Scenario:Zaja - Reason to Fight

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Reason to Fight

The party arrives as a peaceful village to restock on some supplies during their journey. Zaja watches the happy villagers with a contented smile, but bandits suddenly appear and raid the village. Burning with rage, Zaja fights the bandits to save the villagers.

As they gathered information on the primal beasts during their journey, the party arrives at an island to restock on some supplies.
They arrive at a nearby village, and everyone there seems to be full of smiles.
Lyria: Hehe! You look happy, Zaja!
Zaja: It just makes me happy... to watch these people live happy lives...
Child: Ahhh!
Villager: Noo! My boy!
Katalina: What's wrong?!
Bandit 1: Heheheh... Give us all the food and valuables you've got!
Bandit 2: You'd better not defy us, or this kid's gonna get it!
Katalina: Bandits?! Those cowards...!
Zaja: You dare disturb the peace of these people... Scum...!
Zaja: Unforgivable...!
Vyrn: H-Hey! Damn! He went off by himself!
Katalina: Ugh...! Let's go after him!

Reason to Fight: Scene 2

As Zaja fights with the strength of ten men, he gradually shows signs of enjoying the battle. Katalina manages to stop him, but he is clearly disturbed by his own actions.

Vyrn: Look at him go! He's taking on a bunch of them by himself!
Katalina: Something's wrong...
Zaja: Kehe... Hahaha...!
Bandit 2: Aaaahhh! N-No more! I'll let the kid go! Please!
Zaja: Hahaha...! HAHAHAHA!!
Bandit 2: Uwaaaaa!
Bandit 1: Eek! W-What's with you?!
Zaja: Hm...? What are you afraid of? Are those toys in your hands, or weapons...?
Zaja: Those are tools of war... It's for cutting, slicing, and crushing your enemies! They're tools for killing... Am I wrong?
Zaja: Then what does that make us? Warriors. Fighters. Killers!!
Zaja: So do not fear... Laugh... Enjoy it... Feel the joy of parting flesh... The joy of being torn apart...!
Bandit 1: Aaaahhhh!
Katalina: Stop! You're going too far, Zaja! You'll hurt the children!
Zaja: Hahaha...! Children...?
As the child is released by the bandit, Zaja raises his axe and his eyes meet with the child's.
Child: Ah...!
Zaja: ...! W-What...?! I...!
Zaja: What have I... I felt so alive in battle... No... How foolish I've been...
Vyrn: Hey, what are you doing?! You're still in middle of a fight!
Zaja: Y-Yes... I'm sorry... I-I'll pick up my weapon now...
Bandit 1: Ugh... H-Hey! Let's get out of here!!
Katalina: Stop! You won't get away!

Reason to Fight: Scene 3

Zaza seems shaken by the recent events, even after the bandits are driven away. Seemingly deranged, Zaza runs away from the village. The party becomes worried about Zaza and chases after him, then offers to help. Seeing them reminds him of his friend from his past, and he clutches his head in confusion. He lets out a howl as if to drive away the hallucinations, and strikes down the bandits that were trailing the party.

(Captain)'s party manages to drive away the bandits that invaded the village, but Zaza seems bewildered by the whole ordeal.
Zaja: Why... Why won't these impulses go away...? I know what happens when I... Agh!
Katalina: W-Wait! Where are you going, Zaza?
Zaja: Ah... Those wretched emotions are coming back... I... What should I do...?
Zaja: My friends! Did you not die because of these same emotions...?
Zaja: Ahh, no... It's my fault... I...! No... My friends... They live... No!!
Vyrn: What's going on? Is he all right?!
Zaja: (Captain), everyone... You came for me... But... I can no longer be with you...
Katalina: Why? Does this have to do with your reaction to the battle earlier?
Zaja: This is my own problem...
Lyria: Why... Why won't you tell us anything?
Zaja: Because... This burden is my own...
Katalina: No, you're wrong Zaza.
Zaja: ...? What... do you mean...?
Katalina: We don't know what kind of demons you face.
Katalina: But we can see you suffering from the weight of your burdens!
Zaja: ...!
Lyria: U-Um! If you feel like your troubles are too much, I'll share the load with you!
Zaja: ... What?
Katalina: Heh... Not just Lyria. Right, (Captain)?
Zaja: Why...? Why would you do this for me...?
  1. Because we're your friends.
  2. Isn't it obvious?

Choose: Because we're your friends.
Zaja: ...! Friend... You're... my friends...!
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Choose: Isn't it obvious?
Vyrn: Yeah! You should know this by now!
Lyria: Exactly! We're all your friends!
Zaja: I'm... your friends...?
Continue 1
Katalina: That's right, Zaza. So you can trust us. We want to be there for you.
Zaja: For me...? My... friends...?
Zaja: Ah, agh... Aaahh... Aaargh!
Friend: "My friend, if you're ever suffering... I want you to tell me. I will always be there for you. "
Friend: "Why? Why do you stop the fighting?! Without battle, we are nothing! My friend, don't deny your love of combat!"
Friend: "My friend... No, chief. If a peaceful, boring life is what you seek... We will be leaving the village!"
Zaja: ...! No!!
Katalina: Wha...?!
Lyria: Katalina! Stop him, please!
Friend: "... Haha... Chief... We all lost... But still... Nothing is more fun than battle... "
Friend: "Why do you cry... My friend... You may not have fought by our side... But that... was not... a mistake... "
Zaja: Aaaaahhhhh!!
Katalina: Agh!
His swing did not hit Katalina, but instead...
Bandit: Ack...!
The bandit that was sneaking up behind (Captain) and company is struck.
Katalina: Wha...! Where did they come from?!
Zaja: Huff... Huff... This time... I will fight by your side. But not for the joy of battle...
Katalina: I'm glad to see you've calmed down.
Vyrn: You had us worried for a minute!
Zaja: (Captain), I'm sorry... I can't tell you everything yet. I'm not ready to face the truth...
Zaja: I don't know what will happen from here on out...
Zaja: But... I know what I must do right now...!
Bandit: Damn! Don't just stand there, fight back! Attack!!
Zaja: Foolish bandits. I have a message for you to deliver.
Zaja: When you see my dear friend that's peacefully resting beyond the distant skies... Tell him I will fight on, to protect those I care about...!

Reason to Fight: Scene 4

Although they drive away the bandits, Zaja wallows in self-loathing and remorse for enjoying the battle. The party tells him he can change slowly, but Zaja claims he won't be able to protect anyone that way. They reply that he's already saved them and the village, then the villagers express their gratitude as well. With those words, Zaja finally realizes he was able to save someone.

Zaja: As I thought... It's not so easy to change... a man's love of battle...
Katalina: There's no need to rush. You can change little by little.
Zaja: But... How can I protect anyone like this...?
Vyrn: Mmm? What are you talking about? You saved us just a little while ago.
Katalina: That's right. If you hadn't noticed the enemy earlier... we would have been taken by surprise.
Katalina: Thank you. You saved us, Zaja.
Zaja: I did...?
As Zaja struggled with how to respond, the villagers appear from the forest.
Villager: Ah, there you are! Thank you so much for your help earlier!
Villager: We wanted to properly thank you and welcome you as our guests.
Katalina: But... are you sure?
Villager: Of course! Please, come to the village. Everyone is waiting.
Lyria: Yay! Thank you! Let's go! Come on Zaja, you too!
Zaja: N-No... I...
As Zaja hesitates, a child appears from among the villagers.
Zaja: You're... the child from before...
Child: I'm sorry for getting scared earlier... You saved me...
Child: Um, I'll be waiting for you at the village! I helped make some food, so please come eat!
With that, the child blushes and returns to the village with the others.
Zaja: I protected him...? Me...?
Katalina: Yes, you protected that child and the whole village. No one can deny that. Not even you.
Zaja: I see... I see...
Lyria: Hehe, come on Zaja!
Zaja: Yes...!
The warrior struggles to find answers through ghosts of his past. However, he now has trusted friends by his side.
His journey with his friends is sure to help him grow and lead him on the right path.