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"This is the third collaboration event that is contained within the Granblue Fantasy universe. This is unlike most other collaboration events where characters are transported from their original universe."

"The first was Granblue Shodown"

The first would be the Street Fighter collabs no ? So that makes this the fourth.

Fishman465 (talkcontribs)

I don't recall that being a "in-universe" thing unless you have proof. (talkcontribs)

Nobody ever speaks of a different world. Ryu flew here by airship(he does call it 'hikouki' instead of 'kikuutei' though, but despite that he's familiar with the idea that everything is in fact, floating in the sky) because he wanted to pick a fight with Primals and everyone treats Phantagrande as if it's just another foreign continent. Shadaloo is doing Shadaloo business without a single explanation where they came from. Karin shows interest in expanding business to Phantagrande and other skydoms like there's absolutely nothing stopping her. In short, they're foreign to Phantagrande, but absolutely act like they actually live in that world.

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