You sure we've even got enough here?
Kou: Got enough what?
Vyrn: I'm sure everyone else in the village is doing their best to heighten the event, but it feels like we're missin' something...
Societte: Something representative of the village, perhaps?
Vyrn: The tourist destinations we've hit up until now had more pizzazz to 'em...
Societte: Um... I kind of... don't really see what you're saying...
Kou: Why don't we try to come up with something while waiting for Yuel?
Kou: Though I'm not all that familiar with the outside world, so I don't know how much help I'll be.
Societte: Haha. I'm sure we'll think of something if we put our heads together, Kou.
And so the crew takes decisive action in order to save the economy of Akino Village.

Palatable for Pillow Heaven: Scene 2

Determined to make the pillow kebab the main attraction of the festival, Yuel musters every last bit of her cooking craft but to no avail. She doubles down on her efforts after some encouragement from Societte, unfortunately drawing monsters lured by the savory smell.

Yuel: Nom... Nom... Hm, this doesn't taste right either...
Yuel struggles to cook up pillow kebabs worthy of the Akino name.
Yuel: I tried heating it differently a buncha times, but I can't whip up a single one that matches the ol' man's kebabs.
Yuel appears flustered at the table of failed creations before her.
Yuel: Slow roast it in low heat, high heat until brown, add the sauce, and then I should be good to go, but...
Yuel: It's not working! Munch, munch... This ain't right either! Nom, nom... Noooo! Whhyyyy!
Yuel: Huff, puff... Pillow kebabs are really somethin' else...
Lyria: Mm... I think they all taste great, even if they're different from the usual ones that nice man makes...
Vyrn: Whaddya say to just picking out the best ones here to sell as the pillow kebabs?
Yuel: Nuh-uh! Not gonna happen on my watch!
Yuel: The ol' man spent years honin' his craft, and I'm gon' do everything I can to present his masterpiece of a kebab to the world!
Vyrn: Whoa, you sure are fired up...
Yuel: What could I possibly be gettin' wrong. Hm, must be the timin' I put the sauce on...The crunchiness is just about right though...
Yuel: Aargh... I'm even usin' the same sauce and tofu as the old man... This sucks!
Kou: Hm, I didn't imagine Yuel to take such pride in her work.
As if a bulb has lit up in her head, Yuel immediately prepares to make more pillow kebabs but stops short.
Yuel: Actually, no... The sauce ain't soakin' into the tofu right!
She falls to the ground and clutches her head.
Yuel: Pillow kebabs, boo-hoo... Pil-low, pil-low, pil... low...
Yuel: Pillows! I got it! I know what I've gotta do now!
Kou: Yuel, why don't we take a break?
Yuel: Ain't got no time for that! It's time to roast every pillow within sight!
Yuel: Pillow kebab... That first word is pillow! Gah, why didn't I think of startin' a pillow fire sooner?
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, slow down there! You're not makin' any sense! Someone hold her down before she burns the whole village down along with any pillows!
Yuel: Grr, lemme go! A pillow inferno's in the works!
(Captain) puts Yuel in a headlock and calms her down before she can do any serious pillow damage.
Yuel: Maybe I'm just not cut out for it... And I thought I was good with fire...
Kou: Then again, it took ten years for the ol' man to figure out the perfect way to roast a pillow kebab...
Societte: It's no different from our dances really.
Societte: You can't just do a quick imitation and expect it to work—we simply need to put in the hard work and keep pushing forward...
Kou: We'll do what we can to help. So let's forget any strange ideas about burning actual pillows and get to the next kebab.
Yuel: Hm...
Yuel: Sounds like a plan! It ain't like me at all to give up so easily!
Yuel: And heck, it was me who said I'll always be the good ol' Yuel y'all know and love!
Lyria: Yay! Yuel's back to her happy-go-lucky self!
With renewed vigor, Yuel refocuses her attention on the ingredients.
Yuel: Hm?
Monster: Graa-oooh!
Vyrn: Watch out! Monsters are here, and they're not lookin' for a pillow fight!
Kou: Looks like they're able to come out and play like the Emdina with the miasma gone.
Yuel: Them varmints must be starvin' so badly even my versions smell good to 'em.
Yuel: I know they smell delish, but you've got another thing comin' if y'all think ya can snatch a bite!

Palatable for Pillow Heaven: Scene 3

The small foxflame Yuel uses to fend off the monsters gives her a flash of inspiration. She goes off to fetch more tofu but returns to find they also lack sufficient vegetables. Into the forest they go for additional kebab ingredients.

Yuel: Hrgh!
Monster: Groaar!
Societte: That was amazing, Yuel! You fought them off with only a small foxflame...
Yuel: Phew... Didn't wanna go all out and cause any damage to the village.
Yuel: It wasn't easy holdin' back though...
After ascertaining that there are no monsters left in the area, the crew takes a reprieve.
Yuel: Hm?
The whole time, Yuel continuously closes and opens her fists as if in deep thought.
(Captain) asks her what's on her mind.
Yuel: You know, (Captain), I practically had to go tiptoe back there to keep my flames so small and steady...
Yuel: But when makin' the pillow kebabs, my flames were kinda all over the place.
Yuel: I think I got the hang of it now... Can't say fer sure, but it's worth another shot...
Yuel: Gah, less babblin' and more cookin'! Be right back wit' more tofu!
Vyrn: It sure feels strange seeing restless Yuel being so focused on a single thing. Definitely took me by surprise.
Societte: You think so? If you ask me, she's just being herself...
Societte: Yuel's the type to go all out for something she really likes.
Lyria: She was really dedicated when trying to remember the dances too.
Yuel excitedly wags her tail as she runs off.
As (Captain) and company await her return, Societte suddenly speaks up.
Societte: Ah! I have an idea...
Societte: Kou, can I tell you something?
Kou: What is it?
Societte: Um, well... Psst, psst...
Kou: Ahh, that might actually work...
Kou: Are you sure you can handle it though, Societte?
Societte: Yuel's doing her best, so I need to do my part too!
Lyria: ...?
Hey, what are you two talking about?
Societte: Teehee... That's our little secret.
Vyrn: Aw, c'mon now, don't be teasin' us like that.
Kou: We'll let you know when it's all decided. For now, it's between me and Societte.
Kou: Heheh.
Vyrn: Darn you two, bein' so hush-hush and all...
Kou: Let's just say we've got preparations to make. Anyway, Yuel's back.
Yuel: Huff, darn... I got the tofu, but we need more veggies too...
Lyria: I guess you can't make do with only tofu?
Yuel: Mm-hm... C'mon, (Captain)—let's get ourselves some more fresh, green, leafy yum-yums from the forest!
Vyrn: Hah! There goes Yuel bein' as jumpy and jittery as ever...
Lyria: Ahaha... We should follow after her to keep any monsters in there at bay.

Palatable for Pillow Heaven: Scene 4

Yuel perfects her pillow kebab, and it turns out to be a smashing success at the festival. Societte and Kou perform a simplified version of their dances at the town plaza, drawing participants from the crew, villagers, and guests.

Yuel: Rgh! This is it—the part where flame control is everything!
With a plethora of fresh vegetables on hand, Yuel continues practicing her pillow kebab grilling right up until the very last minute before the inspector arrives.
Yuel: (If I'm right about this...)
Yuel: (I've gotta go wit' low heat to evaporate the water from the tofu first.)
Yuel: (This is key—it's the only way to get the sauce all the way in!)
Yuel: (And then I've gotta find the exact moment the steam stops flowin'.)
Yuel: (I'll intensify the flame right there!)
Yuel: (Not to mention the sauce has gotta go on the very instant it's grilled to perfection...)
Yuel: Now!
Yuel: Huff, huff... This should do it!
Yuel breathes hard as she grips a pillow kebab clearly different from any of the others she's made that day.
Yuel: Chomp! Munch, munch...
Yuel wastes no time in biting down on the juicy kebab. The crew watches her reaction with bated breath.
Yuel: Mm...
Lyria: H-how was it, Yuel?
Yuel: This is it...
Yuel: This is the famous pillow kebab that the ol' man makes!
Shortly thereafter an inspection by a tourism agency begins.
The villagers figured only a few representatives would gather, but the turnout is quite different.
Vyrn: Is this place packed or what?
Tourism Agent: We thought it might seem biased for only a few inspectors to decide on something so subjective, so we invited tourists and skyfarers to help out.
Lyria: This has really turned into something big!
Yuel: We'll be okay! The ol' man's pillow kebabs are a sure treat to anyone who takes a bite!
Yuel: Now's yer chance to try out Akino's famous pillow kebabs while they're fresh!
The tourists all turn to Yuel.
Yuel: Take one bite and you'll be so happy you'll be doin' handstand push-ups! Take a second bite and you'll feel like yer in heaven!
Customers flock over to Yuel's stall.
Tourist: Mm... This is really somethin' else!
Skyfarer: Hah-hah-hah! I'll buy a few for my buds back on the ship!
Radiant smiles fill the faces of all those who come by, attracting the attention of even more customers.
Yuel: Woo-hoo-hoo! We're gonna sell all one thousand of 'em at this rate!
Yuel frantically moves to and fro, doing her best to hand out pillow kebabs to everyone in the long line.
A giant pillar of flame rises from the center of the town plaza.
Tourism Agent: Wh-what in the blazes is that?
Yuel: Blue and black flames?
Must be Societte and Kou! What are they up to?
As the different colored flames intertwine in an incandescent spiral, the crowds focus their attention toward Societte and Kou, who bear sacred treasures in hand.
Societte: E-e-erm... Ahem... W-we have something r-really nice to show you, everyone!
Kou: ...
Kou: Behold the sacred flame dances passed down through our families—
Kou: Revel in the divine and graceful movements that vanquished the calamity eating away at this island!
Adorning the two streaks of flame over their bodies like flowery robes, the successors' eye-catching performance is gentle yet exquisite.
Yuel: What's up wit' those two? Their dances look so simple, so humdrum...
Yuel: Ahahah... I see what they're doin'!
Yuel wades through the crowds to get closer to Societte and Kou.
Yuel: Say, you two! Mind if I jump in?
Societte: Teehee... Glad you could join us.
Kou: Bout time you came!
Yuel: Anyone else up fer some dancin'? Feel free to jump right in!
Tourism Agent: Wha? I didn't know you'd be doing anything like this!
Yuel: That doesn't matter, does it? Like Kou said, this here's the divine dance that swept away the miasma from this island fer good!
Yuel: C'mon, do the boogie-woogie wit' us fer good luck! It'll be fun!
The crowds appear somewhat perplexed.
Lyria: Um... (Captain)! Let's do it together!
Vyrn: Yep! Might as well bust a few moves while we're at it!
(Captain) and the others jump into the fray, imitating the movements of the three successors.
The circle of dancers grows larger and larger with each passing second.
Tourist: Haha... This is actually kind of fun!
Skyfarer: The flames kinda spooked me at first, but this whole thing is pretty lit!
Yuel: Hehe, good thinkin', you two! I never woulda thought of simplifyin' our dance so that anyone could do it!
Kou: I wasn't too sure if this might be considered desecration of the royal families' sacred dances at first, but—
Societte: W-well, every festival needs a main attraction...
Yuel: Oh, this turned out perfect! Almost too perfect! Ain't nothin' to worry about!
Yuel: I'm gon' light this thing up real good to liven up the party!
The black and blue spiral shines even brighter for a second as a crimson red flame passes through it.
The trifecta of colors blends together to create a giant pillar of flame that pierces the skies.
The brightly lit festivities continue on until the dead of the night.
Vyrn: Phew, I'm beat... Those guys were having so much fun they didn't know when to stop!
Lyria: Haha, looks like this was a huge success!
Yuel: Mm-hm! That tourism agent didn't hesitate a second before agreein' to promote this event!
Kou: It's going to be known as the BBQ Flame Festival of Akino. Dancing around the giant bonfire will be the main draw.
Yuel: The folks that came by today said they'd visit again next year... Akino ain't gonna be a poor man's land anymore!
Societte: Say, how 'bout we come swoopin' by next year too? I can't wait to dance wit' everyone like that again.
Lyria: Yeah, me too! And I'm always up for more of those tasty pillow kebabs!
Yuel: Whoa, slow down there! Y'all talkin' about next year already? I'm all fer it though, haha!
Vyrn: How 'bout you, Kou? Any plans for next year?
Kou: Well, I wouldn't mind coming again. Can't say for sure where I'll be at the time though.
Kou: Would be nice to see everyone again...
Yuel: Hm? Didja say somethin'?
Kou: No, it's nothing...
Yuel: Oh, so yer hidin' things from me now? Bad Kou! Looks like ya might need a good spankin'!
Kou: ...!
Yuel: Hold it, hold it! I've gotta tickle you to the ground first!
Societte: N-no bullying Kou, Yuel...
Watching their lively conversation brings a jovial smile across (Captain)'s face.
The crew say their goodbyes to Kou, hoping to reunite with him again one day.