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Family Secrets

When Yuisis and the crew visit a large town to restock their supplies, Yuisis runs off and spots a small good-luck pot. Vyrn points out that the trinket is a rip-off, prompting the infuriated store owner to send his goons after the crew.

(Captain) and company visit a large town to restock their supplies.
But there are so many people around, they soon get separated from Yuisis.
Lyria: Yuisiiis! Where are you?
Vyrn: Crazy Girl! Shout back if you can hear me!
Lyria: She's nowhere in sight. What are we going to do?
Vyrn: We've gotta find her somehow. She's the one with the wallet!
Lyria: Oh... right.
Lyria: Yuisiiis!
Vyrn: Where aaare you?
Yuisis: Lyria? Vyrn? Is that you guys?
Vyrn: Whew! There you are.
Lyria: Thank goodness we found you...
Yuisis: What's the matter, you two? You look frazzled.
Vyrn: When you disappeared all of a sudden, we got really worried. We've been looking all over for you!
Vyrn: And you're the one with the money too, so— Wait, what are you doing?
Yuisis: What does it look like? When you got cash burnin' a hole in your pocket, you gotta spend it, right?
Yuisis: So, will this cover it?
Storekeeper: Yes, that will do nicely. Thank you.
Lyria: Aaah! That's an awful lot of money!
Vyrn: Yeah! Are you buying the whole town or something?
Yuisis: It's for this pot. Apparently just carryin' it around brings you good luck.
Yuisis: It's pretty cheap considerin' it brings you luck, right?
Yuisis: And I just happened to have earned enough for it on my last job.
Lyria: Wow, that's great! It brings you luck just by having it?
Vyrn: Hold on a second, you two!
Lyria: What is it, Vyrn? (Captain)?
Yuisis: Yeah, what's the problem?
(Captain) explains to the excited Lyria and Yuisis that they're being deceived.
Yuisis: You think it's a con? What, like it doesn't bring you good luck or nothin'?
Storekeeper: Tch! How dare you come in here and badmouth my goods!
Vyrn: Of course it's a con! Sheesh!
Vyrn: Seriously, that is one overpriced pot!
Storekeeper: Shut your trap! Just hand over the money and the pot's yours!
Vyrn: Get real, pal! They're not buying it!
Storekeeper: Oh really? In that case I've got another idea...
A leering grin creeps over the storekeeper's face as he takes out a whistle and blows it.
Man 1: What's goin' on here?
Man 2: You got trouble?
Moments after the whistle blows, a number of brawny men rush over and surround the crew.
Storekeeper: Now then... We wouldn't want this pot—or anything else—to get broken, right?
Storekeeper: So I think you know what to do here.
Vyrn: Are you kidding me? First you try to con us, and now you're threatening us?
Storekeeper: Threatening you? No, this is just... a little negotiation.
Yuisis: Sorry, not interested.
Yuisis: I was havin' a hard enough time lettin' the con tactics go.
Yuisis: But then you bring out the muscle and try to scare us?
Yuisis: You know, that shows a total lack of respect.
Yuisis: And people who don't show respect don't deserve respect.
Yuisis: Now it's payback time.
Storekeeper: Let's not get carried away here! That's no way to do business!
Storekeeper: Come on, you clowns, do something here! What am I paying you for, huh?
Man 1: Don't worry, we'll do something.
Man 2: Yeah, we'll earn our keep. We'll earn it good.
Man 3: Come on, fellas, let's teach these wise guys a lesson!
Yuisis: You've got a lotta nerve talkin' like that in front of (Captain)...
Yuisis: You goons have no idea what you're in for, do you?
Yuisis: Well, we wouldn't mind givin' you a little taste.

Family Secrets: Scene 2

The defeated goons make a run for it, only to turn around and surround Yuisis for a second battle.

Yuisis: There's just no talkin' to some people.
(Captain) and company defeat all of the storekeeper's goons.
Man 1: Urgh... Who are you guys?
Man 2: Where'd you... learn to fight like that?
Man 3: This musta been a setup...
Yuisis: I can't believe you're tryin' to run a racket like this with these losers for backup.
Yuisis: But I guess they're just right for you, huh?
Storekeeper: Aaah!
Yuisis: So like I said, it's payback time.
Storekeeper: I-I'm sorry! I won't do it again, I promise! Please!
Yuisis: I'm not in the mood for listenin'. You've been cheatin' people and profitin' off their trustin' natures.
Yuisis: And now it's time we make things right. This is gonna hurt...
Storekeeper: No! Please, no!
Yuisis: Come on, have some dignity! At least take it like a man!
Yuisis: Like I said before, people who don't show respect don't deserve respect.
Storekeeper: Yaaah!
Man 1: That weird weapon... All that talk about respect... It's her, fellas!
Man 2: No way...
Man 3: That crazy chick from the broken-up gang the snitch was talkin' about?
Yuisis: !
Man 2: We gotta tell the boss about this!
Yuisis: What? You know him? You know that scumbag?
Man 1: Run, fellas, run!
Man 2: Right behind ya!
With that, the men sprint off as fast as they can.
Yuisis: Tch! Bailin' on your job, huh? Well you ain't gettin' off the hook that easy!
Vyrn: Hey! Come back, Crazy Girl!
Lyria: Yuisis! Wait!
Vyrn: What in the sky is going on here?
Lyria: I have no idea. I've never seen Yuisis like this before...
Lyria: Come on! We have to go after her!
Vyrn: Right behind ya!
Vyrn: But not before we hand this crook over to the guards!
Storekeeper: Agh!
Yuisis: ...
Vyrn: Hey, Crazy Girl!
Lyria: Oh no! They've got Yuisis surrounded!
(Captain) and company arrive to find Yuisis surrounded by the men, who all look at her with menacing grins.
Yuisis: If you think you got me beat 'cuz there's three of you and one of me, then you're not showin' me enough respect.
Yuisis: You gotta learn to recognize when you're outclassed. You talk big, but you're just a buncha amateurs.
Yuisis: You got nothin' on me.
Man 2: Tch, who's talking big now, huh? Gang fights are all about the numbers! Everyone knows that!
Yuisis: Hah! That just shows what a buncha dopes you are.
Yuisis: You're leavin' me no choice. I'm gonna have to start talkin' in a way you'll understand.
Yuisis: You should be honored. You're about to get some personal attention!
Vyrn: Crazy Girl, wait! Don't take 'em all on alone!
Lyria: Yuisis!
Yuisis: ...!
But Yuisis plunges into battle as if she hadn't heard their words.
Vyrn: Oh great. Now we gotta join in!
Vyrn: That's too many goons even for Crazy Girl to handle. Come on, guys!
Lyria: Okay! Let's go, (Captain)! We've got to help her!

Family Secrets: Scene 3

Yuisis demands one of the men to talk. The boss of the goons suddenly appears and ambushes Yuisis, but the crew arrives just in time to aid her in the final battle.

(Captain) and company somehow manage to defeat the ruffians that had surrounded Yuisis.
Yuisis goes over to one of the men lying on the ground and puts the tip of her sword to his throat.
Vyrn: Hey! Calm down, Crazy Girl!
Lyria: Yuisis!
Yuisis: This ain't your score to settle.
Lyria: Wh-what's the matter with you, Yuisis? You're scaring me.
Vyrn: Yeah, Crazy Girl. What's going on with you?
Yuisis: Sorry... I have to do this.
Yuisis: Start talkin'. Everything you know about him.
Yuisis: Unless you wanna play dumb. That's fine by me.
Yuisis: But you know what happens then, don't you?
Man 1: Agh! Stop! I don't know anything!
Yuisis: Dumb it is, huh? Okay, we'll play it your way...
Man 1: No, it's true! The boss didn't tell me nothin'! Please!
Yuisis: Really? Well, how about we try a different question then.
Yuisis: Where's your boss?
???: So you're the one, huh? You're the one he told us all about.
Yuisis: Who are you?
Man 1: Boss!
Yuisis: Ah, so you're the boss. Well, that's gonna save us a whole lotta time.
Yuisis: Let's get straight to the point. Where is that scumbag?
Boss: Hah! You really expect me to talk?
Yuisis: No. But I strongly advise you not to keep me waitin'.
Yuisis: I can be very impatient.
Boss: You're pretty sure of yourself, huh? They weren't kidding about you.
Boss: So tell me, how come you're chasing this guy down so hard?
Boss: You lookin' for revenge?
Yuisis: It's none of your business.
Boss: Well, whatever it is, it's got you pretty mad. You're practically shaking with rage.
Boss: Not that I'm surprised.
Boss: After all it was his betrayal that finished your gang off, wasn't it?
Vyrn: Betrayal? Gang? What's this guy talking about?
Boss: What, you don't know? I thought you guys were tight.
Boss: This girl here is the boss of the Ditoria Knights. They once controlled an entire city.
Boss: But then they got crushed by the parent organization my own gang's a part of.
Boss: That decision was pretty much all made by one guy. The person your friend here would do anything to find.
Lyria: Yuisis...
Vyrn: Is that true, Crazy Girl?
Yuisis: ...
Boss: She's a real piece of work, huh?
Boss: They say you're all about family. All about trust and respect.
Boss: But look what happened to your gang when you were in charge. You let it go to the dogs.
Boss: If I'd been one of your boys, I'd have gotten rid of you a long time ago.
Yuisis: You don't know what you're talking about!
Boss: Sounds to me like there isn't a whole lot of trust in your new gang either. You've been keeping them in the dark, huh?
Yuisis: No, I...
Boss: You don't know the meaning of the word respect. You know what? You're just like him when it comes right down to it. You're all talk...
Yuisis: Why, you—
Yuisis flies into a rage at the boss's provocative words and lunges forward at him.
Boss: Hah. Fool. Now, fellas! Fire!
At their boss's command, gang members emerge from the shadows and fire a volley of arrows at Yuisis.
Yuisis: !
Man 2: They... They cut down all our arrows!
Yuisis: Huh?
Vyrn: Don't look so shocked, Crazy Girl. What was it you said?
Vyrn: Once you've done that thing with the bread, whatever happens, you protect your own.
Yuisis: Yeah, but... I wasn't being straight with you guys. I was hidin' stuff from you.
Lyria: That doesn't change the fact that you're our friend!
Yuisis: !
Boss: I don't believe it! You've got more lives than a cat!
Boss: I didn't wanna have to do this, but... All right, fellas! Time to bust 'em up!
Man 3: Yeah!
Vyrn: Time for some action, Crazy Girl!
Yuisis: Bring it on!

Family Secrets: Scene 4

Yuisis reveals that she's the former leader of the Ditoria Knights, a gang that was disbanded following her family's betrayal. The crew is sympathetic to her plight and agrees to help her find the one responsible.

Having beaten the gang members, the crew leaves the rest to the town law enforcement and heads back to the ship.
Yuisis: ...
Vyrn: You didn't find any more info about that guy you're looking for, huh?
Yuisis: No...
Boss: Damn it!
Yuisis: Tell me everything you know about him. You'd better spill your guts before I make you.
Boss: They... They liked the way he played you, so they took him in. The dons, I mean. That's all I know.
Vyrn: Oh, you're sure talkin' now, aren't you? Feeding us your lies...
Boss: What reason have I got to lie? That's really all I know.
Yuisis: Fine, then. I've just got one more question for you.
Yuisis: How come your goons were after me? Someone must've told them to hunt me down.
Boss: It came from the top. They ordered people to find you. But I don't know why...
Vyrn: So, uh, Crazy Girl...
Yuisis: Everything their boss said was true.
Yuisis: My family... We were the leaders of the Ditoria Knights. We had a whole island under our control.
Yuisis: But one day that lowlife betrayed us and my entire family... the whole gang...
Yuisis: Anyway, that's why I'm going after him.
Yuisis: It's down to me to get my gang back on its feet. The burden's on my shoulders.
Yuisis: And I'm gonna get payback for what he did too.
Vyrn: Wow. That's rough...
Lyria: Yuisis...
Yuisis: I'm sorry.
Yuisis: We broke bread. You were supposed to be my family. My inner circle.
Yuisis: But all this time, I was hidin' stuff from you. I've disrespected you.
Yuisis: Not to mention all the other trouble I've caused...
Vyrn: Hey, chill out, Crazy Girl. It doesn't bother us!
Lyria: Yeah! You're still our friend.
Yuisis: You guys have got big hearts. But this needs dealin' with in the proper way.
With that, Yuisis picks up her sword and turns it toward herself.
Vyrn: Hey! What are you doing!
Lyria: Yuisis, no! What are you thinking?
Yuisis: It's time for payback.
Vyrn: You stop it right there!
Lyria: Yeah! No one wants that!
Yuisis: Even if you can forgive me, I can't forgive myself.
Yuisis: It's a matter of self-respect.
  1. Stop! Captain's orders!
  2. Take responsibility another way.

Choose: Stop! Captain's orders!
Lyria: You heard the captain, Yuisis! Put that sword down!
Lyria: That kind of thing is not the answer!
Yuisis: Tch... Okay. If that's what you want, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hey, Crazy Girl, I forgot to tell you...
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Take responsibility another way.
Yuisis: Another way?
Yuisis: You mean, like takin' a bullet for you? That kind of thing?
Yuisis: Okay, it's a deal. From now on I'll put (Captain)'s life ahead of my own in everything I do.
Yuisis: So whatever orders you want to give me, (Captain), go ahead.
Yuisis: That can be my payback.
Vyrn: Hey, can't you stop thinking like that for just a second?
Yuisis: What do you mean? That's how you show respect. Everyone knows that.
Vyrn: Well, not the kind of people I know!
Vyrn: Hey, Crazy Girl, I forgot to tell you...
Continue 1
Yuisis: What?
Vyrn: We've all agreed we want to help you on your mission.
Yuisis: Huh?
Lyria: Of course we want to help! You're one of our own!
Yuisis: (Captain)... Vyrn... Lyria...
Lyria: Just... No more threats or violence, okay?
Yuisis: Thanks, you guys.
Yuisis: From here on I promise I'm one hundred percent on your side. And I'll pay you back for everythin' you've done for me—in a good way!
Yuisis beams at (Captain) and the crew.
Her journey is far from over, and the way ahead promises to be a dangerous one.
But Yuisis is ready to believe that with her new friends—her new family—she's going to make it.