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Record Speed Runs of Soloing Event Raid Battles?

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Hello fellow players,

I finally am building enough of a team that can throw down with raid battles, particularly on Extreme difficulty. I just have to watch things on the screen and figure out estimates. Me, I go with whatever any boss/monster throw at my team. That's very generic of me, lol. You would know by that time, I would go with usually party oriented characters. Most specialized characters like attacks, would be difficult for me to manage maintaining. People like to talk about break assassins too, but from what I observe, break time periods doesn't take too long. Figures that you need a mode booster and overdrive reducer to get as many break periods as possible. I don't know, either normal/overdrive mode can be real hell. Most of the turns involves you fight the normal mode anyways.

However, I am not talking about strategies and things like that. I can hum along the battle, but it's usually takes about 45 minutes to a hour. Wished I go faster, but at this rate, I'm glad I can take on chunks (over 90%) or all of the boss's health down. And I don't care about elemental strengths/weaknesses, because that alone is not enough.

As the topic title asks, how do you guys go fast in soloing event raid battles? Is farming for coop items before events possible? Any feedback is encouraged. (talkcontribs)

>And I don't care about elemental strengths/weaknesses, because that alone is not enough. That doesn't sound right. You can't land debuffs and crit off-element and if you're looking to solo the raids. Being on-element should be necessary unless you actually developed a full magna grid. Magna I grids can kill the extreme raid or the nightmare quest without trouble, if you're having trouble soloing Shou Extreme you should either work on your current grid or switch to fire.

Movie References

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The themes of the story reminds me of the Lost Generation or something subsequent like that. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (i.e. "The Great Gatsby"), Ernest Miller Hemingway, John Steinbeck (i.e. "Of Mice and Men"), and so on. These literary works focuses on the death of the American Dream and disillusionment. More related, films like "Rebel without a Cause" or even "West Side Story" shows a roaming group of youths wandering and losing insight over a blurry future. It's about a young generation whose future is uncertain.

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