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I got a question about the Collection Tracker:

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

So it shows that, all the Summons when you click "Other" under the gender tab, it shows all the Summons + Primals. Why is it like that there in the Collection Tracker though when you can't search by gender when it comes to Summons in game? Is this something to be taken seriously?

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Because even the obvious human summons in it are under "Other" unless its because they're just summons meaning they arent the real thing?

Zeze (talkcontribs)

I would assume that, for some reason, the Collection Tracker isn't properly filtering out summons when gender is selected. I'll pass on the message to those who work on the tracker.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Thanks. It would be understandable to not know where to put the Summons considering that in-game doesn't show that kind of stuff for Summons. That being said, I doubt any one of 'em is "Other".

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Except for like Collosus and such that it actually says it for on their character profiles.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Now that I think on it some more, I think i'm wrong. The Primals can assume Skydweller forms, but when they are in their Primal state, they're all Other in gender because they're like Deities when they're like that.

Though with that being said... they aren't even defined in game, but on the other hand, the lore and whatever is said for Tiamat's lore I think may confirm this already. (In her character page.)

What does the the title above character's names on the wiki mean?

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Is that the name of a trophy they're bound to get in their Fate Episode? Perhaps in regards to a FLB 5* Trophy?

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

With Japanese language settings, every character has a title in their character screen when uncapped to a certain point. These titles have been completely eliminated with English settings and are not officially translated. The most of the titles you see on the wiki are unofficial translations of the character's Japanese title.

Sometimes titles have an official translation due to being used in cutscenes/story events, such as Albert's title.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

So does it usually tell you that you earned the Title through a trophy or something? Or does it just appear there out of nowhere?

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

No, some trophies are directly named after a character's title, but a character does not get their title from a trophy.

Characters get their title when uncapped to 3.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

I see. Is there some kind of notification that would tell you this upon doing so?

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)


Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Oh alright. Thanks for the information.

Can I have a screenshot of Satyr's NPC Journal Entry from Primal Resonance in Japanese

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

I'm trying to get a hold of it. But I haven't played Primal Resonance, so I don't have access to it in game.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Is it just the journal text that you want?

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

To be specific, I need a screenshot of the text from in game of her NPC journal entry. Not just the text typed up here.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Well, no. Just a screenshot of the text if possible.

Markyi (talkcontribs)
Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Ah, thanks alot.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)


Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Oh, nvm.

I got these Satyr homepage voicelines and would like someone to take them off my hands and put them into the Home Page section of her Voice tab.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)
Hakazumi (talkcontribs)
Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

So how do I contribute a voice file without naming it?

Because I would usually just record the file and then turn it from an mp4 file to an mp3. It usually just names itself after the destination it came from.

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

I don't think any page really has a specific how-to guide other than the Template:VoicelessQuotes. But since the process is almost the same, no matter the files you want to get, I'll allow myself to quote part of it.
First of all, you pretty much need to be on browser, second is basically:

[...] you should have dev tool console ready (open by pressing ctrl + shift + i) with Network tab open.
This is how network tab looks like. The files you'd care about will be under the "Name" part.
In this case, it's filtered so there aren't that many results in it.

So while you can get everything without filtering, if you go to XHR tab, the mp3 files will be easier to notice.
Yes, you read it right, the files are already mp3 within the game. No need to convert anything.
They also have specific names, "3040211000_mypage1.mp3" is how Vira (Wind)'s first home screen voice line is called. It uses her character ID (3040211000) which you can normally find inside "extra data" tab on every character's page.
However, that is not always the case. Sometimes characters use their older version's ID or even use the same files as their alts, which is why it's important not to alter the names (it makes reusing easier and if there's anything wrong with it it can be double checked with in game ver within just few seconds, along other things).

"But how to files show up in network tab?"
They need to be triggered.
If character says something while using skill, you need to use said skill to get that line. If you want home screen lines, you need to poke the character for them to say something and for said something to appear in the network tab.

Uploading process is already kinda explained, just use Special:Upload page.

Back to Vira, if I wanted to add that file to her page, there's this "Edit" button on top right I'd have to click and then inside of templates would become visible.
Since that was home screen line, I'd have to search for its place within the template and that'd be:


(Sometimes "note" field is not there, don't worry about that.)
|home1_file= would be changed to |home1_file=3040211000_mypage1.mp3.
After you're doing editing a page, remember to click "Save changes" for them to be kept.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Mb for the very late response, but I did as you asked. However, I don't hear any voicelines despite putting the files where they had to go.

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

Did you read the manual page that I linked? Because it says

Direct linking to the voice files on the game servers is not allowed.

For them to work, you need to download them onto your drive, upload to wiki, and then add to her page like I showed above.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Oh right. How do I download it? Just use something to turn it into an mp3 file that can play?

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

(only asking incase its something that can be done through the dev tool itself and if its supposed to be done from that also.)

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

Click to open the file in new tab, then either
a) right click it and choose to "save it as" then, without changing name, save
b) on chrome, if you can see 3-dots icon on the right, you can click it to choose "download"
You don't need to edit the files or even open them.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)

Thanks, i've managed to do it.

Forte.EXE (talkcontribs)
Hakazumi (talkcontribs)


[Suggestion] New NPCs as "What's New's" New Object(s) Subsection; "NPC Tab" for Stories.

Ribby (talkcontribs)

So when any story is reviewed for new NPCs, it doesn't get listed.

I have to reread the story lines to see if any characters, even mundane characters get listed. For example, I was a bit dismayed that the red bikini babe from The Maydays story, was not included, but yes, I would have to search up names and put them in the search bar to see if anyone catches on. If it is something old, I need to scroll through NPC Characters List. I might as well research the stories myself! However, I don't think I am able to catch and scan full body scaled NPCs.

I might miss out on some characters like the usurpering Jalil. He looks cool. Missing Friday (joke) character as well. For quite a time, I forgot that monsters with a scripted dialogue might count as a NPC! Maybe that Curse Bringer monster (from Ejaeli's character quest) can just have a dialogue guest appearance and bam, one high quality full body scaled monster ready to go!

So I was thinking if a New Object(s) subsection under the "What's New" section would be good, but a bit more effort to go. I think it's probably better to have a NPC tab under the story pages. That be good. I think I'll see if Jalil can have a full body scale scan.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)


I have already considered having new NPC pages be listed under What's New and even discussed it with wiki staff over a year ago. But it was decided not to so because it would essentially be story spoilers on the front page and that would not be okay with everyone.

If you want to know what NPCs are in an event, in the game just go to Journal > Story > Events tab > Click an event > Click the characters button. It will list both NPC and playable characters that appear in the story.

--AdlaiT (talk) - Wiki Admin 07:41, 8 September 2019 (UTC)

Ribby (talkcontribs)

That works too.

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

I also feel like mentioning something. Just because you see an npc character somewhere, it doesn't mean they have a full body art (which is what we use for npc entries). Misc npcs, like the bikini lady from maydays whose lover was eaten, also don't have their own npc entries in journal so adding any info about them would require additional effort because any synopsis would have to be written by editors instead of taken straight from the game, which might not be even worth it in the end. VAs are quite often not listed for them as well.

Table For Six Psycho Vira Trigger

1 (talkcontribs)

Lumi Bits clears ALL buffs from your party (regardless of damage dealt).

basic grip is not working, pls fix

1 (talkcontribs)

as title

I have no idea how to edit the wiki page so here i am

Seiki (talkcontribs)

Siegfried summer's skill dmg cap is written wrong in the wiki. New cap after rework is actually roughly 850k for 1st skill and 1750k for 2nd skill. Hope someone can edit that.

Also the SSR Tier list doesnt seem to have been updated

Zeze (talkcontribs)

Our source for the numbers comes from a pretty reliable source who tested Sieg after his rebalance. Even Gamewith/GBF-wiki (JP) have the cap at ~630,000 for a higher range. If you have a Seraphic or any other cap-boosting weapon/summon, your cap will be higher than it actually is.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

Damage caps on the wiki are always the unmodified base value. Modifiers such as DMG Cap UpCan deal big bonus DMG when DMG dealt in one turn reaches a certain amount
, skill DMG cap EMPs, and Seraphic weapon skills are purposefully not included.

--AdlaiT (talk) - Wiki Admin 05:08, 18 June 2019 (UTC)

[Suggestion] Character's cutscene arts

3 (talkcontribs)

shouldn't the character's cutscene arts be added into character's page? it's just feels strange to not add those portraits to character's detail but ex-pose from summer characters are listed.

AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

They will be added in the future. We're still deciding on how and where they will placed on the page.

--AdlaiT (talk) - Wiki Admin 09:19, 9 December 2018 (UTC)

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

Special artworks used for Valentine's and White Day have been added to their respective general pages.

Kamijo (talkcontribs)
AdlaiT (talkcontribs)

If you want to create a guide, please do so under your user namespace. I have moved your page to the appropriate place already.

User:Kamijo/GBF Tools

Additionally, it is not written well enough to add to any menu.

--AdlaiT (talk) - Wiki Admin 06:20, 14 April 2019 (UTC)

Kamijo (talkcontribs)

I'm sorry.