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Purpose of Side Stories Are Quite Trival

Ribby (talkcontribs)

Side Stories are great for re-experiencing the little knick-knacks of the event. They are readily available from the get go.

However, if there is a need to go back to stories for any purpose in mind (particular an inspiration example to story writing), the archive has it all.

Now, there are specific items, but the thrill in timed duration is missing. I certainly missed some events while I was new to the game! I even missed an event or two while migrating internet service providers! Ah, the ups and downs of life. ;)

I feel that side stories are for people who are on a bit of a tight budget/schedule. The events are there so they can take their time. For people not wanting to pay a dime, the free draws and holiday giveaways are more than lenient! Just wait until at least the end of 6 months or a year. You are bound to get something! For those in even tighter budget, there are other game alternatives (offline to MUDs) if the internet is low speed (trying this game on low speeds still work, but your welfare ISP will stop service periodically and increase interest as punishment). Just watch your gaming habits though! Some games might give a reward to avoid game time, but a timed contest/pledge is most likely to do it. I feel that the tight schedule people ought to pay for side story (for their lack of active event participation), which includes a timed period duration in crystals or even premium. And they must pick out a choice of a list of timed randomized side stories.

All I am trying to say is that side stories are likely stale watered down things. If the fear of old event loop is realized, then just mix it up with a timed random sub-quest module. That's more incentive for event participation. You have to do certain things to get some measly crystals. Heck, I am looking forward to sell off my treasures (even my soul berries/balms) for at least a (thousandth) fraction of a crystal/rupie (yeah, rupie is fine too)! Like pesos! Put that as a event shop module, but only certain treasures, maybe within a short time period! lol Maybe, these timed randomized modules can be implemented into a list of timed randomized side stories! I would prefer the idea to be integrated in the old event loop though. Seriously, I am looking forward to idol master quests, defense order (maybe), and other early rarely occurring events.

Just thought of event quizzes, just to reward story readers, but yeah, whatevers. Maybe players would chip in rupies/crystals before answering a question. Call it as a gamble. Just a literacy idea floating around.


The business model of this game is very interesting due to the fact that there is no timed fee to play these things. Free to play is a marketing appeal concept that most early mmo games rather reject. It is understandable that the cost of specific technology and effort is at high stake.

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