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More new (old?) stuff about 4 primarchs raid

LunarSpaghetti (talkcontribs)

Special subs like Soriz_(ssr)'s No Touching My Ladies doesn't proc michael's Casts Ignis Iudicium trigger. Haven't tried with vira (grand) yet. Pseudo-sub hos ups like Ladiva_(ssr)'s Grapple doesn't proc michael's Casts Ignis Iudicium trigger.

Uriel has an Uriel buster ougi with 4.5t Can't be healed, def lowered, atk lowered, and 1 other debuff that missed to all allies. Uriel buster has a 'Molten Geyser' ougi that inflicts 5.5t burn to all allies that does 3k plain.

Gabriel inflicted a funny looking sideways diamond buff to herself that did 3-hit water damage to a(all?) foes with no listed duration. I didn't dispel it and it seemed localbut it was gone when I went to look for it. May or may not have been the source of a remove 2 buffs from all foes each turn one as well.

Pretty sure there's more ougi's for raph as well.

I don't think there was an update so maybe they were just missed from high rank trains beating it to pieces? (talkcontribs)

It feels like for the Impossible Four Primarchs Raid, the drop rate for Chest 4 is extremely low now. I think it's about 0.5-1%. Halos are probably only for blue chests/MVP/Hosts nowadays.

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