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2022 March Balance patch

Mahe0 (talkcontribs)

As long as her shield does not reflect the HP consumed, she will remain strictly for lower difficulty content. Taking 10~15K HP and only giving 5K Shield is a straight bad trade, not to add Shield does not stack with each other. She will still be a great addition for your rooster if your grid is far from developed (Your HP is still below 20k), but once your grid become better, she will slowly get benched and this Balance patch does not really help her. Same case with her Valentine version.. Sometimes I do question the Cygames balancing team ability. Sorry for the venting, it's just me getting frustrated at my favorite char treatment, after soooo long finally she get rebalanced.. but this barely helps her.. I also want to vent for poor Yuisis, but let's keep it at this. (talkcontribs)

Whoa! She's looking like Grea or Wonder Woman! Looking quite sassy. Can't complain though. Appropriate.


Wiphand (talkcontribs)

ougi description says 100% dmg cap up but according to cap numbers in skill description difference is only 20%

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