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uncap limit battle (lvl 80 break limit battle)

Reivatin (talkcontribs)

Just want to share the battle strategy for this
since by basic i nearly repeat the battle more than 5 times
then I stuck in some video on youtube

this kind of battle is really depend on luck, if by any chance the enemy do DA TA more than 3 times, you will mostly die first

here some strategy for those stuck in this battle :

1. on turn 1 use 1st and 3rd skill, and make the enemy OD (all my attempt is same)
2. then auto (with ougi of) till 1st skill cd is off, the use 1st skill
3. if by chance the enemies got break state, DONT OUGI with 2nd skill, just don't ougi, keep normal attack till the 1st skill cd over
4. when the CD of 1st skill over is when enemies in still in or near break state, use it, and now you have TH9
5. use 2nd skill (break assassin) the 3rd skill, now you have burst great damage which make the enemy under 25% HP
6. this is when luck play, the enemies have atk up, but you land "blind" debuff, just auto attack, and see which one fall first :D

source : (in 8:10)

if any have other strategy which easier or faster thatn this, please share

PS: seems formatting can't be used -__-

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