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linking account to android apps

Reivatin (talkcontribs)

my friend and I always play by chrome with web based but on surptix came, we mostly do in apps in android so it can become easier to pay

the problem is, my friend have new phone, and seems can't link his account to his new phone apps

any guide to this ? like i have login via gmail, and my friend via ID and pass

this would be good addition to FAQ (but i don't know which one, how to lick the account some say, you need clear all data in gbf apps and chrome too (

via confimation email which we don't know if we have or not (2nd nswer,

SO anyone know step to step to login to new phone ?

To-do:FAQ needs a clean up

Summary by AdlaiT

FAQ has been revised and rewritten up to standard.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

We received a complaint that the wiki FAQ is bloated and contains answers that "should belong in other sections." Although they did not elaborate on that point, I agree that the FAQ overall could be more concise and better written for new players in mind. Some answers could be expanded into separate newbie guides or redirected to dedicated pages such as Weapon Skills or Team Building.

This task has been added to the Meta:To-do List.

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