Scenario:Yuisis - Where It All Began

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Where It All Began

For Yuisis, having both the crew and the Ditoria Knights together for her parents' memorial service is like having her old and new families together. Yuisis takes the opportunity to renew her vow to rebuild the Ditoria Knights.

Some time has passed since Yuisis's induction into the crew.
One day, she is in her private quarters looking over a letter sent to her.
It contains an invitation.
"The 7th anniversary of the boss's death is coming up."
"We will be awaiting your arrival, Lady Yuisis."
Yuisis: So everyone's gonna be attendin'...
Yuisis: It's hard to believe seven years have already passed...
Filled with a heartrending yet wistful sense of loss, her eyes gaze into empty space.
Yuisis not in crew

Yuisis hopes to restore the Ditoria Knights, which was destroyed in a conflict with a rival organization.
She sees (Captain) as a shining example of the leader she herself aspires to be.
This prompted her to join the crew and learn from the captain's ways.
Yuisis: I need to tell (Captain) and the others about this, since I'll need to leave the Grandcypher for a while...
Yuisis: Actually, I'd rather have them come along if at all possible...
Yuisis: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask.
Yuisis: This crew's family to me, and they're always tellin' me to depend on 'em more.
Yuisis leaves the room with a smile.
Yuisis: (Captain), can I have a moment?
Vyrn: Heya, Crazy Girl. What brings you to (Captain)'s room?
Yuisis: I've a favor to ask...
Yuisis composes herself, looking to (Captain) with a somber mien.
Yuisis: The seventh anniversary of my parents' death is coming up. The Ditoria Knights will be gettin' together for a memorial service.
Yuisis: And I was wondering if you could come along.
Vyrn: Us?
Yuisis: Yes, I'd like to introduce you to my other family.
Yuisis: And to my parents.
Yuisis: Especially since you're the type of leader I aspire to be, (Captain).
Yuisis: I hope I'm not being too pushy by asking. It's okay if you've got somethin' else to do.
  1. We'll gladly come along.
  2. Let's go pay our respects to your folks.

Choose: We'll gladly come along.

Yuisis: Thanks, (Captain).
Vyrn: Wow, it's pretty rare for you to come to us with a request, Crazy Girl.
Yuisis: Haha, I'm just followin' your advice.
Yuisis: About how I should depend on you guys more.
Yuisis: That's why I decided to take the leap and try asking.
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Choose: Let's go pay our respects to your folks.

Yuisis: 'Preciate it, (Captain).
Yuisis: I'm sure my other family, and my parents, will be very taken with you.
Yuisis: After all, (Captain), you're the one person who commands my complete and utter respect.

Continue 1

Yuisis: Let's go then. To where my mom and dad lie in eternal slumber...
(Captain) nods and sets a course for Yuisis's hometown.
The crew arrives at the island that serves as the final resting place of Yuisis's parents.
They first tour the town, with their Erune companion serving as a guide.
Lyria: What a lovely hometown you have, Yuisis.
Yuisis: Thanks... Boy, it's hard to believe how different everything is...
Seeing how much the landscape has changed puts Yuisis in a pensive mood.
Townsperson 1: Shoot, you seein' what I'm seein'?
Townsperson 2: She's back, huh... Then the others must be...
The townspeople direct their unwelcoming gazes toward the crew.
Vyrn: Is it just me, or is everyone looking at us funny?
Yuisis: Sorry... Chances are it's my fault...
Yuisis: The entire town was dragged into the Ditoria Knights' conflict seven years ago.
Yuisis: At the end of it all, so many innocent lives were lost.
Yuisis: That's why the town's come to hate us—or rather, the Ditoria Knights...
Yuisis turns her gaze to the nearby citizens. One of them shrieks in fear, sending the others dashing off in a mad panic.
Yuisis: It was his betrayal that started it all... We Ditoria Knights weren't the ones who lit the fire.
Yuisis: But none of that matters to the masses who had to put up with it all...
Yuisis appears both sad and frustrated as she speaks those words.
Vyrn: I don't even know what to say, Crazy Girl, but...
Yuisis: No worries, I've gotten used to it. Besides—
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Lady Yuisis!
A gruff voice echoes across the street. A myriad of footsteps follows shortly after.
A large group of men wearing grim expressions come running toward the crew.
It takes them but an instant to surround Yuisis and company.
Ex-Ditoria Knights: ...!
Lyria: Yikes!
Ex-Ditoria Knights: Lady Yuisis! It has been far too long! How splendid it is to see you in fine health!
The stern-faced men bow deeply to Yuisis.
Yuisis: Haha, I'm just as glad to see you all doin' well. But would you quit callin' me Lady Yuisis already?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: But that's who you are to us...
His cohorts nod in agreement.
Yuisis cracks a bitter smile, straightens her posture, then inclines her own head in response.
Yuisis: Thanks for gatherin' here today, everyone.
Yuisis: Livin' life while keeping your gang affiliations a secret is hard enough in itself...
Yuisis: Yet you still found the time to come out for the seventh anniversary of my parents' passing.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: Please, there's no need for you to bow to us! It puts us in an awkward position...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: It's as he says! We owe so much to the late boss! There was no question about us dropping everything to come here!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: Not to mention we had looked forward to seeing you again in good spirits, Lady Yuisis.
Yuisis: Thanks for the concern.
Yuisis: But I'm fine. And I have no intention of going down until I settle things with that traitor once and for all.
Yuisis: I should also mention I have a new family now.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: A new family?
Yuisis: Yeah, let me introduce you... What's wrong, Vyrn? You're lookin' awfully startled.
Vyrn: I'm still comin' to terms with the fact that these scary dudes are all buddy-buddy with you...
Vyrn: Are they the family you talk about all the time, Crazy Girl?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: The hell did you just call her? You better take that back right now if you wanna leave here alive, punk!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: You got some nerve, you flyin' rat! I dare you to try callin' Lady Yuisis a "crazy girl" one more time!
The situation gets volatile as the men glare daggers at (Captain) and company.
Lyria: Aiiee! Th-they're scaring me...
Vyrn: Geez, what did I do wrong...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: What is your relation to Lady Yuisis to begin with?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: We may have to get rough depending on your answer...
Yuisis: Stop it!
In the next moment, Yuisis strikes a few of the men's heads with her scabbard.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: L-Lady Yuisis, what is the meaning of this?
Yuisis: That's my line. Whaddya think you're doin' intimidatin' people you've just met?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: W-well, that fella called you "Crazy Girl"...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: There's no way we'd let you be insulted like that, miss.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: You've lived a rather sheltered life, Lady Yuisis...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: We couldn't be certain that you weren't being duped by this lot...
Yuisis: Sigh... You worry too much.
Gran is the Main Character

Yuisis: He's the boss of the crew I run with now. Lyria and Vyrn are fellow members.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Yuisis: She's the boss of the crew I run with now. Lyria and Vyrn are fellow members.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: I'd heard about you enlisting in a crew, but I shrugged it all off as mere hearsay...
Yuisis: I'm tryin' to learn to be a better boss. Thing is, (Captain)'s already everything I wanna be.
Yuisis: That's why I'm travelin' with the crew, picking up everything I can from (Captain) along the way.
Yuisis: And for what it's worth, we've already broken bread.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: To think you'd go as far as to break bread with others when you were so shy about it in the past...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: The last person I remember you putting so much faith in was Elea.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: Just goes to show how committed to (Captain) our Lady Yuisis is...
The men trade glances before bowing their heads to (Captain) and company.
Ex-Ditoria Knights: Forgive us, Boss Jr.!
Vyrn: Whoa, when did (Captain) become Boss Jr.!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: If you've broken bread with the young miss, then we're as good as family.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Putting it another way, you command the respect of the daughter of the Ditoria Knights' boss...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: It's only right that we pay you that same respect.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: So in more ways than one, you're our Boss Jr.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: I hope you'll forgive us for our earlier transgression...
The men take out short blades, each ready to cut off a finger.
Lyria: Yikes! Stop!
Vyrn: Gah! You guys are no different from Crazy Girl!
  1. Yo, cut that out! Boss Jr.'s talkin'!

Choose: Yo, cut that out! Boss Jr.'s talkin'!

The men freeze at the sound of (Captain)'s voice.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: But we have to make an example of ourselves, or...
Vyrn: (Captain) says it's cool, so let's just forget about it!
Lyria: Yes! Please put your knives away!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Very well...
Vyrn: Whew, I guess crazy runs in the family...
Lyria: Ahaha, maybe. That really scared me.
Yuisis: Everyone knows that's just how you show respect.
Vyrn: That's probably a lil' too much respect...
Yuisis: Where are the other members of the family? Will they be comin'?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: A few are already sweeping the burial site, while others are preparing the memorial service.
Yuisis: Yeah? I'd better get changed and get going too.
Yuisis: I'll be right back, (Captain). I need to change into somethin' more appropriate.
Yuisis: As the family rep, I've gotta represent after all.
Yuisis: I'm ready, (Captain).
The captain turns around to find Yuisis dressed in mourning clothes.
Yuisis: Let's go.
And so begins their walk toward the gravesite.
(Captain) and company arrive at the resting place of Yuisis's parents.
The many who've already gathered there greet Yuisis with great respect.
Yuisis makes her way to the front of the procession and kowtows before her parents' tombstones.
Yuisis: Dad... Mom... I'm back.
Yuisis: There's somethin' I want to tell you two.
Yuisis: I'm in (Captain)'s crew right now, learnin' what it means to be a leader.
Yuisis: (Captain)'s code of honor as captain is somethin' else. I can't help but respect it.
Yuisis: What I see in (Captain) is the ideal leader I hope to be myself, in the future.
Yuisis raises her head and looks to her parents' graves, pure determination shining on her face.
Yuisis: Dad, Mom, I promise...
Yuisis: That once I've settled the matter of the betrayal, I'll be back to restore the Ditoria Knights.
Yuisis: With smarts rivaling (Captain)'s, I'll be ready to ensure that Ditoria thrives once more.
Yuisis swears a solemn oath to her parents' gravestones.
In her eyes burns a hopeful vision for the future, mixed with a dark desire for revenge.