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Stage Drop Info Standardization

Right now, the chest content listings for the co-op battles in their individual sections are a bit of a mess. While the main co-op article acknowledges that items like full/half pots, soul balms/berries, and creeds drop from every stage, they're inconsistently listed on individual stage sections. For example, Hard 1-1 shows that silver chests drop half elixirs, Hard 1-2 doesn't, then Hard 1-3 adds it back on. (They also don't list the other common drop items.)

Same deal for treasures like Searing Stones and Vortical Pinwheels that can theoretically drop from any of the appropriate stages, but aren't listed on all of the proper stage details. Players who go straight to co-op stage details to check their drop tables, might incorrectly believe that an item doesn't drop from a stage that it does drop from.

There are two main solutions: One, to list every single drop item for all stages. It might make the sections longer, but it'll leave no room for misunderstanding. The other is to list common items at the top of each page (above the Stage 1 header) and only list the "major" drops on the stage details.

On top of this, there are some discrepancies between CCW replica listings, where the CCW page lists all of the drop locations while the co-op stage details don't list them. Since the recent update to co-op has changed up some drop locations (mostly in regards to Distinctions in Extra Stages), now's probably as good a time as ever to get these stage details standardized.

--Zeze (talk) 00:53, 31 March 2019 (UTC)