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Discussion board for the Collection Tracker.

Please post tracker issues, bugs, and suggestions here. Thank you. (talkcontribs)

Halluel and Malluel(Summer) are missing.

PieFormation (talkcontribs)

Fixed now, thanks for the heads up! (talkcontribs)

no characters show up when selecting unknown race. I'm guessing it's because unknown got renamed to other recently so the category name on the wiki changed too and now the tracker can't find it (talkcontribs)

The tracker is missing summer version of Cagliostro.

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

Works on my end.
I purged the page, did anything change for you? (talkcontribs)

Works now.


2 (talkcontribs)

Malinda seems missing.

PetriW (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the heads up, we are investigating!

Is it possible to put these cap-tracking icons on personal pages?

Hypello (talkcontribs)

Mostly out of disliking long URLs (which I understand is necessary to make individual versions of a common page), I was wondering if there's a way to mimic this amazing presentation through hard-coding. I've done something similar on my own userpage, but it seems a little slapdash in comparison!

(If this isn't the right place to ask, I apologize, I'm just simply unsure of where else to put a question like this.)

Threo does not appear when searching for characters with sabre speciality

2 (talkcontribs)


FridgeLaser (talkcontribs)

It should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.

Lucio is not included in characters with Sabre proficiency

Sosei (talkcontribs)

When filtering characters to only see ones with Sabre proficiency, Lucio is not included on that list, despite having it.

Summary by AdlaiT

Please make another topic if more characters are missing. (talkcontribs)

Filtering to SSR Earth Axe characters doesn't show Mellau. Same for Spear and Nemone.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

The page cache wasn't updated yet. Characters with new weapon proficiencies should show up now.

Resniperowl (talkcontribs)

Would just like to mention that when SSR fire characters with a katana proficiency are singled out, Yuel doesn't show up. Don't remember when she got that katana proficiency. (talkcontribs)

please add lancelot and vane fire unit the spear profiency to the collection tracker

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Those characters have now been fixed. Please feel free to report any missing characters in the future.

--AdlaiT (talk) - Wiki Admin 22:17, 1 January 2019 (UTC)

Add a check box to keep elements in separate rows.

1 (talkcontribs)

I think it would be useful if you could keep elements separated into their own rows even when they get to small amounts instead of being condensed into one row together.

Side Story Characters/Summons

Summary by AdlaiT

A Side Story button has been added to the tracker.

LumalCone (talkcontribs)

Characters and summons obtained in Side Stories don't seem to be counted as Event characters/summons but don't have a category of their own. They only appear when All is selected, not when every other tag is selected.

PetriW (talkcontribs)

I'll look into it! Thanks for the report! :D

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