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Can confirm; have obtained a Water Urn (1-1) and a Light Urn (3-1)from Crystal Mining Expeditions.

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Honors Estimate In Raid Battles.

Ribby (talkcontribs)

I tried soloing a Impossible raid battle. I gotten around 200,000 honors. I still need 43% of health to go, with 22 minutes remaining. It was definitely long and hard. True power with multi-/wave charges did me in.

Anyways, judging from my analysis, I believe that you can top a 300,000 honors if you can manage to solo the fight all the way through.

Maybe, there's a honors formula ratio between the solo and raid battles.


I then tried soloing a Extreme raid battle. I defeated Geo, and topped up around 70,000 ~ 80,000 honors. Much more manageable, but still fairly difficult. Near death experiences do occur. The honors count is not exactly cropped, but still, it's quite the fraction gain compared to Impossible raid battle.

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brief 'guide' on mining (extreme)

Spike xp (talkcontribs)

unlike arcarum which ticket is gated, you can spam raids to enable you to do more expeditions. fast expedition is recommended for fast clear, as the drops arent significant. 3rd/boss node, as arcarum works, cant be skipped, so do check out for diomorphodon (eyeballs), if you clear them you can spawn cybele (equivalent to fragment farm). cybele nets a nice amount of stones (but not nice enough to justify not skipping regular nodes).

not confirmed: goliath. idk what they do, the drop sucks and doesnt seem to have anything to do with cybele spawning.

Spike xp (talkcontribs)

also it is not necessarily true that higher gauge = more stones. sometimes maximum charge nets fewer stones than red/yellow, no need to push yourself to perfectly hit the max gauge

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