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Ruby Turtle Alternative C.A.

2 (talkcontribs)

Can someone please confirm: Ruby Turtle has another C.A. with a name along the lines of "Red Ring of Death." Appears to inflict Fire damage to party, and inflicts "St. Elmo's Fire", which is a stackable Burn effect that appears to damage 500 HP per stack. (talkcontribs)

Addendum: This was found on Extreme Mode.

Wiphand (talkcontribs)

not sure how the mobs on this list were found so not gonna directly add this one but i found "Piasa" hp 3 atk 3 Earth 2 058 000 hp probably just a bigger version of the hard mode Piasa

Wiphand (talkcontribs)

found another missing mob Radiant Volcanon atk 3 hp 3 fire 2 700 000 hp (talkcontribs)

arabesquean vision, idk about her hp. it's probably a little higher than in hard mode.. (talkcontribs)

Missing mob Slashy Scyther. Light element, 3 bars in atk and hp. Point Celsus Extreme 2-2.

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