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So I just got my husbando today and I'm at a cross with this version. For starters I found the fan service kinda meh I mean his wind version was definitely sexier and more showey while the new one's design seems more tamed, even the sprites for the most part stay clothed! What suddenly they want to keep him more PG approved?

Secondly why is he a healer? Only has one healing skill that seems to do nothing at all which is probably another dumb gag skill. He should of been either a balanced or attacker type instead albeit probably a weak one.

Getting to my final rant,the thing that's bugging me most is how this ANOTHER SR Jin making this fourth of the collection... really devs? Four Jins and not one of them SSR yet? I know one of the reasons was so players can get him easily what with how high his drop rate was but I find it ridiculous at this point not to increase his rarity so I hope if/whenever a fifth version is released that its SSR, Soriz as well too while they're at it because come on the fundoshi trio needs to stick together and I'm sure SSR Eugen has waited long enough.