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Summary by Zeze

Fixed, Odenlicious added.

Ric (talkcontribs)

I have done some little edit on one free quest, but when i have done with edits, I have discovered I actually edited the whole page so please help me revert the edit Im afraid to do more wrong things there...!!

Grateful for the attention, and sorry for the trouble!

Zeze (talkcontribs)

Your edit has been undone. What exactly were you trying to change?

Ric (talkcontribs)

I noticed that Agastia was missing a free quest, so I added it, but when I finished adding it, I noticed that it had not only added to the free quest but also "erased" most other things... (FreeQuest: Odenlicious)

Zeze (talkcontribs)

Gotcha, done. For future reference, to add free quests like this, when you edit the location page, you'll see something like this:

==== Free Quests ====
|-|A Certain Soldier's Pride={{Raids:A Certain Soldier's Pride}}
|-|Baker and the Merrymaker={{Raids:Baker and the Merrymaker}}

To add a tab for a new free quest, add another line of this: |-|Quest Name={{Raids:Quest Name}}, replacing "Quest Name" as appropriate.

This will create a link to a (non-existent) page when you click on the tab. Click on that link and create the raid page, copying the example template from Template:BattleEventQuest. You can see Raids:Odenlicious as an example of how it works.

Ric (talkcontribs)

Thank you for your help!

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