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Request for "Attack Rate's Duration and Cooldown to (Party) Charge Fill Rate" Formula Table

Ribby (talkcontribs)

I am trying to figure out which is a suitable party attack multipler in terms of continuous cycle. That means on how long it last and when is the next order to be ready at your disposal. What I really need is a summary/table of the class's/character's/weapon's/summon's multipler (in forms of usually skills, but maybe charge) in duration versus cooldown turns.

For far, Ejaeli has been the most consistent with zero downtime.

However, I know that there might be other Ejaeli alternatives with minor downtime. I do not care about strength/probability yet in this formula (because it will complicate things now). For instance, Ghandagoza's Avidya skill has a cooldown of 7 turns, with a duration of 5 turns. Not too much of a problem to keep on filling up the charge with a somewhat constant rate. And the skill applies to the party. Ghandagoza is currently not on the list (we need moderators to update and verify for specific branches of data). So is Kumbhira and Milla Maxwell (all of them party attack multipler).

Anywhom, I hope that this request get fulfilled. For both double/triple attack rate.

Update! I just read up Korwa, and she seems to be the better Ejaeli alternative, but without that clarity skill (removes debuff on allies). She needs to be put into the list.

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