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Fenrir's Aura Question: Reading Charge Bar Gain

Ribby (talkcontribs)
From the game, I read Status Uplift.png?% Charge Bar Gain UpCharge bar gain is boosted

Strength: ?%
or "Boost to charge bar gain". I am not sure if there is a charge bar speed, but game rules are game rules. So obviously each attack is guaranteed a extra gain in charge percentage.

However, I just want to be sure on whether the gains are for Label Element Water.png allies only. Reason why is because of the in-game aura quote, "20% boost to water allies ATK / Boost to charge bar gain." So far, I haven't seen at least a 10% increase from my other allies. Maybe 1% for a single attack? Maybe my main ally receives the higher benefit.

When does the gain occur? It looks like it happens after the enemy attacks. This can be useful after when Status Collapse.png?% Charge CutInstantly reduces Charge Bar by ?%

Strength: ?%
or Status Collapse.pngCharge Bar SlowedCharge bar speed is lowered
happens. Can someone check with a test?


I'm sorry if I asked a trivial question, but I was thinking of a preemptive/interrupt action scenario just like in the Magic the Gathering card game.

I honestly think that there are more than one way to use the charge bar gain aura. Normal attacks are one. Getting damaged is two. If getting minuscule damage for all main allies per turn rewards substantial charge bar gain, that could be a good thing.

Auryona (talkcontribs)

The aura affects only Water allies, yes. The gain is not a flat increase to charge bar, it's an additional percent of what an ally would otherwise gain, similar to "Boost to Charge Bar" Character EMP. In other words, for a 0★ Fenrir:
For a single attack, if an ally would normally gain 10% they would instead gain 11%.
For a double attack, if an ally would normally gain 22% they would instead gain 25%.
For a triple attack, if an ally would normally gain 37% they would instead gain 42%.

The aura affects normal attacks, charge bar gain skills/summons, and when damage is received (which is possibly the "after the enemy attacks" case you're seeing), and is affected by other charge bar buffs and debuffs. If your team has Status Shorted.pngShortedCharge bar is frozen
, for example, your team will not gain charge bar even if you are using Fenrir. 10% of zero is still zero, after all!

Ribby (talkcontribs)

Oh, I see, it's actually the percentage ratio (might vary) of normal attack charge gain that we are seeing in the aura. There's also the charge gain percentage per damage received, but I haven't seen much research on that.

I guess it's just 2% increase for a single attack, totaling up to 12%; and that's when Fenrir is at least 3★.

So far, I think I am seeing at least the charge gain affecting other elements. I am worrying about the attack variable here. Fenrir currently is 5% with water main weapon, and with other water characters are at 2% ~ 4ish%. Otherwise, 3% for main and 0% ~ 2% for other characters. That is probably due to Character EMP. Fair enough? Maybe I'm wrong, I might need to look up some youtubes.


I was hoping that calculating Fenrir's contribution can help maxing up the charge bar within a few turns. It does work, but not as consistent as I would want it. I am currently using Status Revitalize.pngRevitalizeRecover HP each turn. Boost to charge bar if HP is full.
and other chargeable skills. Maybe I should look into the cooldown count and other passive skills. Examples of passive charge bar gain include Summon s 2040012000.jpg Lich, Summon s 2040043000.jpg Marduk, Summon s 2040032000.jpg Cerberus (Summon), and Summon s 2040064000.jpg Magus (statement notice of benefit to allies). Self damage as well. Perhaps this is an area that should be taken with less emphasis.

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