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[Spoiler] Free Quest: Crashing Waves, Rising Beats

Ribby (talkcontribs)

Location: Auguste Isles, "Baruha Beach", Chapter 9, "Crashing Waves, Rising Beats" This is a battle between only your main character and not just one, but three members of the Fundoshi Trio (Soriz, Eugen, and Jin [story found in the 'Gird Your Fundoshis' Grand Blues Channel quest]). They are also the legendary Baruha Beach fishing festival bearers (founders of some fishing festival [and its chief initiation]). Basically, you will have to tough it out with three burly bros of rippling beach near-nakedness. It's that side of nature so off to it.

First off, you are faced against the King Pin, who is actually much easier to deal with than the trio. All you have to do is keep on healing (and maybe some debuffs). Eventually, the King Pin will cave in and let you grapple against the trio. However, you can notice the peculiar DA DownDouble attack rate is lowered
and TA DownTriple attack rate is lowered
debuffs. It's kind of a hint entailing what the trio will do to you. Obviously, you are not going to make many hits and charge up within time. It's going to be a slow ride.

Now, the second episode and last stage is a endurance test, none of that hit lingo. I must remind you that your main character will be pitted against three foes alone. An assessment on the data table shows what each foe can do. Soriz got that SubstituteReceives foe attack in place of an ally
(Excludes all-foe all-ally attacks)
debuff, so you will have to fight him first anyways. Eugen specializes in charges with 25% Charge CutInstantly reduces Charge Bar by 25%
Strength: 25%
debuff and UpliftedCharge bar is boosted on every turn
buff. Jin is basically a (big enough) damage dealer. All their special techniques will activate on maximum charge diamonds. Their charge diamond cap is quite short as well.

You will be peppered by a number of things. A shield protecting a charger and damager. Since you are overwhelmed, it is best to outlast against each foe. Weapon skills and summon auras are constant passives to help hold out against the trio. In endurance, healing is essential for most of the battle, so provide enough sources in either skill, weapon, or summon. Speaking of health, it's best to tag Kaguya as your support summon should you fall. Other than health, you may want to look into mitigating damage. DEF DownDEF is lowered
and ATK DownATK is lowered
debuffs and DEF UpDEF is boosted
and ATK UpATK is boosted
buffs can help. Just make sure that you happened to be quite successful in either debuffing or buffing. I would advise you to invest into the Rose Queen as she can defend, heal, and charge at the same turn. Offense-wise, if you are a charger, expect to forget about (consistent) charge attacks because Eugen will try to disable you. Rather, try to increase attack rate to deal more damage and replace the role of charge attack. Last, but not least, remember to stack up the elemental weapons for more damage. Make sure their weapon skills work out for you. The same goes for your wielded main hand weapon.

During the battle, you can see different quantities in each foe's charge diamond cap. If you attack the most (Eugen) to defuse a charge situation, you can count on the other two to start pummeling away with their own charge attack. It's best to remove the least first as charge attacks tend to be not so easy to withstand. Oh yeah, Jin does have a HP trigger that increases his charge diamond cap as well as his charge damage. That's when you start multi-attack and charging. There's critical damage, but I doubt it's significant in impact.

That being said, you should be able to take down the trio in a one-by-one fashion (without losing a Full Elixir). You can try out an all-foe attack method, but it's still a endurance test to me. Anyways, enjoy that Drum Master class. (talkcontribs)

What power level is recommended for this? I tried it at 19 star power and could only defeat one of the three guys before I died.

Ribby (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure, but I might suggest perusing the Wind element as its advantage over Earth increases ally damage, increases ally defense, increases ally debuff success, increases ally debuff resistance. Of course, if damage itself won't cut it, it only helps out a bit.

Since it's a unfair fight, you need anticipate these buggers in terms of their abilities against yours. A strategy is required! I was supposed to post the topic here, but oh well. It's not like people would know there's a non-editing link there.,_Rising_Beats#2.2F2

Going into detail, focus on the charge of your main hand. For me, the Cherubim's Lance has both healing and buff effect. Of course, any healing weapon will do. Nirvana and Hallowed Pilgrimage are examples. As main hand, AutoreviveRecovers once from a knockout while in effect
buffs are granted, but you need to invest into the class to use the class weapon. I'm not a fan of class specific weapons, but it's a matter of taste.

Next, is your weapon gird. Yes, there are the damage and health numbers. Anybody can do that. The weapon skills per weapon is worth to look at. Consider each one in how it would help you. Example would be Unheil's 'Hatred's Grace', see that it protects from foe debuff success? That's just an example. For most weapon investments, I suggest to equip the Trium Skill Weapons. You attack more often than you can charge attack.

Your summons, while not noted, is absolutely essential compared to the given class skills. The weight depends on the summon call and auras. My suggestions are Satyr, Rose Queen, Sapphire Dance: Habotan, and Mithra. My support summon pick would be Kaguya. Her AutoreviveRecovers once from a knockout while in effect
buff will protect against Jin's HP < 25% Trigger charge attack. The challenge is to keep AutoreviveRecovers once from a knockout while in effect
buff long enough after both Soriz and Eugen fall in combat. Of course, you can use other summons too. It's that I myself wouldn't.

Class skills, class skills are a varied bunch, but I suggest to use only tier IV, healing style. You will then be given more freedom in class skill selection. Dispel and VeilDebuffs will be nullified (1 time)
"Veil" is an unofficial name used by the wiki for this status effect. Its actual in-game name is "Immune."
are good picks.

Now for the punchline. You might need to spend some dough to get the right setup, but at least it's not a gamble? If you can wait (for months), wait for tickets. Otherwise, wait to stock up for the right amount of Cerulean Sparks. I hope this reply could be of use to you in the fight against the Crashing Waves, Rising Beats - Episode 2 battle. Oh yeah, and some music. |Granblue Vocal| |GRANBLUE FANTASY| Sanbagarasu otoko uta (spanish & english subtitles)

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

First time I see anyone using "star power", the only thing I could think of is the star thingie on main screen, which practically no one cares about. Even est dmg is seems like a better indicator of your strength.
This isn't a fight that requires any particular investment like the guy above's text wall would suggest. I did that fight ages ago, back when I didn't even had finished m1 grid. Just follow Basic Grid guide and you should be fine. If anything, try out different MC skills.

On side note, don't use Mithra (lol). It's one of the worst summons. (talkcontribs)

Thank you both. :D I will work on my grid and weapons and it seems the healer class would be beneficial for this as well, so I will try and get Sage too. (talkcontribs)

I need help; I can't equip my allies in the battle -- I can only use the main character. Is this normal?

Ribby (talkcontribs)

Aye, unfortunately, tis the rule of this battle. Check the link below.,_Rising_Beats#2.2F2

There are also general battle rule semantics to be aware of. Such as, elemental advantages/disadvantages. I myself ignored this fact at first. It becomes more significantly obvious in the higher difficulty/level battles. It also pays to organize the party effectively and efficiently. However, for this battle, things other than characters, are the prime focus. It is not a high level battle, but it is three versus one. And that's why I bothered to write up a lengthy explanation.

[Spoiler] Grand Blues Channel Quest: The Saucy Mr. Crabs

1 (talkcontribs)

Location: Auguste Isles, "Raya's Shore, Rainbow Beach", Chapter 10, "The Saucy Mr. Crabs" There is a battle with the infamous "Lvl 45 Somnika the Delicacy". Basically, this beast of a crab will peruse its skills in a slight routine. When it deploys its 50% defense shield, it may use a single target 'Pinch' nuke of 99k in the next turn. Should its shield or charge diamond(s) be removed, there is a likely chance for its nuke skill to crop up and kill off one of your characters. The option is always open amid the risks. Even if you did not touch the shield, in two or three turns, it will deactivate to initiate the nuke. Its skills does not follow the charge diamond requirement.

How to go about this skill tripping upset crabby? One solution is to equip all earth types in the matter of weapons, weapon skills, characters, and summons. However, I don't believe that exploiting weaknesses in a normal run will defeat the crustacean. Its nuke skill is too high to cover with elemental knowledge alone. Common hearsay speaks of using nuke skills/charges, but unless you got the right character(s)/summon(s) along with proper upgrades, damage alone will not help you beat this monster.

It's quite the healthy crab so I doubt harm will be the solution. However, just be glad that its nuke skill does not cover the all or multiple targets field. For any lucky goers, if you happened to obtain any reviving characters/summons within your character roster, they will be your ultimate key to trot though this bossy ordeal. Now just survive the marathon. However, revives might not be enough as skill spamming is a constant threat. Not everybody got enough gear to outlast the rocky fight. You might want to add in status/specials to get some edge. This is for those without the right insurance. I tried charm, but this is an insect immune to the human pheromone. Paralysis seem to work wonders in holding down this crab from even moving. If you can spam paralysis for each turn, then congratulations, you showed who's the alpha crab. I am no expert on paralysis so I cannot help you there. However, I did see some slight encounters in the dodge rate working against its attacks and skills. The right dodging conditions can help here, but you have to make the design work. I am not going to say that the solutions above is readily accessible. If you just want to beat this thing regardless of setups, I hope you got a supply of full elixirs. It's going to cost you and set you back a bit. Hey, you get what you pay for, what can I say?


I believe, but have yet test the reviving strategy against Location: Valtz Duchy, "Sarwa Desert", Chapter 5", "Rise of the Machos". This is another Grand Blues Channel challenge. I know for a fact that upgraded characters with hide skills can be the mighty ant against the charging "Lvl 38 Head Macho". Delays and healing might work too, granted that you have such gear. I'm just going to say this, his charge is definitely weaker than Somnika's or other Grand Blues bosses. His lack of normal attacks might be a blessing for those trying to beat Grand Blues battles. Also a great opportunity to heal up that 5k estimate of damage (okay, it's not something your rare characters can easily handle). Still, Head Macho is still healthy even for my maxed level characters.

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