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Reivatin (talkcontribs)

can someone edit it to become : "Keep 2 fully-uncapped copies, as it is enough to reach Excelsior's cap (which is separate from that of Glory or Sentence), especially if Primal Grid is within consideration as its first skill can be boosted by Hades. Any remaining copies can be reduced or used as skill fodder."

it irk me when all-might spear have more line

PS: i try edit it but somehow the word jumbled so i did'nt do it, hope it won't affect this page

Reivatin (talkcontribs)

ah so it's "edit source", instead of "edit"


Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

I undid your edit and shortened All-Might Spear's reduce advice. We talked about it not too long ago and decided to keep reduce advices as short as possible and instead try to improve team building type of pages where we would go more in depth why certain weapons are good. It's a long term plan though.

Reivatin (talkcontribs)

ok, that's fine,, i saw that like those 2 are different kind skill even the words is same excelsior, because the explanation is kinda different. and yeah those words more like to imply some kind of build.

hope your grid build pages is on soon, love to see it..

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