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Awakening: 25% cut for party Energize: Shield (?? DMG) for party Attack: Def Up on self (Stackable)

Vazalius (talkcontribs)

updated. Awakening Blade 25% DMG cut is for all parties.

the Shield from Resonating Blade must be a 800-dmg shield, i tried with scathacha shield and found out that a 774-dmg shield has no effect on it, while 814-dmg shield overrides it.

the Defend must be reflect 20% of dmg taken at the cost of 2 energy. tried stacking it with 50% earth dmg cut from mlb zircon buncle (against earth test machina beta), and 25% dmg cut from awakening blade, MC took 35 dmg while reflected dmg is 140 dmg. 2nd try MC took 38 dmg and reflects 152 dmg.

with only awakening blade 25% dmg cut, MC took 407 dmg and reflects 148 dmg.

without other source of dmg cut, mc took 572 dmg and reflects 143 dmg.

PetriW (talkcontribs)

Could you please write down the exact text of skill 1 and 2? With identical capitalization etc.

Vazalius (talkcontribs)

25% DMG cut to all parties | Shield all allies (Use 4 energy)

Vazalius (talkcontribs)

like this?

PetriW (talkcontribs)

Yep! Thanks! :D

Vazalius (talkcontribs)

youre welcome! :D

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Gaia's Truce is level 120+ (requires FLB)

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