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One more addition to the SR weapon list

Inabarama (talkcontribs)

I remember that one SR weapon had Paralyse on Attack when wielded by a Swordmaster, and was possibly the only SR weapon not worth reducing. The name has entirely slipped my mind however...

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

Paralyzed page says hello.
Why wouldn't you look for something on status page if you only remember what status it gives/inflicts?
Anywaay~, Wooden Swordā€”it's an event drop weapon so you'll get plenty of them if you'll farm the event, which has yet to get a rerun btw.
The base chance is probably very low, and hitting it twice might as well be impossible, so I wouldn't really recommend someone to keep it for sure. You're gimping yourself by playing with SR weapon and if someone decides to extend para with Song's 4th just for you to apply it anew and reset duration, prepare to lose all your friends.

Add in Rules of Thumb for reduction?

ErogeSeiyuu (talkcontribs)

- Always keep Limited Grand weapons

- Stash the $$R weapons if it does not have a 4*. Consider reducing it if it does and the skills aren't that good.

- Run casino daily to get the steel bar from shop. If you're short on some weapon stones, it's recommended to keep the SR and 3* it with steel bars for more weapon stones.

I think something like that would be helpful to newbies.

Aryo adhi (talkcontribs)

I think it's redundant since each weapon has its reduction materials gained and some of them have advice if it's worth to reduce or not. But, for farming steel bricks only to increase reduction materials gained... dunno.

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