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HOW TO VRYNNNNN (Strategies for non-HL)

required class : Ninja or Eternal Character : Tweyen
Ninja first skill "Ninjutsu" using fire seal(top) and wind seal(right)
to put "light mark 1" on VRYN-kun
Next hit 2nd skill "shuriken" so "light mark 2"
then you will need other player to "Ninjutsu" to paralysis VRYN-kun

it required at least 4-5 ninja to be sure that the loop complete (in paralysis you will only do normal attack DO NOT USE SKILL!!! because in 30 sec paralysis you can normal attack 4-5 turn (usually at last 5 seconds will be Charge Attack) while "ninjutsu" is 6 turns cool-down "shuriken" is 8 turns cool-down so you will have to coordinate with other in raid)

using chat to tell what skill you have for example "got NJ, SK"
Stamp16.png WAIT UP sticker (Io) to put "light mark 1"
Stamp44.png then "shuriken" and using OK sticker (lyria)
if don't have "shuriken" try asking in chat for one

when the paralysis start suggest to using "Go wild" text and who play in browser with Viramate assist tool please use "Let be careful" text to tell other players in raid to be careful/stop attack when paralysis left 5 seconds in case after 50% hp VRYN-kun will NUKE your entire main party

with properly planning and co-operate with 18 mans rank 70-100 could win this raid estimated time 30 mins - 1 hours depend on raid damage

Double Single Gran/Gjeeta Ninja

only Gran/Gjeeta in party would take only 2-3 seconds to normal attack which mean in 30 seconds you can past 8-9 turns to reset Ninjutsu and Shuriken. 2 single ninja party could reset cool down in time for Permanent paralysis
but this Strategy required other 16 players to be damage dealer (maybe 2-3 play full-team but take Ninja just in case anything goes wrong)

ps.sorry for my English if anyone could polish this would be very grateful