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How do I increase / check loyalty for Olivia?

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I cleared the story and did some expeditions to get the Draw tickets (and the result was Real bad). And now I decide to raise the loyalty for Olivia to get her permanently but then I notice there is no loyalty increase shown at battle end, and I have no idea how to check it, anyone please illuminate me?

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

There should be no loyalty in this rerun.

Expedition Mini Game, Turn Points, and Battle Difficulty (Impossible Path)

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Alright, I have already surpassed all paths (even the impossible) with some or no remedy. While the boss battles is somewhat lower in health, their triggers is to be kept in mind. That department will be tied to my entire intuition, as I can beat the raid battle extreme mode by myself. The nightmare mode, while like extreme mode, I happened to witness a preview of the Spike Shot special attack. A whopping 2k per hit. I would estimate 4k in total, not to mention that the mafioso must be tolerated to live during the battle. Hopefully, there is a remedy to withstand that constant threat as there is 100% chance risk of exposure.

Getting back on-topic, in the Impossible path, each monster that you voluntarily battle is in level 50. Topping that, the health (rating) value can help to end and fail your expedition, thwarting your attempt to acquire your eel loot. However, should you win a voluntary battle, you have a chance to gain some eels along the way. I recall about 2 or 3, but every amount helps in buying inventory from the eel trade shop. The health value, as I mentioned before, can cost your turn points to disappear by a 20! Or so at least from a player (that being me) who started out a while ago (and might not have the right characters [or investment condition] to quickly dispatch the monsters). I know, for a fact, that enmity-based skills/attacks, will not work too well due to health percentage requirement and output not fast enough for turn point cost efficiency.

Now you know of the issue, the question is how to exploit these opportunities with enough turn points intact to finish the expedition? We have to keep the turn points in mind as if it's the timer in the Super Mario Bros console game. Because most of us players who prefer the higher rewards, I will focus of the impossible path. For each action taken, will cost turn points. Since the boss battles are the most expensive, the assumed turn points expense means that you must finish the expedition with less than 100 turn points. Each costing OVER 20 for the barely managing. You'll know if you barely manage after you beat raid battle extreme mode (or even higher!) without request for backup. Not a free ride of an expedition, now is it? In addition, there's the eel schools stage, where each fishing period costs 5 turn points. On the positive side, this is your chance to reap your rewards for additional eels so make your coordination and dexterity count! A few fishing spots might cost you 10 to 15 turn points. That's 70 to 85 turn points left. There's another stage called naval mines. This stage costs the least turn points, but comes with the risk of ambush, resulting in a mandatory battle. For me, each ambush is about 20 turn points. I myself am left with 50 to 70 turn points given the current situation.

I can probably safely squeeze in just one voluntary battle without getting booted. The thing is that some monsters don't provide the eel loot, such as a chance with the crabs. Their health is the lowest despite their numbers. I recall that a certain penguin gives 2 ells. Maybe I will go with one monster encounters next time as it would be easier anyways. If I should iterate the point, I'm trying to earn MORE eels from voluntary battles in the impossible path under the constraint of the turn point limit. Any ideas? Even if your solutions or findings won't match my given equipment/preparation/findings, I would like to know how others deal with these opportunities. Your input may help determine the worth of voluntary battles.

Shade (talkcontribs)
  • To start off, a refresher on how TP works may be helpful. Remember that one TP is consumed every time you hit the attack button, and every other action before your party's attack turn will not consume any. This scenario is what makes your nukes/damaging skills shine. As always, elemental advantage will give you an edge in battle.
  • Nukes, especially AOE variants (such as the one from the Wizard line of classes), are a big step in saving TP. With a strong enough grid, you can use an AOE nuke and one-shot enemies at no cost. Even if your grid isn't strong enough for that, nukes are still free damage and will help tremendously. Consider slotting nuke-centric characters into your party for random encounters if you have any.
  • Are you using debuffs? Combining Miserable Mist and Defense Breach applies -50% defense to one enemy (since Defense Breach is single-target). In similar fashion, combining MM and Arrow Rain III applies -50% attack to all foes. Both of these make a significant difference in your damage output and survival, respectively. RoA III is also an AOE nuke. Make sure to use your debuffs before unleashing your nukes.
  • If you find yourself close to running out of TP upon reaching the end of the map, it may a good idea to cut back on your battles. Pick and choose. A reminder that you get guaranteed eals from the Capo and Mafioso enemies, and a large amount at that. Four to six per Mafioso, and usually somewhere between 10-15 (and possibly up to 20) per Capo. I suggest scouring the entire map before battling in case you run into those enemies. In addition, 50 eals are given for every final checkpoint in the Extreme-difficulty stages. Clearing all three stages gives you a grand total of 150 eals. (Also, eal fishing spots actually vary in cost from three to five TP.)
  • In the end, if this doesn't change your situation much, you can always raise your weapon skill levels, as they are the basis of your party's strength. (talkcontribs)

To be honest, I believe that you are quite correct in the matter of efficiency. I just noticed that I am having stages that require to fight foes (Mad Mola) in the smallest amount of turns possible. I have to switch gears from there. Maybe, I don't have enough good (dark/elemental) weapons/characters equipped. The boss battle is technically light so that's a start, if the option presents itself.

To me, I don't have the skills to start blasting off millions/thousands of health right at the start. I'm a newbie so I have to resort to mixing all sorts of gimmicks rather than specialization. The next best thing than having nuking characters at your command, would be multi-attacks. At the very least, you can roll a number while you step up 10% of the charge bar per attack. Even more, revitalize is a must as a fail-safe insurance against failed multi-attacks. At least you can heal or charge up. Stacking up other singles of healing/revivals/delays/debuffs/buffs/removals|immunity (from either foes or allies)/automatics/charms, and you got a set that could take on raids with a random probability of chances and backup. While messing with stats is fun, it's not always the good times rolling on. Without any delays, you are sure to perish before the cool down finishes.

Not everyone gets the outstanding gear of tomorrow, but at the very least, everyone have access to the given range of classes along with their particular skills. Like I said, party-wise, multi-attacks/revitalize/delays (to work with status changes)/automatics would be the cost efficient alternative to focused elemental weapons grid and (high tier) nukes.

Anyways, I figure that further progression will just get difficult, as in turns as well. I actually had a harder time taking down the electric eel in the expedition than the raid. Triggers in a shorter amount of health is something new to me. Forgotten about the enmity as well. I am just stopping and giving up further effort. I wasted about seven full elixirs just to race the turn points. Got three turn points remaining. Seriously, if anyone wants to have a chance against the weighing odds, paying out for premium service would probably do it. A huge supply of full elixirs for each event might be the easier strategy. That said, tis some serious gaming in a small package. That's enough typing too. Over and out.

Solo Defeated Raid Battle, Extreme Mode!

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Woo! I demolished the lvl 50 electric eel! Tell you what, it was totally slow going, but as long you keep alive, you can turn this eel into sushi roll.

I am not sure if I should tell others of my strategy nor tactics, but for sure the eels have enmity as their health lowers. They also have a bit of 30% attack value in critical hits during normal attacks so watch out. And of course, almost every extreme mode have a wave/all attack so keep that in mind! As for their special attacks, that's the worse ever! Hope you got something to remedy against the buffs, debuffs, and of course, the ridiculous damage output! This assessment made me reconsider a different class for these wonderful challenging event battles.

Definitely tougher than the urkin, but Arte was a whopping 18k! I have yet to figure out soloing that scenario. Wished I can stream roll fast and easy, but maybe this scenario happens to everybody?

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