Scenario:Zaja - Sky Watcher

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Sky Watcher

A huge man named Zaja appears before the resting crew and says he's searching the bottom of the sky for his missing friends. He tells the doubtful crew to leave him alone, but then he notices that (Captain) resembles an old friend. The man decides to join the crew to protect (Captain).

(Captain)'s crew is visiting an island famous for its beautiful scenery to take a break.
The crew walks to a cliff known for its breathtaking view.
Lyria: Whoa! Check it out, Katalina! That looks incredible!
Katalina: Yeah. There's not a single thing in the way of seeing the vastness of the sky.
Katalina: But there's nothing here to stop you from falling right off the edge of the cliff either...
Vyrn: Hey! What in the world is that guy doing?
???: ...
Vyrn is surprised to see a large man standing at the edge of the cliff.
Katalina: What does he think he's doing? He could easily fall if he stands there!
Lyria: We need to stop him! He's in danger!
Lyria: Hey!
???: Whew...
???: What is your purpose? Huh?
???: No way... That just can't be...
Lyria: What's the matter?
???: That's none of your concern. Just tell me what you want.
Katalina: Well... I'm sure you can see for yourself, but you're standing dangerously close to the edge. Perhaps you should stand a little further back.
???: Is that all?
Lyria: Huh?
???: If that's all you came to tell me, then your business is done. Now leave me alone.
???: I'm too busy to waste time with you.
Katalina: Wait! It really is dangerous!
???: I know that, but it's not like I'm going to fall off.
Vyrn: What are you leaning so far over to look at anyway?
???: I'm looking for friends who are resting under the clouds. I just want to see their faces once more.
Vyrn: Under the clouds? Can people really go there?
Katalina: No... Since he says his friends are resting...
Katalina: He probably intends to say they're—
???: I'm sure they're still alive and happy somewhere at the bottom of the sky. That's why I'm searching for them.
Katalina: Huh? They're alive? But there's nothing at the bottom of the sky...
Lyria: Um... Then what exactly is going on?
???: I'm sorry... I suppose my words must be somewhat confusing for you.
???: They're all mixed up... truths and lies... because I'm trying to run away from my mistake.
???: But maybe it wasn't a mistake... because my friends are living happy lives down at the bottom of the sky somewhere.
Vyrn: Huh? What is this guy trying to say?
???: You don't need to understand, and I don't need to be understood by you. So just hurry up and go away.
Vyrn: Okay... Let's leave him, (Captain). There seems to be something off about this guy anyway.
Katalina: Hey! You shouldn't say that kind of stuff about people, Vyrn!
Katalina: But I guess he has asked us to leave him alone. We don't really have any right to interfere with him.
Lyria: Katalina, wait a minute. We can't just leave him like this.
Vyrn: Say what! Why not?
Lyria: Well... he might be a little scary, but he doesn't seem like a bad guy.
Katalina: Lyria...
???: What are you thinking? And why won't you leave? Are you trying to make me angry?
Lyria: Of course not!
???: Then why?
Lyria: You just seem like you're so sad and in so much pain.
Lyria: Uh... I really want to help if there's anything I can do.
Vyrn: Aw... That's just like Lyria... always wanting to help people.
Vyrn: You heard her, Slouchy! If there's anything we can do to help, just name it!
???: That's very kind of you... although a part of me thinks you're just being nosy.
???: But I guess that's why you seem so similar. And you seem like you're in danger too.
Katalina: What do you mean by that?
???: Never mind me. I'm just rambling.
The big man pauses to look at each member of the crew before turning to stare at (Captain).
???: You're in charge here, aren't you, kid?
Vyrn: What? How can you tell (Captain)'s our captain?
???: It's all in the eyes. You look like someone who's dodged death many times, Captain.
???: Just answer one question for me. Why do you fight?
???: Don't you realize that you might lose everything you hold dear?
???: Why fight?
  1. To avoid that loss.
  2. To reach our goal.

Choose: To avoid that loss.

???: Huh? So you're telling me that you fight to avoid losing things you could very well lose by fighting?
Katalina: Indeed. It's a little complicated. We fight to protect the things that matter to us.
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Choose: To reach our goal.

???: Your goal? So you're prepared to lose anything to reach some goal?
Katalina: Uh... I don't think that's what (Captain) is saying.
???: What do you mean?
Katalina: I suppose you do need to be prepared for loss, but it's even more important to protect what matters. And that's why we fight.

Continue 1

???: You fight... to protect?
Vyrn: Hey... don't give us such a strange look...
???: I wonder if I could have protected my friends if I'd fought only to protect them.
???: Oh... I haven't told you my name yet. I'm Zaja. Will you introduce yourselves to me?
(Captain) and company introduce themselves to Zaja and tell him that they're skyfarers.
Zaja: I see. Those are good names.
Zaja: A few minutes ago, you were struggling to come up with a way to assist me.
Zaja: If you still want to help, would you allow me to join you... and use my strength to protect you?
Zaja: Skyfarers travel the sky, do they not? I can think of no better way to get a good view of the bottom of the sky.
  1. Protect your heart out.
  2. Welcome to the crew.

Choose: Protect your heart out.

Vyrn: Phew... You've got it all figured out, huh, guy?
Zaja: I'm grateful to you all... And I'll do everything in my power to protect you.
Vyrn: You're surprisingly upbeat, big guy.
Zaja: ...?
Vyrn: No need to look so surprised! Can't you take a compliment?
Vyrn: But wait a minute? Are you trying to tell me you're not acting?
Zaja: What? What did I do?
Katalina: Ha-ha... It's okay. You didn't do anything.
Zaja: That's good I guess...
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Choose: Welcome to the crew.

Katalina: Yeah. Just like Lyria said, you don't seem like a bad guy. We don't have any reason to refuse you.
Zaja: I see. Thank you.

Continue 2

Katalina: Anyway... Now that the talking's done, let's get back to the ship. It's starting to get dark.
Lyria: Hee-hee... Our airship is huge, you know!
Zaja: I look forward to seeing it.
The crew returns to the airship with Zaja trailing along slowly behind, quietly mumbling to himself.
Zaja: This time... I'll protect them.