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Galbias (talkcontribs)

Any objections to adding the new Omega ROTB weapons (or at least the Fire/Water/Earth ones) to the grids? Given that Ray of Zhuque is listed in the Fire section I feel like these should be added as they'll be a significant improvement over the standard Omega weapons.

KonatsuSV (talkcontribs)

Sounds pretty fair. All 4 of them should at least be an improvement over sklv10 omega weapons.

KonatsuSV (talkcontribs)

It should be noted that the page really seems pretty outdated. But I'm not sure how this can be improved because it's somewhat mismatched with Team Building (e.g. Fire section mentions AES but clearly no new player would ever have 5 AESs at their disposal). Do we intend the page to be new player specific?

Zeze (talkcontribs)

I feel like the page would be served well if it was redesigned to be something like Kamigame's grid guide, which gives layout suggestions, main/support summon recs, numbers for each skill modifier that should be in the grid, baseline skill levels, and most importantly, visuals.

Since the page is titled Basic Grids, it should probably be designed for new players. That said, it's pretty easy to forget what it's like to be a new player once you reach HL content, so I think doubling down on the page's scope will be good. Stuff that's more complex is already better-defined by other resources like Team Building (though most players don't get referred to the Team Building guide, usually it's Basic Grids that gets linked) and Pooky's Grid Guide.

Galbias (talkcontribs)

I think the page generally has the right idea, as a sort of general weapon framework to aim for in each element. I can say that I found it helpful when I was first starting out, but it could probably use a couple tweaks in spots (AES vs Colo Cane, also not sure why it recommends 6 Tia Bolts in Wind vs 4 Celeste Claws/2 Axes in Dark even though Dark generally has better Enmity characters, probably an explanation at early about why you want different weapon skill types) and maybe a short writeup on the weapon/summon choices for each element, similar to Pooky's guide but less in depth since this only covers pre-HL content.

ie, for Water (one of the simpler ones): 5 Leviathan Gaze Omega provide the core Omega Attack boost which is further increased by a Leviathan Omega summon. Winter's Frostnettle gives a smaller Omega Attack boost, but compensates by adding Crit chance and an Enmity modifier, which will provide more damage overall in most situations.

Zeze (talkcontribs)

I'll start working on a page revamp on my own userspace (User:Zeze/Sandbox) before seeing what the rest of the editing team thinks. I agree with small explanations; it might be helpful for players who want to know why we're picking a Medium ATK weapon over a Big ATK weapon, or why we aren't using a Colossus Blade when it has Enmity which is supposedly amazing, without going in too deep into the damage formulas.

I also want to cut down on a bit of the wordiness of the Notes section, but I'm a bit of a long-winded writer, so we'll see how that goes.

Galbias (talkcontribs)

That looks really good to me.

Dashi (talkcontribs)

A more updated version probably would forgo AES entirely. 6 tiamat bolts outdamage any other early/medium combination via double magna skills. It is only surpassed at M2 by adding several harps 4★ to it, and the difference is minimal when comparing peak performances of both. (Roughly 10% of final damage increase in a 50% hp scenario. Higher at full. Lower anywhere else.) While dark doesn't need more than 4 claws to reach cap damage, they are rare to come by without pendanting, and a 5th claw nowadays is replaced by an Akasha weapon or m2 scepter.

That guide attempts to avoid confusing new players. So it avoids going in-depth on why and how each option is as is. It is not meant the replace in-depth element guides.

Also, personal opinion here, but Pooky's guides are generally bad.

Galbias (talkcontribs)

This is just a early game guide, HL stuff shouldn't factor into it aside from maybe "you'll probably only use 4 Claws in HL so there's no need to farm more than that", probably something similar with Wind.

AES should definitely be listed, they're difficult to farm but they can be obtained pre-HL and are competitive with Canes.

I'm kind of conflicted on Spring's Whisperings, it's a solid and easily obtained Omega weapon but it's probably best mentioned as a filler option since HP/DA versus Enmity (Bolt) or higher attack mod (Gauntlet) isn't quite optimal, you can get it to sk15 earlier but skill fodder will probably be a limitation for early players. It also has low raw attack compared to Tiamat weapons.

The other three ROTB weapons are fairly safe adds I think.

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